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Louise Milligan
The other thing I can’t shake about this whole secret government business is it was Christian Porter who advised Morrison it was legal. The same man who refused to inform parliament who paid him huge sums of money for his legal fund to sue a public broadcaster (& me).
15 Aug, 10:26 PM UTC
David Sharaz
Get out of our parliament, leave public life behind, and just go away forever, Sincerely, everyone.
16 Aug, 02:25 AM UTC
Louise Milligan
“He’s a member of parliament, the idea that the Member for Cook says he doesn’t engage in day to day politics I find an extraordinary dismissal by a former Prime Minister.” @AlboMP to @PatsKarvelas on @ScottMorrisonMP.
15 Aug, 09:53 PM UTC
David Sharaz
Scott Morrison entered parliament in 2007 and can’t benefit from the old pension scheme. He’s hanging around to draw a $211,250-a-year taxpayer funded salary until he can find something else.
16 Aug, 07:16 AM UTC
The Kyiv Independent
⚡️Fire spotters who help Russia adjust attacks won’t be released on bail. Ukraine’s parliament voted to change the law surrounding those who help adjust and correct Russian fire and attacks, making it impossible for them to be released on bail, said lawmaker Yaroslav Zheleznyak
16 Aug, 12:17 PM UTC
Bruce Haigh
#auspol The fact that Morrison kept the appointments secret would strongly suggest that he knew he was doing something wrong. He sought to decieve members of parliament and the public. And the GG, the protector of parliamentary practice, went along with it. Hurley must go.
15 Aug, 11:29 PM UTC
Alexey Navalny
3/28 Here's the situation. On the one hand, at the level of the European Parliament, the U.S. Congress and Senate, and national parliaments, there is full support for massive sanctions against bribe-takers and warmongers.
16 Aug, 01:11 PM UTC
MSM Monitor
Note to BBC Scotland reporter Philip Sim. Scottish Govt ministers are not angry at the erosion of devolution by the Tory Govt because they want to "keep the powers to themselves". They are angry because they want the powers to remain with the Scottish parliament & people.
16 Aug, 06:20 AM UTC
Tom the whistleblower MK2
So I’ve just figured out that the investigation into my leaked photos, videos and messages relating to sexual misconduct in parliament, the minister responsible was actually the Prime Minister and it’s release was covered up. @friendlyjordies @vanOnselenP @samanthamaiden
16 Aug, 02:08 AM UTC
Glen Box
The Washington Post on Pierre "He’s a phony loudmouth who has been walking the halls of Parliament since 2004." "With all those years in Parliament, you’d think he’d know what he’s talking about, but he doesn’t." "That future looks to be a toxic, right-wing populist." https://t.co/VafHfrQzy9
16 Aug, 12:15 PM UTC
GB News
'We are the United Kingdom. And there is one Parliament who should govern the United Kingdom!' Former MEP Ben Habib says Holyrood should be abolished, and calls devolution a 'half-baked Tony Blair creation'. @GBNEWS's photo on Parliament
16 Aug, 05:32 PM UTC
Kapsabet High Alumni
Kapsabet Boys Alumni Association (KBAA) on behalf of all alumni, takes pride in sincerely congratulating the President Elect H.E Dr. @WilliamsRuto Our congratulations also to all alumni of the KBHS who have been elected to various positions in Parliament and County Govs. https://t.co/YzgcIdXTOu
16 Aug, 04:32 PM UTC
Mark Dickenson: fools repeating failure on repeat.
Morrison again demonstrates he was a control freak which supports the case he interfered in the Brittany Higgins treatment after the alleged rape. Nothing happened in parliament house that he didn't know about. He had the crime scene destroyed. He harassed Brittany & partner.
15 Aug, 09:25 PM UTC
Bill K Golden (separatist)
@SkyNews So English MP's will keep a check on the Scottish government. With record the English parliament got it would be better if Scotland kept a check on them. The bloody cheek of them who the hell do they think they are!
