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King Juwan
My great grandfather trying to escape the Titanic in 1912 @KingTrillaX's photo on Palms
07 Apr, 09:08 PM UTC
elisa⁷ 🍑✨nsfr
@HUNCHO4N human beings literally grow hair from any part of the body besides the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, lips and back of your ears. It’s all completely normal so lets unlearn this association of being hairy with being ugly or unhygienic.
07 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
God, I thank you. Honored to be lending my voice to “Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre”. A documentary executive produced by Russell Westbrook - airing on the History Channel May 31st!
07 Apr, 10:32 PM UTC
David Dastmalchian
I love comic books. Have since I first cradled Avengers 249 in my greedy little palms as a kid. I am so grateful that @DarkHorseComics has allowed me to bring my dream comic, @CountCrowley, to life. The Volume 1 Trade is in stores now! @Dastmalchian's photo on Palms
07 Apr, 11:59 PM UTC
“Palms” with @channel_tres out now! this is the first installment of the Orca deluxe album coming out later this spring. love you guys stay tuned +++ @gusdapperton's photo on Palms
07 Apr, 10:58 PM UTC
palms are sweaty dropped my bong soul just left me
08 Apr, 12:25 AM UTC
Just Peachy LLC
Today’s hair term is EFFLEURAGE. (N) Definition: light, relaxing, continuous stroking movements applied with fingers or palms in a slow, rhythmic manner
07 Apr, 04:40 PM UTC
Pradeep Aggarwal (Veteran - Col)
CM Candidate of Congress in Assam, BADRUDDIN AJMAL, SPITTING ON People in his election canvassing and the SLAVES carry Utensils, Kerchiefs, put their Palms to catch BADRUDDIN's SPIT. That's the level of Slavery of M....!
07 Apr, 01:59 AM UTC
NJ Devil
Best of luck to Palms & TZ, they are going to be missed around here #NJDevils
07 Apr, 11:57 PM UTC
bella j ✨
i want the isles to win a cup this year. palms, zajac, cory, and greene lifting a cup ? 🥺
08 Apr, 12:28 AM UTC
08 Apr, 12:33 AM UTC
Precision Leagues
Announcement!🔥 Precision Leagues would like to officially announce the ✅Carolina Palms!✅ Representing the Palms for season one: @UFG_BabyClay (BabyClay) [C] @Milotic_cdl (Milotic) @qtsinical (Sinical) (QuackZ) (Deletes) [S]
08 Apr, 12:20 AM UTC
Love Travis and Palms but uh I actually hope it's the first pick
08 Apr, 12:43 AM UTC
Fried Squid 🦑
The veterans and leadership will be missed but makes you wonder what youngings will be on the roster. Who would you want next season? Palms or Holtz ext.
08 Apr, 12:10 AM UTC
@shlofolina me with da purple hair ! tyler came up to me and my friends and told us we made him laugh cause we had FYH written on the palms of our hands
08 Apr, 12:35 AM UTC
Amanda Rosko
I liked Palms but he wasn't staying so this was necessary. I'm more sentimental than anything with Zajac. But outside of getting a 1st round pick, NJD got nothing that's going to help in the long term & the clock is ticking.
08 Apr, 12:32 AM UTC
DJ LeMahieu stan account
I knew Palms was dipping, but seeing old man Trav in Isles orange and blue is gonna physically hurt me #NJDevils
08 Apr, 12:40 AM UTC
Palms looking good in the new threads. #Isles
08 Apr, 12:39 AM UTC
Again we did not get robbed! We got 1st for palms 3 prospects for Zajac #njdevils
08 Apr, 12:35 AM UTC
MacKenzie Blackwood Appreciation Page
@NJDevils @investorsbank Love the Devils. Hate this trade Sometimes the best move is no move I understand Palms was getting dealt but Travis hurts. Giving up two good players for picks from a Team who is 7th overall in the NHL rn and a 24 & 27 year old who have little to no NHL experience each. TOUGH
08 Apr, 12:33 AM UTC
皆さん! フォロワーを増やしましょう! お願いPalms up together ・このツイートのRT ・アカウントフォロー 御礼Wrapped present ・フォロバ ・固定ツイRT #相互フォロー #相互RT #相互フォロー支援 #RT企画 #相互フォロー100
08 Apr, 12:41 AM UTC
lindor szn (LFGM)
Y’all think Palms and Zajac will be in the lineup tm? #isles
08 Apr, 12:43 AM UTC
feri-wan kenobi ♡
Team Sleep es mi proyecto favorito de Chino (después de Deftones obvio) Luego Palms y ✝️✝️✝️
08 Apr, 12:42 AM UTC
Russell Lydon
Good that the Devils got a 1st rounder for Zajac and Palms but try to get a NHL player instead of a couple AHL'ers. Fuuuuucccccckkkkk!
08 Apr, 12:42 AM UTC
Have Another Donut
@mrmxyplidzik1 @macwithfish Also if they want Palms back nyi can't afford him and Zajac had no trade value because he wouldn't waive to go anywhere else?
08 Apr, 12:42 AM UTC
@DaFloppyFishNJD @ItsAnimeTime1 @thgofyoutube @YouTube I would have rather them gotten a 2nd round pick and a bag of pucks for just Palms then loss Travis for late first in a craps shot draft
08 Apr, 12:41 AM UTC
Since ur sad abt the palms trade lets have sex to make u happy — i laughed this is the first thirst one that was funny, i’m also not sad about it so i’m turning you down 😁
08 Apr, 12:40 AM UTC
@elchefe @ashleymcnamara @__apf__ @ramsey Yeah, I doubt location is the issue I live in bum fuck SC and get requests daily, but I also have the misfortune of have gotten proficient in all the “hot” buzzwords in the past 5ish years.
08 Apr, 12:39 AM UTC
Ash Baby 〄
@NHLBrasil Sim pq o Palms merece voar para os playoffs e não pq o Palms saiu do Devils ;-;
08 Apr, 12:38 AM UTC