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Frederick Lane
Since we removed our agent from the Kremlin, could we ask Russia to take theirs out of the White House? They can take #MoscowMitch while they're at it. #MoscowonthePotamac #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 08:41 AM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
@realDonaldTrump Oh, shit. John Bolton, or as Trump likes to call him, Michael Bolton, is OUT. #PABPOTUS #PresidentPAB #Tuesdaythoughts https://t.co/fEgN7k8y0J
10 Sep, 04:01 PM UTC
60% of voting-age Americans expect a trump recession in the next year as #PABPOTUS approval rating sinks to a new low of 38%. Who could've predicted that inviting the Taliban to America and drawing in Sharpie would backfire?🤔 https://t.co/y8SL5PPcpP
10 Sep, 12:50 PM UTC
This is your orange shitgibbon of a president. A groping piece of shit who treats women like objects, people of color like shit and who lies with every breath he takes. Congratulations#MAGA, you fuckers really outdid yourselves this time. #PABPresident #pabpotus @Ziggy_Daddy's photo on #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 07:36 AM UTC
Dr. Marvin Dunn
#PABPOTUS PAB says folks from storm ravaged Bahamas need "totally correct documentation" to enter the country. Somebody tell PAB some folks may not have it because their identification documentation is under rubble or blown into the sea. @MarvinDunn4's photo on #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 12:13 PM UTC
Erin Conrad
"I'm the least racist person in the world." #PABPotus https://t.co/Ra1IV9pCCD
10 Sep, 12:57 PM UTC
So this is what REALLY happened with the #CampDavidTaliban thing. trump is a narcissist, #PABPOTUS #presidentPAB @justbonc's photo on #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 11:47 AM UTC
Dr. Marvin Dunn
#PABPOTUS Trump: "Tell the Bahamians If they want to come here just find their "totally complete documentation" and come on." @MarvinDunn4's photo on #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
Is it just that dumb? We have a constitutional amendment to prevent this. And don't tell me he is joking. #PABPOTUS https://t.co/UzHbaZF2Sk
10 Sep, 11:52 AM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
@realDonaldTrump @ddale8 Trump firing National Security Advisor John Bolton by tweeting at him is an obvious addition to: ⚡️ “#Nostradumbass: There. Is. A Trump. Tweet. For. EVERYTHING. ” #pabpotus #tuesdaythoughts https://t.co/UgzePK7btZ
10 Sep, 04:33 PM UTC
REMINDER: The Republican who "won" this seat CHEATED to do it. Now it's up for grabs in an election that's *thisclose.* The bonus prize if #NC09 elects Dan McCready? #PABPOTUS will be TOTALLY pissed off. ✅ VOTE #McCreadyforNC!!!!!✅ @mmpadellan's photo on #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 07:07 PM UTC
Liberal Gator
#PABPOTUS you paid $130,000 to Stormy Daniels and $150,000 to Karen McDougal, admitted to sexual assault of dozens of women, raped a teenager - and you have the nerve to speak to @MarkSanford’s transgressions? @GOP = hypocrites. #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentWeek #Impeach https://t.co/tGgNbFSBBv
10 Sep, 11:52 AM UTC
Steve Redmond
Trade deals still not done No Wall Tariffs costing US jobs North Korea still building nukes Iran building nukes More troops in Afghanistan Russian influence spreading US foreign relations in the crapper “I alone can fix it” “Presidential is easy” #TuesdayMotivation #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 03:53 PM UTC
And again, #PABPOTUS is still trending. It's creeping up to #1 trending on Twitter. It would be a shame if you retweeted #PABPOTUS.
