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Pakistan Cricket
🇧🇩🏆🇵🇰 #PAKvBAN @TheRealPCB's photo on #PAKvBAN
06 Feb, 11:23 AM UTC
Pakistan will bowl first in Rawalpindi! The hosts are unchanged from the Test they played against Sri Lanka in December. #PAKvBAN @ICC's photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 04:39 AM UTC
Dennis #KhelHumariHai
Still no Fawad Alam. He's Pakistan's John Cena. Misbah cannot see him. #PakvBan @DennisCricket_'s photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
Mirza Iqbal Baig
What is the purpose of domestic cricket when in form Fawad Alam is ignored again and again. It looks that Pak final XI is selected on likes and dislikes, when this is the criteria then @TheRealPCB should close domestic cricket. #justiceforFawadAlam #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 04:50 AM UTC
Bangladesh have steadied themselves after losing their openers cheaply. Pakistan's quicks are still asking tough questions off Mominul Haque and Najmul Hossain though. #PAKvBAN 👉 https://t.co/RUiGxTVCf9 @ICC's photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 06:31 AM UTC
Dr Geoffrey Shaw
My wife Gaynor and I were delighted to join Chairman of the @TheRealPCB, Ehsan Mani as the first #PAKvBAN Test Series took off in Rawalpindi today. Cricket 🏏 connects both our countries. It runs in the blood of Australia and Pakistan. https://t.co/nivSGUedLh
07 Feb, 07:36 AM UTC
Arfa Feroz Zake
An early lunch was taken during Rawalpindi Test as both the teams had to offer Namaz-e-Jummah. PCB had made special arrangements by calling Imam in the stadium where test squad of both the teams offered Namaz-e-Jummah together.🕌#PAKvBAN #JummahMubarak
07 Feb, 08:42 AM UTC
Pakistan Cricket
Najmul Hossain Shanto departs! #PAKvBAN https://t.co/qT6iXCtg8a @TheRealPCB's photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 08:44 AM UTC
Jibran T. Siddiqui
Fawad Alam benched once again. What an organized and targeted crime to end a performing player's career. INJUSTICE!! #PakvBan https://t.co/szqXUrA5el
07 Feb, 06:31 AM UTC
Pakistan ➕ Rawalpindi = 🔥 Half of Bangladesh's line-up is already back in the hut! #PAKvBAN SCORECARD: https://t.co/RUiGxTE1nB @ICC's photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:14 AM UTC
Asad Shafiq takes a terrific catch at second slip and Mahmudullah's gone! BAN - 107/5 .. #PAKvBAN https://t.co/LCV4HgA6E1
07 Feb, 09:05 AM UTC
Pakistan Cricket
Shaheen gets his third wicket! #PAKvBAN https://t.co/8DOz1Vr34h @TheRealPCB's photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:09 AM UTC
Islamabad United
3rd wicket for Shaheen Shah, Mahmudullah departs! Excellent catch by Asad Shafiq. 👏 🇧🇩107/5 #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:06 AM UTC
Pakistan Cricket
Three former captains – Javed Burki, Mushtaq Mohammad and Majid Khan – attend opening day’s play in Pindi #PAKvBAN Live: @TheRealPCB_Live | https://t.co/yWnPXpjXNR https://t.co/tD2CUYJLax
07 Feb, 09:13 AM UTC
Rashid Latif راشد لطیف 🇵🇰
سوئی سدرن گیس نے اپنے ۲۹ کرکٹ کے کھلاڑیوں کو نوکریوں سے برخاست کر دیا ہے کیونکہ اس سال پی سی بی نے محکمات کی ٹیمز سیزن میں شامل نہیں کیں، کھلاڑیوں کو پریشانی کا سامنا اُٹھانا پڑ رہا ہے۔ @TheRealPCB @SSGC_Official #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:08 AM UTC
