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Curtis Houck
WATCH the pure pain and disappoint as NBC's Ken Dilanian has to admit that the decision by Park Police to clear LaFayette Square of BLM protesters on June 1, 2020 was *NOT* so Trump could go to St. John's: "A narrative we thought we knew is not the reality." (1/) @CurtisHouck's photo on Park Police
09 Jun, 06:29 PM UTC
Jake Lobin
Lemme get this straight... An IG appointed by the Former Guy says that hundreds of people in Lafayette Park were *COINCIDENTALLY* tear-gassed by Park Police moments before he had a photo-op w/ an upside-down Bible in front of a church that he only visited that one time?? Ok 🙃
09 Jun, 08:50 PM UTC
Tara Setmayer
Let’s be clear. This IG only investigated the Park Police, NOT the other agencies involved that day. The others weren’t under his leadership jurisdiction.
10 Jun, 01:41 AM UTC
J. Hogan Gidley
Another grotesque lie proven false that was breathlessly and irresponsibly pushed by the media. “U.S. Park Police DID NOT clear Lafayette President Donald Trump could walk from the White House over to St. John’s Church...”
09 Jun, 05:49 PM UTC
Richard W. Painter
Bill Barr told Congress that Park Police cleared protesters from Lafayette Park for “security reasons.” Now the Interior Department says that construction crews needed to build a fence. These stories don’t add up.
09 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
Joyce Alene
It seems like it would be important to know who asked the Park Police to move up the timetable for clearing Lafayette Square instead of redacting it. It seems unlikely at this point that the redaction is protecting ongoing investigation.
09 Jun, 08:21 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
That Park Police violently cleared Lafayette Park at Trump's behest was treated as unquestioned truth by corporate media. Today it was revealed by the independent IG Report to be an utter falsehood. Watch how readily and easily they spread lies. From CNN on June 1: @ggreenwald's photo on Park Police
09 Jun, 08:04 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
There's a good reason Joe Scarborough is the anchor of the liberal-left's favorite cable outlet. Shown a *mountain of conclusive, documentary proof* that the Park Police's use of tear gas had nothing to do with Trump - was planned well before - he still insists it happened:
10 Jun, 12:06 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
The IG Report is unusual in that it uses clear, definitive language: tear-gassing of Park protesters had nothing to do with Trump, with ample evidence. Some outlets (like the WP) are largely admitting this, while others just refuse to accept the truth:
10 Jun, 12:17 AM UTC
Curtis Houck
It got worse for CIA Ken as he has to relay the Interior Department IG report's findings that the BLM mob was violent: "There was some violence on the part of protesters in the days leading up to this. There was property destruction. 49 Park Police officers were injured." (2/2) @CurtisHouck's photo on Park Police
09 Jun, 06:31 PM UTC
Daily Caller
Today's report from the Interior Department inspector general determined that Park Police were given permission to and carried out clearing the park long before anyone knew the former president had plans to walk over to St. John's Church.
09 Jun, 10:23 PM UTC
George Conway
“The report said Mr. Greenblatt did not seek to interview Mr. Barr, White House personnel or the Secret Service, among others, regarding decisions that did not involve the Park Police.”
10 Jun, 01:31 AM UTC
W. Kamau Bell
Next up: The Watchdog report will explain that the January 6th insurrection didn’t happen, and there’s no such date as January 6th on the calendar.🤷‍♂️
10 Jun, 01:32 AM UTC
Zoe Tillman
DOI IG's report is out concluding US Park Police decided to clear Lafayette Park on 6/1/20 for reasons unrelated to Trump's photo op that day: It's a reminder of how much confusing info there was in the aftermath about who ordered what and who did what @ZoeTillman's photo on Park Police
09 Jun, 06:40 PM UTC
Susan Simpson
The report says that the U.S. Park Police didn't learn of Trump's plan to walk to the church until shortly before 3pm that day... But the report also notes USPP made its decision about when and how to clear to park at around 5pm.