10 Sep, 07:49 PM UTC
The Daily Edge
PROJECT RUNWAY: How a failing reality TV star cut a deal with a failing Scottish airport that a failing President later lied about to the American people https://t.co/1VXpV6cpLz #PABPOTUS #PABPresident
10 Sep, 04:12 PM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
@atrupar "You never stopped working to improve this country and this druuudrruuuudruuuu government..." Hey, whose turn is it to collect paw-paw for his nap? #PABPOTUS #tuesdaythoughts #25thAmendmentNow @AynRandPaulRyan's photo on #PABPOTUS
10 Sep, 08:04 PM UTC
I guess Trump is accusing @chrissyteigen of having a “foul mouth,” while attacking her and husband @johnlegend for daring to criticize him. Consider this a public service reminder... #PABPOTUS it is! @scottmccloud's photo on #PABPOTUS
09 Sep, 11:41 PM UTC
Analisa Swan 🆘 #DemForce
#VoteBlue today for @McCreadyForNC! No more EVIL, CRUEL, INVETERATE LIARS! No more 45Fraud. No more #MoscowMitch. No more GOP incompetence, slurs, caging innocent children, inviting the Taliban for 9-11, & deporting veterans. #NC09 #McCreadyForNC #Dems #TuesdayThoughts #PABPOTUS https://t.co/Wk0PA04laK
10 Sep, 03:11 PM UTC
I informed #Melania that her services are no longer needed at the White House. I thank Melania for her service. I will be naming a new First Lady next week. Submit online applications by Friday. Include at least 3 nude photos. No fatties #PABPOTUS #FatNixon #TrumpCult https://t.co/KhRxkxEiAC
10 Sep, 08:56 PM UTC
I think the evidence is starting to stack up: #YangBeatsTrump. Maybe that's why #TrumpFearsYang? Does #PABPOTUS know better than to say Yang's name? https://t.co/731dxPRWd0
10 Sep, 07:17 PM UTC
Republican Swine
#PABPotus "During that meeting, Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians, jeopardizing an intelligence source working on matters related to Islamic State." https://t.co/Exhy5ldhyQ via @HuffPostPol
10 Sep, 03:25 PM UTC
@Ziggy_Daddy Please, what search terms did you use for this gif? It’s a perfect encapsulation of that #PABPOTUS. I’ve been using this one. https://t.co/PxBoLSBJLx
10 Sep, 12:56 PM UTC
AW 🙉🙈🙊😜
What sort of asshole declines an offer to resign and then fires a man by tweet instead? Oh well. They are both dicks, so onto the next swamp creature. #PABPOTUS #ByeBolton https://t.co/8QlGe3Q3CM
10 Sep, 05:11 PM UTC
25th Amendment Now
Trump is not well. #25thAmendment #25thAmendmentNow #PABPOTUS https://t.co/p319kQarSt
10 Sep, 08:52 PM UTC
William Patton
#PABPOTUS If you want to grab #PABPOTUS by the P*ssy then retweet Dan McCready for Congress in North Carolina. Trump is desperate to hold onto that senate seat. Dan McCready is a former Marine (I know, no such thing as former) and he is a family man and supports green energy! https://t.co/o4aMZrQMoW
10 Sep, 04:00 PM UTC
Bridget Resists 🗽🇺🇸🌊✊❤️
So apparently John Bolton resigned/was fired over twitter because Bolton wasn't too keen on inviting the Taliban over for cold hamberders on the week of 9/11 and had a spat with #PABPOTUS over it. Does that sound about right? How is any of this real? FFS.
10 Sep, 08:46 PM UTC
💙🌊αpríl вussíє-вαхtєr🌊💙
#PABPOTUS #humpPence2020 for prison!!! #tuesdayvibes https://t.co/sXuFmQz5Az
10 Sep, 08:45 PM UTC
Republican Swine
#PABPOTUS I don't think any of us are 'stunned' Whether by design or incompetence, I wouldn't trust Trump with a blank piece-of-paper let alone sensitive information. Intel veterans stunned by report Trump couldn’t be trusted to protect spy’s identity https://t.co/F63p56rAF6
10 Sep, 04:02 PM UTC
Steve Redmond
In this week’s high school love triangle, #PABPOTUS dumps current NSA Bolton and then calls up previous NSA McMaster and tells him how much he misses him. Who will he ask to the prom next? When Trump asked them what the #1 national security threat was, they probably said “You!”
10 Sep, 09:15 PM UTC
Shelby Parham
I’m here for #PABPOTUS. #PresidentPAB https://t.co/ZQbhGEdjai
10 Sep, 01:40 AM UTC

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