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hybe informing bts the top three fan voted songs are heartbeat, paradise and louder than bombs and bts confused as fuck cause they never performed any of them
15 May, 03:05 AM UTC
bts when they see heartbeat, paradise, and louder than bombs in the top 3 @minimonichiId's photo on Paradise
15 May, 03:06 AM UTC
Vandal City (𝘝𝘊)
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15 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Mufti Menk
Losing someone you love is a huge test of faith. That’s the reality of life. How you pick yourself up and carry on shows how much you understand the Almighty’s plan. May He help us cope with our loss and reunite us with our loved ones in Paradise.
15 May, 09:02 AM UTC
✧*ava☽⁷ proof 06.10
heartbeat, paradise, and ltb all being acknowledged by bts underscore official is something I never expected to witness
15 May, 03:06 AM UTC
their reaction after seeing ltb... now imagine bts seeing heartbeat paradise and ltb in the same poll https://t.co/kFVq6TGcXn
15 May, 03:51 AM UTC
bella៹⁷🐥yet to come
#1. Louder than Bombs #2. Paradise #3. Heartbeat o fandom army: https://t.co/1DqGsKeJT6
15 May, 03:14 AM UTC
tata⁷ • 06/10
heartbeat, paradise and louder than bombs being top three and ltb winning the wild card, they noticed, we prayed for days like these
15 May, 03:41 AM UTC
bts aren't performing paradise yet because they have something bigger in store im talking about a paradise themed concert where they sing 12 different versions of it for 12 hours
15 May, 03:40 AM UTC
José/JK Mixtape⁷
Not the top 3 tracks being the ones that have no live performances. Lmfao. At least heartbeat has the MV to show. They showed the Fix You performance for Paradise and random concert footage for LTB 💀 https://t.co/xSbqA0OUyA
15 May, 03:07 AM UTC
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15 May, 11:30 AM UTC
ฟจ ⁷ | D-26
แต่ถือเป็นปรากฏการณ์ใหม่ได้เลยนะ 3 อันดับเพลงที่บังทันหลงลืม มีซีนใหญ่สักที อามี่เหมือนต่อลมหายใจน้องมันมาก ทั้งรักทั้งยกขึ้นหิ้ง ฮืออขอให้มี perf. เร็ววันนะ สาธุ 😭💜 1.Louder than bombs 2.Paradise 3.Heartbeat https://t.co/zV8CVOehvS
15 May, 03:23 AM UTC
s| 10.06
heartbeat, paradise e louder than bombs top 3 músicas que o jungkook nem sabe que existe https://t.co/yVetxbBhE1
15 May, 03:08 AM UTC
Sprite; clau🍥
Estoy en shock como es que pusieron en primer lugar a Louder Than Bombs, en segundo lugar Paradise y en tercer lugar Heartbeat Impresionante como es que tenemos muchísima fe y la reflejamos en unas votaciones de BH JAJAJSFJJA @BTS_twt
15 May, 03:11 AM UTC
【5月19日 リリース!新カード情報】 「Edge of Paradise / 天象の楽土」のアディショナルカードをご紹介いたします! アストラルシャーマン・ライリー #シャドウバース #天象の楽土 @shadowverse_jp's photo on Paradise
15 May, 03:00 AM UTC
Preyoti⁷🐳 ⟭⟬♡⟬⟭ ^yoongis bae^
If louder than bombs loses I am sorry for the person I will become..no cz we didn't betray heartbeat and paradise just for this
15 May, 05:44 AM UTC
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15 May, 02:06 AM UTC
15 May, 01:59 PM UTC
Kiigen K. Koech • Kilimani Ward MCA
RIGATHI GACHAGUA is already FIGHTING RUTO. Such a duo is DANGEROUS! This country will not be run like a GANGSTERS PARADISE.
15 May, 08:45 AM UTC
🌼Don’t Hold Your Breath🐝🌻🌿
Today’s little cutie is a Madagascar paradise flycatcher.🥰 https://t.co/RlODpAhTqJ
15 May, 12:01 AM UTC
maisita ໂ‧͡‧ໃ rt a mi fijado 🫶
☆. . . BUSCO MUTUALS ¡¡ — soy nueva en #anitwt #animetwt y busco mutuals para interactuar — haikyuu, free, blue period, devilman crybaby, given, yoi, banana fish, doukyuusei, nana, snk, saiki k, paradise kiss( + ) fav + rt para ser mutis y que llegue a más gente ty! https://t.co/PsNtj3TAJH
15 May, 12:52 AM UTC
15 May, 01:48 PM UTC
15 May, 01:50 PM UTC
hoae dạng niên hoa⁷ ♡︎ | PROOF is YET TO COME.
mắ ksjsjssjjs đúng kiểu tập hợp ước mơ cả đời của army trong ba cái tên : 1. louder than bombs 2. paradise 3. heartbeat thề nếu được toại nguyện thì nhân sinh không còn gì luyến tiếc ☺️ #BTS #BTS_Butter @BTS_twt
15 May, 03:19 AM UTC
oi eu n sou nova aqui no twitter mas mudei de conta e quero moots pra interagir! se você gosta de: nana haikyuu jujutsu kaisen given snk paradise kiss animes em geral me segue que eu sdv ou interage aqui!!! deem rt e fav pra chegar em mais gente pfv 🥺
15 May, 05:18 AM UTC
ریاض رشید
Every Sahaba RZ of my prophet PBUH in paradise. Wah Sahabah Wah #واہ_صحابہؓ_واہ
15 May, 12:44 PM UTC
Ali Muavia
92) The Prophet PBUH said: "Hassan and Hussain RZ are leaders of the youth of Paradise." Wah Sahabah Wah #واہ_صحابہؓ_واہ @alimuavia221
15 May, 01:10 PM UTC
Shoaib Ayub
92) The Prophet PBUH said: "Hassan and Hussain RZ are leaders of the youth of Paradise." Wah Sahabah Wah #واہ_صحابہؓ_واہ 9
15 May, 01:42 PM UTC
The Prophet PBUH said: "Hassan and Hussain RZ are leaders of the youth of Paradise." Wah Sahabah Wah #واہ_صحابہؓ_واہ *+ Boycott Enemies of Sahaba
15 May, 01:30 PM UTC
交換 うたプリ HE★VENS Paradise Lost パラロス PL缶バッジ 譲→★綺羅15、ナギ2、ヴァン1 求→★瑛一、シオン ★は★との交換 郵送にて📮 1点からでもお気軽にお声がけください🍎 https://t.co/n9ybidQAq9
15 May, 01:17 PM UTC