09 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
Jan Wolfe
Interior Department's inspector general says U.S. Park Police didn't violently clear protestors from Lafayette Park so Trump could do his Bible photo op. The watchdog said the decision was made hours earlier so that fencing could be installed. @JanNWolfe's photo on Park Police
09 Jun, 06:07 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
This IG report is as credible as it gets. From a career civil servant with key positions in the Obama Admin, it assembled a huge amount of proof & was *harshly critical* of the Park Police's use of force. Yet because people need the media tale that Trump did it, they ignore it.
10 Jun, 12:08 PM UTC
Dan Froomkin/
Sure, the Park Police at some point intended to clear Lafayette Park. But the timing and the brutality, with the AG literally breathing down their necks, is hardly a coincidence. Let's not be credulous idiots, OK?
09 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
The NYT headline is pretty straightforward: "Park Police Had Planned to Clear Area Before Trump’s Walk to Church, Watchdog Says." It does a decent job of describing what the IG proved. But it never mentions how the NYT told its readers the false story.
10 Jun, 12:48 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
This isn't a pro-police argument. The IG is harshly critical of the tear gas and other unnecessary force the Park Police used against the protesters. It's just a question of whether you mind being lied to by corporate media or not. Trump didn't order it, & it wasn't done for him
10 Jun, 12:13 PM UTC
Geraldo Rivera
A stunning admission by Trump-Hating #WaPo: U.S. Park Police officers who aggressively cleared Lafayette Park following violent protests were "Acting on a prior plan unrelated to the June 1 appearance there by then President Donald Trump." Now what? How do you say you're sorry?
10 Jun, 01:02 PM UTC
Dan Lavoie
It’s wild how inaccurately & irresponsibly this story is being covered. The IG’s report only looked at the US Park Police, one of *many* law enforcement agencies on site. And yet the takeaway of any reader is that the anti-protestor violence had nothing to do with Trump.
10 Jun, 03:49 AM UTC
Tom Elliott
@JoeNBC Interior Dept. IG: “We did not find evidence that a potential presidential visit to the park or St. John’s church influenced the Park Police’s decision-making or deployment."
10 Jun, 11:25 AM UTC
The New York Times
The U.S. Park Police had been planning to clear protesters from a park near the White House well before they learned that President Donald Trump was going to walk through the area last year, a federal watchdog said.
10 Jun, 11:30 AM UTC
Michael Tracey
You could compile an endless list of Democratic politicians who confidently asserted that the US Park Police were pawns in a scheme by Trump to get a "photo op" at Lafayette Square. Another nugget of fake anti-Trump folk wisdom now flushed down the toilet
10 Jun, 01:11 PM UTC
U.S. Capitol Police
Around 10am on Thursday, June 10, U.S. Park Police’s helicopter will be above the U.S. Capitol Complex for a low-altitude photography flight.
09 Jun, 02:07 PM UTC
Austin Evers
In this IG report, Park Police have a plan to clear the park and the President essentially appears out of nowhere to stroll through the scene just after it’s most violent moments. I can believe *USPP* were not in on the plan, but there are many other actors not included here.
10 Jun, 11:07 AM UTC
The Park Police can lie through their teeth about Lafayette Park, but we know better. If they wanted to clear the park for fencing, their asses would've done it way before that day. They're complicit in Dummy's upside down bible photo op. They hurt a lot of protesters. Guilty!🖕🏾
10 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
Dan Froomkin/
3ish: Park Police incident commander is told of Trump's intention to walk across the park once the protesters are gone. 6:10: AG strolls over and asks why the crowd is still there. 6:32: Brutal storming of peaceful protesters begins.
09 Jun, 08:28 PM UTC
American Greatness
The Park Police did not clear protesters outside the White House last summer to make way for President Donald Trump’s photo opportunity, according to a new report released by the Interior Department’s inspector general on Wednesday.
09 Jun, 08:53 PM UTC