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GQ México y Latam
Julia Garner de Ozark llega a la #MetGala y luce fantástica ✨ @GQMexico's photo on Ozark
13 Sep, 10:26 PM UTC
@hur0z @SaudiNews50 فيه مسلسل في نتفلكس حلو اسمه اوزارك #OZARK فكره حقتها عن غسيل اموال ،، او شوفي بريكينج باد بس ما تعمق فيها كثير مثل اوزارك https://t.co/Hk2NJKqbGG
13 Sep, 07:20 PM UTC
"I don't know shit about fuck" 😭😭 Love her. Lemme look up when Ozark is coming out. https://t.co/R4uOWdsadI
14 Sep, 05:07 AM UTC
Ozark trending I thought my shit was coming back
14 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
Ozark star Julia Garner was simply STUNNING in Stella McCartney at the #MetGala (via @toofab) https://t.co/Xa5OQ9n0yh
13 Sep, 10:41 PM UTC
Hawley saw an opening and exploited it by FALSE representation. He lives in Virginia, but his voter registration has his sister's address in Ozark, Missouri so that he can be eligible to run again for Missouri's U.S. Senate seat. This is a violation! #CarpetBaggerHawley 02 https://t.co/B7toFdPRnv
14 Sep, 10:42 AM UTC
Missouri Vote
Ozark Missouri, Google, this and read it for yourself Jacobson v.Massachusetts U.S. Supreme Court 1905 Case Missouri Republicans do not want you to read this https://t.co/2bSlzhXgR8
14 Sep, 12:29 PM UTC
speaking of Ozark, WTF IS UP? @netflix
14 Sep, 12:44 PM UTC
“Ozark” trending and I thought we had a return date😔
14 Sep, 12:39 PM UTC
Ozark season 4????? wya? I need the ETA
14 Sep, 03:41 AM UTC
Is that Ruth from Ozark? 😂 https://t.co/FvYE1szmFj
14 Sep, 12:53 PM UTC
4PF Chang’s
I need ozark back expeditiously https://t.co/PkCePl44EV
14 Sep, 12:55 PM UTC
Bee 🐝
I saw ozark trending & got excited for nothing 😭
14 Sep, 12:50 PM UTC
Don’t be messing with my heart trending Ozark. “Shut your f*cknugget mouth!” Bateman said on his podcast it’s next year before the new season of Ozark comes out and I still fell for it. https://t.co/SLd7ep4fiS
14 Sep, 12:49 PM UTC
Ozark trending for no reason… I thought we were getting the new season smh https://t.co/XX8AGcYqwb
14 Sep, 12:48 PM UTC
Jay Hart-WINA
Trends fool people. Saw "Ozark" trending, got excited to see that there was a new season date... and it was about what Julia Garner was wearing at the Met Gala. While she looked great, GIVE ME THE NEW SEASON!!!!!
14 Sep, 12:40 PM UTC
it’s not giving ….but is that the one girl from Ozark??? https://t.co/gcoghgi4iI
14 Sep, 12:32 PM UTC
All I know is that girl from Ozark she a crazy good actor ngl https://t.co/B0L6shCizJ
14 Sep, 12:26 PM UTC
@idkthreat @J_Nova_Kane I know one girl from Ozark.
14 Sep, 12:59 PM UTC
Shirley Gilmore
@readingrayy A 10-yr-old girl with a strange affliction a Sunday school class of old women mass dreams mastodons Minoans Hittites history and mystery all come together in a quirky little town called Turn Back in the Ozark Mtns of Missouri. Not your typical #fantasy https://t.co/AXgwR7rvOR
14 Sep, 12:59 PM UTC
NoR for an Ozark broga sesh #f3 #syitg #strongertogether #f3nation #hc #coupon #theridge #thecoloseum #thewood #theolympiad @f3nation https://t.co/Vko5yI7l7Z
14 Sep, 12:54 PM UTC
I can’t get no stuffed mushrooms,Tony?
Only person I recognized was Ruth from ‘Ozark’ https://t.co/k7p10pkvSN
14 Sep, 12:54 PM UTC
Animation Procrastination
@idkthreat I only see Ruth from Ozark in there
14 Sep, 12:53 PM UTC
The Great Entangler
I only recognize ol girl from Ozark lol https://t.co/xiw2XTdP0N
14 Sep, 12:49 PM UTC
Ozark led 8 PAX through a much needed mobility and Broga session this morning. #f3 #syitg #strongertogether #f3nation #hc #coupon #theridge #thecoloseum #thewood #theolympiad @f3nation https://t.co/RsE14wyITd
14 Sep, 12:49 PM UTC
Randy Dueck
Sleepingbags are back in stock! Many homeless people w/o sleepingbags right now that I know of! Out of blankets also! https://t.co/uK6lqyGDul
14 Sep, 12:49 PM UTC
@SlLKPRADA Barbie, Lourdes, Ruth from Ozark, Kelly from The Society...
14 Sep, 12:48 PM UTC
Ọmọ Ìjọba
Ozark been gone too long
14 Sep, 12:46 PM UTC
i miss Ozark & Outer Banks so much
14 Sep, 12:45 PM UTC