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USC Trojans
When someone tries to say @DrakeLondon_ isn’t the best WR in the Pac-12 @USC_Athletics's photo on Pac-12
18 Sep, 10:18 PM UTC
Joel Klatt
There were a few poor calls last week from the Pac 12 officials helping Oregon against Ohio State...This week an SEC crew forced Penn State to punt on 3rd down against Auburn. Probably time to just have CFB officials and stop this nonsense of each conference having their own
19 Sep, 04:55 AM UTC
NAU Football
FINAL | NAU 21-UA 19 WAY TO #FINISH Our first WIN vs. Arizona & snaps 14-game losing streak VS. Arizona !!! Tune in now 💻 #NAUStrong ⚒️🌲💪#CHOP @NAU_Football's photo on Pac-12
19 Sep, 05:18 AM UTC
Fresno stuffs UCLA! Bulldogs take over, leading #13 Bruins by 9 and in UCLA territory with 4:39 to play. Unfortunately the game is on Pac 12 Network so it is not televised.
19 Sep, 05:17 AM UTC
John David Wicker
It’s what @AztecFB does! We beat Pac-12 teams! Thank you to all the Aztec fans who joined us in Carson! Our student-athletes, coaches and staff deserve the support! @GoAztecs!
19 Sep, 03:50 AM UTC
NAU Football
(Q4 7:53) | NAU 21-UA 13 @rj2martinez & @HendrixJohnson MAKE IT AN 8-POINT LEAD!! Tune in now 💻 #NAUStrong ⚒️🌲💪#CHOP @NAU_Football's photo on Pac-12
19 Sep, 04:51 AM UTC
Ryan Nanni
The Pac-12 Network needs to offer some kind of limited "I wanna watch these car crashes" subscription.
19 Sep, 05:12 AM UTC
PAC-12 AFTER DARK CHAOS 😱 @Pickswise's photo on Pac-12
19 Sep, 04:59 AM UTC
Talat Kashif
The Argentine Air Force has thus chosen Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder, discarding offers from Russia, USA and India. The 12 JF-17s will include 10 single seater Block IIIs and 2 dual seat Block IIIs. The PAC JF-17A Block III is a supersonic, multirole 4+ generation fighter aircraft.
18 Sep, 06:00 PM UTC
Joel Klatt
Pac 12 is in one...rough day about to get worse...way worse
19 Sep, 05:25 AM UTC
Evan Feather
Player of the game. Jalen McMillan showed up today. First player in the pac 12 with 150 receiving yards in the first half since John Ross vs Cal.
19 Sep, 03:31 AM UTC
Brian McLaughlin
Northern Arizona just got a first down..... 89 years since NAU beat Arizona in football ... and they're in victory formation. 1932 ... Herbert Hoover was President (I'm listening to an awesome NAU broadcast and copying, won't deny it) FIRST NAU WIN OVER PAC-12 ... DAMN @BrianMacWriter's photo on Pac-12
19 Sep, 05:17 AM UTC
Greg Hansen
Pac-12 record for consecutive losses is 16 straight. Arizona would have to win at Oregon next week to avoid that. And then comes UCLA.....
19 Sep, 05:20 AM UTC
Viva the Matadors
PAC 12 Co-champions: BYU and SDSU
19 Sep, 05:28 AM UTC
GoAztecs Stats
San Diego State has won its last four home games against Pac-12 competition, defeating California (2016), No. 19/19 Stanford (2017), No. 23/23 Arizona State (2018) and Utah (2021).
19 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
Avinash Kunnath
ASU had a 6 play, 9 yard drive that lasted 5 minutes because of 4 false starts, the Pac-12 rules.
19 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
@joelklatt Lol@at the fools who think the PAC 12 is better than the B12
19 Sep, 05:27 AM UTC
Sad couch coach
Is BYU gonna represent the Pac-12 South at the Pac-12 championship this year?
19 Sep, 05:28 AM UTC
Yesh Ginsburg
You know who probably isn't watching any of this right now but really gains a ton from the Pac 12's implosion? The Cincinnati Bearcats
19 Sep, 05:28 AM UTC
@pmmmasterson If I am going to die of exposure it better be exposure to Pac 12 football
19 Sep, 05:25 AM UTC
The PAC-12 just needs more time to implement their systems
19 Sep, 05:25 AM UTC
@TheoLawson_SR @TotesMcStoess @SpokesmanClark How much will all these bad Pac-12 opponents affect Big Sky seeding in the FCS playoffs?
19 Sep, 05:30 AM UTC
Fifth Down College Football
Good lord Pac-12 😑
19 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
This is the best group of linebackers BYU has had in a while. They've been tremendous in three straight games against PAC 12 teams.
19 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
Chance 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Oregon is the only reason the Pac 12 hasn’t looked like complete shit the last 5 years Holy hell
19 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
Gump on Georgia Time
RIP the PAC 12 except for Oregon if ASU and UCLA lose. It really is wild how there’s so few good teams from week to week right now. Feels like 2007!
19 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
@WazzusJobu @cougsgo @IanFurnessSea So it’s wrong to want a coach that can win Pac-12 games including the Apple Cup? Apparently that’s just insane
19 Sep, 05:29 AM UTC
Football Guy
Pac-12 frauds huh
19 Sep, 05:28 AM UTC
Rival Nate
@FCS_STATS Big Sky owning the PAC 12
19 Sep, 05:28 AM UTC