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Jimmy Kimmel Live
Owen Wilson reacts to @TWHiddleston’s impression of him… 🤣 @JimmyKimmelLive's photo on Owen Wilson
16 Jun, 02:45 PM UTC
thomas 🍌
@DiarrheaJail then explain how vodka makes me grow fucked up tiny bat wings and tequila gives me a psychic connection to both luke and owen wilson
16 Jun, 02:15 AM UTC
Owen Wilson: o cara que não aguenta mais ver a destruição da Pompéia #Loki #LokiSpoilers https://t.co/cblHnjSqAs
16 Jun, 11:43 AM UTC
Marvel Dato
Mi nueva dupla favorita: Loki y #Mobius Tom Hiddleston y Owen Wilson la rompen💪 #Loki | #LokiWednesdays https://t.co/l1X2abKTB7
16 Jun, 07:54 AM UTC
#Loki only gets better with Ep 2. A “Detective Loki” type episode with great pacing, huge MCU ties and implications, a wonderful score by Natalie Holt, and more great performances from Owen Wilson & Tom Hiddleston. Glorious. Explainer & reaction: https://t.co/yzlP9LBoDw @BrandonDavisBD's photo on Owen Wilson
16 Jun, 07:42 PM UTC
Loki continues to bring the laughs, thanks to Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson’s dynamic, though its drama continues to slightly miss the mark. Our Episode 2 review: https://t.co/35IpTZGzjH @IGN's photo on Owen Wilson
16 Jun, 05:01 PM UTC
Tom Hiddleston imitando Owen Wilson é sensacional. @rodrigosalem's photo on Owen Wilson
16 Jun, 03:26 PM UTC
Marvel Tesseract
Owen Wilson reacts to Tom Hiddleston’s impression of him! #Loki #Mobius https://t.co/p8YW2MGy0c
16 Jun, 04:56 PM UTC
spencer/marnie ⏳
gay owen wilson pompeii cinematic universe https://t.co/optFCkGP8Q
16 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC
Carrie Wittmer 👻
“kiss kiss kiss kiss” -me watching Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in Loki on Disney+
16 Jun, 03:35 PM UTC
Graham Norton Show
What's your favourite Owen Wilson role? #BenStiller #OwenWilson #Loki @TheGNShow's photo on Owen Wilson
16 Jun, 04:35 PM UTC
ash is living with the land
disney really fumbled the bag by not making a live action big thunder mountain railroad movie starring owen wilson and vince vaughn. imagine that coming out in like, 2013
16 Jun, 05:33 PM UTC
jamie ✼ LOKI DAY 2
when i see a tom hiddleston, owen wilson, and sophia di martino slander on the tl https://t.co/FbRZXZtwTA
16 Jun, 01:08 PM UTC
Hannah 🦇
Idk I really appreciate that a majority of Loki is Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson just talking Their chemistry is great, and it seems like the writers know how to write engaging dialogue I’m really into the show to say the least
16 Jun, 08:10 PM UTC
i promised myself i wasn’t gonna get attached to any celebrities cause they’re usually disappointing but owen wilson is testing me
16 Jun, 08:06 PM UTC
Owen Wilson is the man. So good to see him back in something big.
16 Jun, 08:02 PM UTC
Dis donc Owen Wilson c est un petit glow up avec ses cheveux gris la! https://t.co/ITXE1fBf0N
16 Jun, 08:09 PM UTC
Sudowoodo ४ ᗢ
ho scambiato mancini per owen wilson
16 Jun, 08:07 PM UTC
kit/mobius ❂ loki spoilers
middle-aged time agent played by owen wilson: *exists* me: wow so me https://t.co/43KLPrv9TO
16 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
RT 🌈 ~Quotidian is the new Daily~
Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston truly are a powerful duo! #Loki
16 Jun, 08:10 PM UTC
Praedyth 🏳️‍🌈
@foxxymulder Hahaha imagine Owen Wilson wearing pearl earrings. Laughing at all us peasants hahaha.
16 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
Sr. G
16 Jun, 07:29 PM UTC
sharon carter rights •⚡️
@magicstranges when I found out owen wilson has an english degree it was over. I legally had to stan as a fellow english major
16 Jun, 08:09 PM UTC
Fredrick Leach
Loki is making me want more Owen Wilson in detective/serious roles.
16 Jun, 08:08 PM UTC
Maestro Mufa
Que grande que es Owen Wilson https://t.co/9AYPa17ajN
16 Jun, 08:05 PM UTC
Hollywood Outbreak
#OwenWilson's been a lot of things in his acting career, but he's really excited about his brand-new challenge: integrating himself into the #MCU by way of #Loki. https://t.co/XdY7hh3MGE
16 Jun, 08:05 PM UTC
Extrement fan du duo Owen Wilson / Tom Hiddleston dans Loki, leurs scènes de petites discussions a deux sur le sens de la vie et la destinée me procure un plaisir assez délicieux
16 Jun, 08:16 PM UTC
Borts, the Unbroken
Shouts out Owen Wilson
16 Jun, 08:16 PM UTC
Eduardo Vidal
O Roberto Mancini tá a cara do Owen Wilson. #EURO2020
16 Jun, 08:15 PM UTC
why’s loki got me simping over owen wilson
16 Jun, 08:15 PM UTC