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it’s either shan faked his death to gather concrete evidences (if this is the back up plan they were talking abt) or this is just kierra’s dream 😁👍 stay positive guys nawp gwai won’t do this ! #OYE42
06 Aug, 12:48 PM UTC
#OYE42 SPOILER ALERT ‼️ stage 1 of grief: in denial, open for possibilities and a plot twist. anyway, didn't kierra say she slept? maybe she was really in a dream pa.. everything can't be that fast-paced, right? the description seems too fast, right? maybe it's the fear? F*CK 🥹
06 Aug, 12:37 PM UTC
ely is pregnant sa timeline na ‘to ‘di ba? ☹️ imagine her reaction after hearing the news i can’t do this anym #OYE42
06 Aug, 12:54 PM UTC
AFTER READING OYE42: #OYE42 https://t.co/aIQNX9B2DW
06 Aug, 12:35 PM UTC
time.. time was Kierra & Shan 's enemy. #OYE42 https://t.co/8Ke4czvZwU
06 Aug, 12:38 PM UTC
gwy giving us clues omg ?! #OYE42 https://t.co/6VQ0Nbq063
06 Aug, 01:26 PM UTC
#OYE42 SPOILER ALERT ‼️ if all of it is true, i just want to hug kierra so tight. after everything she hoped, she dreamed, and she waited, i could imagine how much of 'almost' she's been experiencing — only to keep losing, now... including him.
06 Aug, 01:34 PM UTC
worried so much about Elyse and Kierra right now. :(( #OYE42
06 Aug, 01:57 PM UTC
zenny | cr; oye
still not believing that shan died, shan may have faked his death to obtain solid evidences. plus kalix and clyden probably helped him on this to set a trap on the villaflors. #OYE42
06 Aug, 12:59 PM UTC
aiora 𖥨.
thinking abt kierra, elyse and hiro’s reaction #OYE42 https://t.co/Dka9kfSMp1
06 Aug, 12:55 PM UTC
“he’s just faking his death” “prosecutor lang nakalagay, walang name” “clyden’s a pediatrician, bakit siya yung nag-announce?” areums, congrats nasa first stage of grief na tayo—denial. #OYE42
06 Aug, 01:05 PM UTC
nao | oye spoiler
06 Aug, 12:26 PM UTC
𖥻cr: oye!!
si sundae namatay nung sunday #OYE42
06 Aug, 12:46 PM UTC
#OYE42 fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive fake death, shan is alive
06 Aug, 12:59 PM UTC
#OYE42 theory 1.) “Akala ko ba bukas pa date natin?” shan might have purposely surprised kierra earlier bc sunday 4pm was for a diff agenda. 2.) there was nothing mentioned about seeing shan’s body 3.) the news went out of someone barging in shan’s condo in attempt to steal +
06 Aug, 01:56 PM UTC
pinagtatawanan na tayo ni gwy saludes ngayon #OYE42 https://t.co/oST6b1cfoV
06 Aug, 12:56 PM UTC
shakierra endgame 🌱
gwai, i'm begging please, give shakierra the happy ending. i swear, i'm crying right now! i was waiting for this story and for shakierra and i could not bear if something happened. and i hope the ending will be kierra walking at the aisle while shan is waiting for her 🥹 #OYE42
06 Aug, 06:15 AM UTC
zenny | cr; oye
no but ely, hiro, acel, and kierra’s reaction about this.. I DONT EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT #OYE42
06 Aug, 01:33 PM UTC
i will always remember that day— sunday, 4 pm. the day he was supposed to meet with ke, the day that they planned to watch a movie together. shan :( #OYE42
06 Aug, 12:37 PM UTC
if it is possible then it screams POWER #OYE42 https://t.co/jdde1PMlqG
06 Aug, 02:09 PM UTC
4reuminct rn to Shan stans: #OYE42 https://t.co/GmB58QHGaz
06 Aug, 01:16 PM UTC
i hope this time they can use their professions for the last univ couple. hiro, haze and acel helping shan and kierra to escape, kalix on the other hand will continue the case with no mercy, clyden who will fake shan’s death. and others will use their voices for shakierra. #OYE42
06 Aug, 02:05 PM UTC
shan is in peace now, he went through a lot and i'm glad he's finally resting. he did all the things that could make him happy before he died. at last, his death can be used as an evidence against the villaflor, hence, would give justice to their victims. u did great! #OYE42
06 Aug, 02:28 PM UTC