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nylah burton
#PamelaTurner, a Black pregnant woman was shot at point blank range, while pleading for her life. Let her name be a battle cry. #sayhername #BlackLivesMatter
14 May, 05:03 PM UTC
Jarret Smith, Ed.D.
The mugshot on the left is #pamelaturner who was shot and killed by police while screaming she was pregnant. The innocent looking pictures on the right were the 1st photos released of the Colorado school shooters. Whatโ€™s wrong with this picture? Jarret Smith, Ed.D.'s photo on #PamelaTurner
14 May, 07:09 PM UTC
Rizza Islam
Put DOWN the CAMERA and PICK UP your MANHOOD!!! Not a negotiation! Brothers, we MUST PROTECT OUR WOMEN! Sisters, ALLOW US TO protect you and for BOTH of us, we MUST KNOW how to HANDLE these #domesticterrorists - They LOOK for a reason to MURDER US! #PamelaTurner #WEAREFARRAKHAN Rizza Islam's photo on #PamelaTurner
14 May, 05:43 PM UTC
Unarmed People of Color are not a threat to police officers. Full stop. โœŠ๐ŸฟโœŠ๐ŸพโœŠ๐Ÿฝ #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #PamelaTurner Sema๐ŸŒน's photo on #PamelaTurner
14 May, 08:05 PM UTC
South Florida Sun Sentinel
The woman is on the ground and appears to reach toward the officer when she seems to be heard saying "I'm pregnant." Moments later he fires five shots, killing her. #PamelaTurner #Baytown https://t.co/kSKa9p6WtS
14 May, 06:58 PM UTC
24th Letter ๐Ÿ
The news says #PamelaTurner took the cops taser and used it on him... And let me tell you that's lie. I'm not posting the video but the taser was deployed so unless she was able to to wind up and re-pack the electrode wires, and load a cartridge before being shot....
14 May, 07:53 PM UTC
The pig who executed #PamelaTurner wore a body cam but they're not releasing the footage. He's on paid administrative leave. The cops and the kkk are one and the same!!
14 May, 07:26 PM UTC
M'Baku Kahn
This shit gotta stop. White men go into schools and churches and shoot and kill people and survive. We ask questions as to why we're being stopped and we die. #PamelaTurner https://t.co/CFWh3c06bx
14 May, 10:15 PM UTC
Where is the pro-life crowd now? Yall always tallking shit about PP but this woman who was pregnant was gunned down and yall haven't said a word. #PamelaTurner
14 May, 07:19 PM UTC
Sista-Yid Unionism โœก๏ธโ˜ญ๐ŸŒน
#PamelaTurner, another civilian killed by police. Because policing is a state system that intentionally recruits and psychologically manipulates abusive assholes to intimidate and control the populace. You know itโ€™s true too.
14 May, 07:08 PM UTC
Mark Anthony Neal
#PamelaTurner shooting: Texas officer kills woman heard saying 'I'm pregnant' https://t.co/j4azprnNoE via @guardian
14 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Francisco Taveira
#PamelaTurner was shot late on Monday at an apartment complex in #Baytown, about 25 miles (40 kilometres) east of #Houston, and pronounced dead at the scene, said police Lt. Steve Dorris. https://t.co/msJ6vzs6mc
14 May, 07:13 PM UTC
Ebony Elizabeth
This. It's why I'm choosing not to share any of the articles, although I appreciate others who have. Seems we can't have even a moment's peace... #PamelaTurner #SayHerName https://t.co/exNSDIxAiz
14 May, 11:00 PM UTC
saira rao
The police are terrorists. They murdered an innocent Black woman, Pamela Turner. I am so sorry Ms. Turner. You deserved so much better. #PamelaTurner #SayHerName https://t.co/5MQZ2JwyJX
14 May, 08:40 PM UTC
DJ NEw York
They have trained black men to just film video from their phone while a racist is murdering a black women Black man we suppose to protect the black women #PamelaTurner
14 May, 09:47 PM UTC
Celeste Alana
Black. Unarmed. Pregnant. On the ground. Shot 5 times at point blank range. #PamelaTurner #SayHerName
14 May, 07:37 PM UTC
MimiMiller 420
#Texas inept #Cops who are often Cop, Judge, Jury and Executioner #PamelaTurner #SayHerName #SandraBland no laws have changed in the Great State of Nationalist #txlege full o Nationalists for too long https://t.co/pM3ENubsGA
14 May, 11:11 PM UTC
pamela turner was murdered in cold blood while she was pregnant. her murderer is on paid leave. her family will never ever get her back. she was killed on video and there isn't enough anger about it. #PamelaTurner #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter
15 May, 12:26 AM UTC
Lonnie Fresh
@SteveABC13 The level of disrespect to the deceased, no better yet victim, mother of two, and grandmother of three, doesnโ€™t come much as a surprise. Love ones are grieving the loss of Ms. #PamelaTurner and you felt that a mugshot of no relevance was most appropriate for reporting this story?
14 May, 11:56 PM UTC
wheeew, Chillay!! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
I donโ€™t want to RT the horrific details of her gruesome murder, so all Iโ€™m a say is #PamelaTurner . Say. Her. Name.
15 May, 12:20 AM UTC
@HLNTV What threat did this woman pose that deadly force was necessary?? While I donโ€™t know whole story it sure looks like NONE. Domestic terrorist white boys/men taken alive, w/o a visible scratch and yet again another black life treated as worthless. #PamelaTurner
15 May, 12:27 AM UTC
@keithboykin It's too hard to watch, but I will #SayHerName #PamelaTurner
14 May, 11:43 PM UTC
queen skank quattle
14 May, 11:45 PM UTC
Say her name. #PamelaTurner
15 May, 12:31 AM UTC
NaTasha White-Moore
#PamelaTurner #Baytown shooting #BlackLivesMatter Activist wants investigation of Baytown officer https://t.co/9oNDPW9aS1 via @houstonchron
15 May, 12:28 AM UTC
gemini angel ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
the fuck you sharing a mug shot for when SHE was the victim? #PamelaTurner https://t.co/meun4bhphq
14 May, 11:29 PM UTC
The police said she was not pregnant but cops lie. You expect us to believe you over a dead woman? It's not hard to remove a fetus from a dead body to cover up a double homicide. The Blue liars have struck again. You can believe them if you want but I refuse to. #PamelaTurner
15 May, 12:24 AM UTC
Tarrell Bellinger
@SpencerKarter #PamelaTurner, an unarmed 44-year-old black woman from #BaytownTX who said she was pregnant, was shot & killed by a so-called #RaceWarrior. We need 2 put an end 2 #PoliceBrutality once & for all! Reaction? #JusticeForPamela #BlackLivesMatter #EndRacism
15 May, 12:27 AM UTC
#PamelaTurner murdered in cold blood by police. last words were โ€œIโ€™m pregnant.โ€ the PIG responsible for this act of evil must be held accountable. That his name is being kept secret, his job status in tact, is another example of corrupt police evading justice for their crimes ๐Ÿฅ“
15 May, 12:26 AM UTC
_M E S H_๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿคž๐Ÿพ
#PamelaTurner https://t.co/PIOCsOAKNE
15 May, 12:26 AM UTC