Hamza Kaleem
@ICC Reports are Head Coach Misbah isn't happy with Chief Selector Misbah for selecting Fawad Alam in the squad and batting coach Misbah has also complained head coach regarding Fawad Alam's attitude in nets as batting coach Misbah thinks Faheem Ashraf better than Fawad #PAKvBAN https://t.co/93qzmEwBi5
07 Feb, 04:39 AM UTC
Anas Saeed
Pakistan won the toss and bowling first. No Fawad Alam today #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
Mani 🇵🇰
M Abbas 14-8-14-2 So Far. The Best Thing About him Is the 'Control' In Which He Bowls, Its quite Amazing that He Hardly Gives anything to Batters to Score Freely, Bowls at 4th Stump Channel all the Time & Always Creates Pressure On the Opposition 👍 #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Pakistan Cricket Live
Bangladesh tour of Pakistan 2019-20 1st Test, Pakistan vs Bangladesh at Pindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi OUT! Mahmudullah c Shafiq b Shaheen Afridi 25(48). 🇧🇩 107-5 (40.3 ov). For Live Updates: https://t.co/IswDTxoicp #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:04 AM UTC
ICC Live Scores
1st Test. 40.4: S Afridi to L Das, 4 runs, 111/5 https://t.co/C2YQLG0MvY #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:06 AM UTC
Cricket Pakistan
Shaheen Shah breaks through once more 🤩 Bangladesh in trouble 107/5 Follow live: https://t.co/f4cEDvOkLv #PAKvBAN https://t.co/qAz2MwT8rB
07 Feb, 09:07 AM UTC
Green Team
Right from the media box 🏏 #PAKvBAN https://t.co/enZn8tXjYI
07 Feb, 09:06 AM UTC
92 News HD Plus
بریکنگ نیوز #92NewsHDPlus #BreakingNews #PAKvBAN #RawalpindiTest https://t.co/0yMVahgMRI
07 Feb, 09:10 AM UTC
ICC Live Scores
1st Test. 41.3: M Abbas to M Mithun, 4 runs, 115/5 https://t.co/C2YQLG0MvY #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:10 AM UTC
APP 🇵🇰
#BeautifulPakistan Nagar,Hunza,Passu & Naltar Rakaposhi Diran, Malubiting, HunzaPeak, LadyFingerPeak, UltarSar,Passu Cones & Spantik & the MilkyWayGalaxy 4m Naltar #APPNews #PAKvBAN @IamHumA2 @SnapPakistan @Pakistaninpics @ItalyinPak @pontecorvoste Video by: Travel with Usman https://t.co/8eNfvq2B05
07 Feb, 08:45 AM UTC
APP 🇵🇰
#PAKvBAN Mohammad Abbas seems to have recaptured his 2017/18 mojo 2017: 23 Test wickets @ avg of 21.35 2018: 38 Test wickets @ avg of 13.76 2019: 11 Test wickets @ avg of 44.64 2020: 2 Test wickets @ avg of 4.50 #APPNews #Cricket https://t.co/1CerTaC5j3
07 Feb, 08:50 AM UTC
First Test Pakistan to Face Bangladesh in Rawalpindi Today #PAKvBAN @AbbTakk's photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:05 AM UTC
Abdul Rehman Lodhi
Me to 'PCB Chief Selector and Head Coach Misbah' after again dropping Fawad Alam from starting XI. 😠😠 All depending on Babar Azam, again. #Pakistan #PAKvBAN #Rawalpindi https://t.co/9wD31rAQDs
07 Feb, 07:56 AM UTC
What I said yesterday about @iamfawadalam25 and @bilalasif2411 Absolute nonsense selection by @captainmisbahpk & @waqyounis99 What’s the point ???? #PAKvBAN https://t.co/mQzXDjc0xc
07 Feb, 07:24 AM UTC
ARY Sports
Asad Shafiq takes a blinder, Shaheen picks up his third Bangladesh 107-5 Read more: https://t.co/Q0TTcQoPqi #ARYSports #PAKvBAN @ARYSports_Web's photo on #PAKvBAN
07 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC