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Padre Guillermo Serra LC
Cuando estés triste, reza un Ave María, y pídele a la Virgen un abrazo y que ella convierta en gozo los dolores de tu vida. PADRE PÍO
22 Sep, 09:51 PM UTC
Fr. Fiel Pareja
St. Padre Pio, pray for us! 🙏
22 Sep, 04:59 PM UTC
Padre Guillermo Serra LC
Descansa con la bendición del Padre Pío. Mañana es su fiesta. pediré en la misa en su honor por las intenciones que me hagas llegar. @PGuillermoSerra's photo on Padre Pío
22 Sep, 11:21 PM UTC
Sachin Jose
During the course of the Mass Padre Pio would cry almost continuously. The saint had a gift that allowed him to see the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. https://t.co/MHbaZNhiJu
23 Sep, 01:33 AM UTC
San Padre Pio de Pietrelcina
23/9 SAN PADRE PÍO . BENDÍCENOS EN TÚ DÍA https://t.co/U4n17erWNS
23 Sep, 03:04 AM UTC
Padre Guillermo Serra LC
Padre Pío, ruega por nosotros.
23 Sep, 10:45 AM UTC
Sachin Jose
Happy feast of St Padre Pio! https://t.co/lguLkMGg2B
23 Sep, 10:33 AM UTC
Feliz día del padre Pío https://t.co/V4BIcqvNq2
23 Sep, 06:19 AM UTC
HAPPY FEAST DAY! 💖 “Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God's heart. You must speak to Jesus not only with your lips, but with your heart.” -Padre Pio https://t.co/VVzOveTlE9
22 Sep, 05:28 PM UTC
Padre Paulo Ricardo
Diante do fato de que às vezes nem o padre crê no sacerdócio dele, Deus manda providencialmente um padre com as chagas de Cristo impressas em suas mãos. Padre Pio, o único sacerdote estigmatizado, foi enviado por Deus às vésperas da maior crise sacerdotal que a Igreja viveria.
23 Sep, 12:09 PM UTC
¡Hoy celebramos la Festividad de San Pío de Pietrelcina! Un 23 de Septiembre de 1968 fallecía en San Giovanni Rotondo nuestro querido padre Pío. San Pío de Pietrelcina, ruega por nosotros 🙏🏼 https://t.co/hITHryQp6N
23 Sep, 07:11 AM UTC
Teresa Leocadia
Beautiful Prayer of St. Padre Pio After Communion 'Stay with Lord' “Stay with me, Lord, for it is necessary to have You present so that I do not forget You. You know how easily I abandon You. Stay with me Lord, because I am weak, and I need Your strength, so that I may not https://t.co/kq8oYShEXy
22 Sep, 07:31 PM UTC
fr Paddy
The Feast of St. Padre Pio….. May this Saint of Miracles pray for us all….🙏🏼🙏🏼 https://t.co/rGTapNQtxO
23 Sep, 08:13 AM UTC
Sachin Jose
The most famous of the miracles associated with Padre Pio was his stigmata; he bore the wounds of Christ in his hands, feet and side. With the possible exception of St. Paul, he was the first priest in history to bear the stigmata. https://t.co/U23s4KOLDf
23 Sep, 10:48 AM UTC
¡Feliz Viernes 23 de Septiembre! ¡Festividad del Padre Pío! “La vida no es otra cosa que una continua reacción contra uno mismo; y no se abre a la belleza, si no es a precio de sufrimiento. Manteneos siempre en la compañía de Jesús en Getsemaní y Él sabrá confortaros…” https://t.co/GrbiQLYFj9
23 Sep, 07:07 AM UTC
Catholic Sat
Today is the Feast of St Pio of Pietrelcina, known simply as Padre Pio, beloved by many and the greatest saint of 20th Century. Ora pro nobis https://t.co/wvIIiSZ2oK
23 Sep, 05:00 AM UTC
Sachin Jose
It was said that in 1947, Padre Pio had foretold to the young Wojtyla aka Pope John Paul II the assassination attempt: “You will see your white cassock stained with blood.” In May, 1981, the assassination attempt against John Paul II took place at St. Peter's Square. https://t.co/EMIr1tSYkI
23 Sep, 11:01 AM UTC
Today is the feast day of St. Padre Pio, one of the most beloved saints of the Church. He bore the stigmata, the Wounds of Christ, for 50 years, and is a model of prayer and humility. https://t.co/vscfMMMMot @EWTN's photo on Padre Pío
23 Sep, 11:00 AM UTC
Friar Mario Conte
Padre Pio was very devoted to St Anthony. https://t.co/VToVatLFnt
23 Sep, 06:25 AM UTC
Pope Benedict XVI
Like Padre Pio, may you too be faithful friends of the Lord Jesus, keeping up a daily relationship with him through prayer and listening to his Word, with an assiduous practice of the Sacraments and cordial membership in his family which is the Church. — Benedict XVI
23 Sep, 12:15 PM UTC
Vatican News
Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, Francesco Forgione, known as “Padre Pio,” spent his life focused on the Passion and Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Italian priest became known for his piety and charity, as well as the gift of the stigmata. https://t.co/2Yz2BkZYCM @VaticanNews's photo on Padre Pío
23 Sep, 08:00 AM UTC
On his feast day, let's say three Hail Marys for the souls who were most devoted to Padre Pio.
23 Sep, 09:09 AM UTC
🪔 Fermín Negre 🎏
Hoy es la fiesta de san Pío de Pietrelcina. Me gusta mucho este pensamiento suyo: «Nunca te arrepientas de ningún día de tu vida: los buenos te darán felicidad y los malos, experiencia». Padre Pío. #FelizViernes #PadrePio https://t.co/yOXwLUoyAy
23 Sep, 02:30 AM UTC
Today, on the feast day of St. Padre Pio, we meditate on some of his most powerful #WordsofWisdom: The Rosary is the weapon for these times, so use it with great confidence! Pray the Rosary with Mother Angelica: https://t.co/o8xdkuswZH @EWTN's photo on Padre Pío
23 Sep, 08:00 AM UTC
September 23, 2022- Happy Feast Day of St. Padre Pio St. Padre Pio we love you, please pray for us✝️🙏 https://t.co/aifRw31wRQ
23 Sep, 03:44 AM UTC
SOLEMN MASS IN HONOR OF SAINT PADRE PIO: Live Broadcast from the Shrine of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. TONIGHT at 11 p.m. ET. See the full program schedule in your local time: https://t.co/x4efL3rTpZ @EWTN's photo on Padre Pío
22 Sep, 10:00 PM UTC
Padre Pio : "La Russie donnera une leçon à l'Occident..." C'est en train d'arriver Padre. https://t.co/bNwLKRYSsG
22 Sep, 08:22 PM UTC
Ugochukwu Ugwoke, ISch
My past O Lord, to your mercy; my present to your love; my future to your providence. - St. Padre Pío
23 Sep, 12:06 PM UTC
Universitarios Católicos ♰
"Todos tienen su cruz; todos piden a Dios que les libre de ella. Pero si supieran lo valiosa que es, la pedirían." - Padre Pío https://t.co/RwYpdg849I
23 Sep, 08:17 AM UTC
Emilia 🇨🇱 ☀️
Hoy los católicos recordamos a nuestro querido y admirado San Padre Pío de Pietrelcina. Entreguemos nuestras intenciones en su día sobretodo por los enfermos. Ruega por nosotros 🙌🏻 ✝️ https://t.co/4uR7EyCwbz
23 Sep, 11:35 AM UTC