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Super Paper Mario is 14 today! I was so engrossed in its story, I made theories about it. There was a time when I believed Dimentio was going to be the main villain of Sticker Star and it was going to have such an epic story, they needed Super as a whole side game of setup for it
11 Apr, 12:46 AM UTC
The only anniversary I’ll drop everything to celebrate Happy 14th Birthday Super Paper Mario!!🎉🎉 @tasmithay's photo on Paper Mario
10 Apr, 08:20 PM UTC
Super Paper Mario is 14 this week! The gameplay might not have been for everyone, but for a one-game departure that looked simple on the surface, it was far more ambitious than it had any right to be.
11 Apr, 07:01 PM UTC
i am fixated 👑✨
i literally love super paper mario so much ill fucking fight you dude @iamfixated's photo on Paper Mario
11 Apr, 02:28 AM UTC
Bad Video Game Takes
Context: The dude is explaining why he thinks Super Paper Mario was bad @badvgtakes's photo on Paper Mario
11 Apr, 03:04 AM UTC
Paper Mario characters can't be thicce-
11 Apr, 04:39 PM UTC
Princess Kiss
We were already looking like Paper Mario, so why not some Paper Mario styled bugs as well?
11 Apr, 07:51 PM UTC
Why is origami castle so good? Like its not only the best final area music in the paper mario series, its one of the fucking best in the entire mario series counting spinoffs
11 Apr, 08:02 PM UTC
Erin Brockobić
new twitch schedule ✨ NINTENDO 64 WEDNESDAYS: we will be playing paper mario and enjoying a nice walk down memory lane POKEMON SATURDAYS: continuing my pokemon leafgreen nuzlocke
11 Apr, 08:05 PM UTC
Flint the Almost Birthday Bird
SCHEDULE TIIIME!! Not only will we be celebrating my hatchday, but ALSO: - we're playing Monster Hunter with the precious @Weird_Romance_ - I'm facing off against the horrors of FNAF VR once more - and our totally normal Paper Mario adventure will continue!!
11 Apr, 08:09 PM UTC
Seeing Paper Mario trending this week reminded me of a bit of fun I had doodling partners/NPCs with some folks. Grandpa Koopatrol being a never ever still hurts.
11 Apr, 07:59 PM UTC
@gimazaluke Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Mario kart 64, DK 64, Turok 2, Blast Corps, 1080, Wave Race, Excite Bike, F-Zero, Diddy Kong Racing, Doom 64, Goldeneye, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Lylat Wars/Star Fox, Pilot Wings, Paper Mario, Mario Party, Smash Bros, Rogue Squadron!
11 Apr, 07:54 PM UTC
M.E.I. K-Unit (Live debut tba)
@greyt_mr Playing mostly monster hunter rise. But I really need to finish games like bravely second, paper mario, berseria ... and so on >.>
11 Apr, 08:05 PM UTC
Skid-and-Pump Parody!
Paper Mario: the best thing homie
11 Apr, 07:57 PM UTC
@dayofpi Paper Mario: The Birdcage
11 Apr, 07:57 PM UTC
🌳Javi 🌳
@dayofpi Paper Mario: The beatles
11 Apr, 08:16 PM UTC
Paper Mario: The New #PS5 REAL #Game Is The Only One That Is The Only One Of My #SonySquad! Sounds GRREAT!
11 Apr, 08:16 PM UTC
🎺 Brandon 🎺
@dayofpi Paper mario the first time in heaven
11 Apr, 08:13 PM UTC
Hanna (Hunny) Bunny
@dayofpi Paper Mario: The first time I have a few days to go to bed.
11 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC
@ezajium_ Paper Mario: the same time as you can do it
11 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC
Guys I got some new from the game of paper Mario the origami king “I won the game” and now I gonna found all treasures,? Block,toad and hole and fight olly again them get the secret ending
11 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC
@dayofpi Paper Mario: The best game of the year
11 Apr, 08:10 PM UTC
Deku Deals 🇬🇧
Paper Mario: The Origami King – £28.99 (42% off, new lowest price)
11 Apr, 08:10 PM UTC
@dayofpi Paper Mario: The only thing I missed was just genius.
11 Apr, 08:10 PM UTC
The Adventurer
@dayofpi Paper Mario the folder for the folder
11 Apr, 08:09 PM UTC
@dayofpi Paper Mario: The Banana bread
11 Apr, 08:08 PM UTC
🌸🍭Lilly Liliaceae🍬🍰
Paper Mario: The Zelda
11 Apr, 08:07 PM UTC
@dayofpi Paper Mario: the rapper
11 Apr, 08:07 PM UTC
awesome isaac facts!
@dayofpi Paper Mario: the only thing that is true
11 Apr, 08:06 PM UTC