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Albert Breer
Caught this at the end, and it's another one of those holy crap @TomBrady images. That's Packers rookie Jon Runyan he's catching up with. The connection? Brady played with Jon Runyan Sr. at Michigan. @AlbertBreer's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 11:37 PM UTC
With the Packers' loss, the Chicago Bears have taken 1st place in the NFC North with a record of 5-1. @SportsCenter's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 11:54 PM UTC
Colin Cowherd
If anyone sees a weakness w the Packers — give me a heads up. I can’t spot one.
18 Oct, 09:00 PM UTC
Tom Brady keeps eluding Father Time ⏰ He throws 2 TDs to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, 38-10. @espn's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 11:33 PM UTC
Skip Bayless
BRADY HATERS: Hey, Tom, what down is it? BRADY: The Packers are down 28-10 at half.
18 Oct, 10:03 PM UTC
FINAL: The @Buccaneers hand the Packers their first loss. #GoBucs #GBvsTB @NFL's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 11:33 PM UTC
The Checkdown
Rodgers really brought the McCringleberry back 😂 @AaronRodgers12 @packers @KeeganMKey @JordanPeele @thecheckdown's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 09:18 PM UTC
Daniel Greenberg
Bears win! Packers lose! Bears are in 1st place in the NFC North! @ChiSportUpdates's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 11:33 PM UTC
FOX Sports: NFL
DOMINATION. The @Buccaneers score 38-unanswered points to blow out the Packers! @NFLonFOX's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 11:30 PM UTC
Zach Kruse
My biggest concern coming out of this game: Packers' offensive line. Bakhtiari hurt, and the whole group looked overmatched against a really good front. They weren't tested much in the first four games. Failed a big test today.
18 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Scott Milfred
Mike Holmgren, who led the #Packers to a Super Bowl championship, issues a "two-minute warning" to voters in Green Bay and across Wisconsin today, urging them to vote for @JoeBiden​ in a Sunday newspaper column: #wipolitics
18 Oct, 02:49 PM UTC
Barstool Carl
Does anyone have a Packers score?
18 Oct, 11:10 PM UTC
𝗟𝗲𝗿𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗼 🐻 (5-1)
The difference between the Bears and Packers is that the Bears are a great QB away from Super Bowl contention and the Packers are a bad QB away from being a bottom 5 team
18 Oct, 11:41 PM UTC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Scored 38 unanswered points and secured the W. 📰: @Buccaneers's photo on Packers
19 Oct, 01:15 AM UTC
Ryan Talbot
In case you stopped watching tonight’s blowout between the Buccaneers and Packers, here is the preview image they shared for the #Bills’ matchup vs. the #Chiefs (Illustrations more accurate than jacked Tom Brady). @RyanTalbotBills's photo on Packers
19 Oct, 12:33 AM UTC
Liz Gonzales
PSA to Packers fans freaking the fuck out (if you’re one of the normal Cheeseheads, congrats on being awesome) @TheLizGonzales's photo on Packers
19 Oct, 01:44 AM UTC
Tate Frazier
Packers didn’t score after this dance @tatefrazier's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 11:38 PM UTC
Allan Bell
Derrick Henry (264) had more total yards today than the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, New York Jets and Green Bay Packers. #Titans
19 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Front Office Sports
A look at Joe Buck's broadcasting week starting today: Today: Bucs-Packers Mon: Bills-Chiefs Tues: World Series Game 1 Wed: World Series Game 2 Thurs: Giants-Eagles Fri: World Series Game 3 Sat: World Series Game 4 Sun: World Series Game 5 (if needed) (H/T @art_stapleton) @frntofficesport's photo on Packers
18 Oct, 09:29 PM UTC
Patrick 🎱
Call me the Packers offensive line
18 Oct, 11:14 PM UTC
Carla Erika Ureña A 🦋
Perdieron los Packers pero también perdió @PartidoMorenaMx . Dios, quita; Dios, da.
19 Oct, 12:45 AM UTC
Nicholas Moreano
When you see the #Packers are down by four touchdowns to the #Buccaneers and the #Bears held Tampa Bay to 19 points last Thursday.
18 Oct, 11:17 PM UTC
Jimmy Garoppolo is executing the game plan well. But this is the most conservative game plan ever. Even more so than the Packers NFC Championship game. 3rd and long situations and its check down after check down. That definitely isn't typical Jimmy G.
19 Oct, 02:28 AM UTC
Matt Schneidman
Packers safety Adrian Amos: “Us as defense, we gotta step up and help the offense.”
18 Oct, 11:41 PM UTC
Zachary (unless?)
oh god oh shit. The Packers' defense got Tom Brady into BARK BARK SCREAM ANGRY YELLING BARK mode. This is right where they want him.
18 Oct, 09:07 PM UTC
Nate Tice
don't think the Packers meant to drop 9 into coverage on 2nd & 8...
19 Oct, 01:32 AM UTC
While Matt LaFleur said he didn't think the Packers practiced well enough this week, Jamel Dean said he thought the Bucs turned a corner Thursday. "Everything was just clicking that day. If we could just carry this practice over to the game, we’re going to do something special.”
19 Oct, 02:14 AM UTC
Aaron Rodgers threw two interceptions and the Bucs went on a 38-0 run against the Packers after Rodgers did the Hingle McGringleberry dance
19 Oct, 02:46 AM UTC
Jamel Dean said of his pick-six off Aaron Rodgers: "When I saw the formation and I’d seen how everything started to develop, I’m like, ‘I have to make this play, because I know what’s coming.' Once I saw him throw it, I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s mine.’”
19 Oct, 02:55 AM UTC

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