15 Aug, 11:12 PM UTC
Nick Pettigrew🇺🇦
Liz Truss is currently enjoying a six & a half week Parliament recess. She'll then toil through seventeen days of Parliament before it recesses again in September for three & a half weeks. Her contact details list zero surgery dates to meet with constituents during this period. https://t.co/3TVOXQIWQC
16 Aug, 06:16 PM UTC
Samantha Maiden
Sky News host Andrew Bolt has bluntly urged Scott Morrison to “quit Parliament now, just go!” over the secret ministry furore @newscomauHQ https://t.co/GL11xd9gIJ @samanthamaiden's photo on Parliament
16 Aug, 12:34 PM UTC
Digital Asset Investor
Probably been found before but first time I've seen it. From UK Parliament👀👀👀 https://t.co/owP6RetajJ
16 Aug, 05:30 PM UTC
@KEdge23 Starmer was cleared. Johnson was fined and lied to parliament over it. The man is corrupt and anybody who defends him must be
16 Aug, 12:10 PM UTC
Aspirant for Vice Chairperson CEC NRM Northern-U .
@Parliament_Ug @JoelSsenyonyi Sometimes we who defend this govt really get ashamed. I am being abused on daily basis for defending @NRMOnline of @KagutaMuseveni. I get nothing from the Govt for defending it. Then there are those stealing obscenely from the same Govt & doing so with outmost impunity. Really?
16 Aug, 09:19 AM UTC
Refugee Law Project
THREAD On 4 August 1972, President Idi Amin announced that British Asians were to leave 🇺🇬. In the end, all persons of Asian descent (numbering about 80000) were required or forced to go as Amin declared an 'Economic war'. @MakerereLaw @Makerere @uculawsociety @Parliament_Ug @refugeelawproj's photo on Parliament
16 Aug, 03:08 PM UTC
Count Binface
It’s not too late to turn this round in the favour of Teletext. Countbinistas, show Parliament the power of Ceefax! https://t.co/z4W3eoanTq
16 Aug, 06:53 PM UTC
Alamgir Rizvi(‏‎عالمگیر رضوی)
India me ab Indian Muslims ko soch na hoga. Zulm na insaafi ke khilaaf khada hona hoga, lad na hoga awaz utha na hoga. Nahi toh gulaam ban jayo. 11- rapist ko chode dena, aure terrorist ko parliament me, SC ka faisale jub astha per ho, toh chup rha na Munafiq ka kam hai.
16 Aug, 04:09 PM UTC
Trudo Lemmens
"FIRST READING: Canada is getting real comfortable with killing its disabled" @nationalpost Interesting accompanying picture, with this title. This was unfortunately the triumphant atmosphere when Bill C-7 was chased through parliament https://t.co/NujTx70VRF via
16 Aug, 04:45 PM UTC
ICYMI: Last week, the parliament of Latvia declared Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” for attacks on civilians during the war in Ukraine, urging other countries to follow suit. By Julia Davis, The Daily Beast (thread) #Terrorists
16 Aug, 03:24 PM UTC
3944 signatures - will you help? Please sign and RT - gender identity, a social construct that is not recognised in law, should not be on the curriculum. Petition: Remove references to 'gender identity' from relationships education guidance https://t.co/xQEfLWhRPL
16 Aug, 05:03 PM UTC
Oliver Romain
@16MillionRising @BlokeOnWheels @UKRejoinTheEU @mikegalsworthy @garygilligan @irenegarth1946 @EuropeanUnity1 @RachelAshleyVox @acgrayling @YvonneJRichards I need your help. Please sign and share my 'Join EU' petition. It's gaining ground at over 5,000 but would love it if we could get it to 10,000 to force a response from the zombie government. https://t.co/Uf7rxY5cLS
16 Aug, 05:09 PM UTC
Pete Wishart
Given their hostility to Scottish democracy why don’t the Tory candidates just say they want to abolish the Scottish Parliament. They’d get a huge cheer and it would at least be honest. #toryleadershipdebate
16 Aug, 07:12 PM UTC
The PM, the GG and some of the cabinet knew,some of the cabinet did not know, Parliament did not know and the people who elected the members of parliament did not know. Why all the secrets Scott?.#auspol
16 Aug, 04:00 PM UTC
Mutlu Civiroglu
HDP lawmaker asks parliament’s Human Rights Committee to investigate alleged rights violations in Turkish prisons https://t.co/40znpBszx2
16 Aug, 11:20 AM UTC
Newzroom Afrika
#COPE is blaming the ANC for its decline in membership and positions held in the Parliament. #Newzroom405 reporter @MbaliThethani caught up with the party's deputy chairperson, Willie Madisha. Watch: https://t.co/tuSi4IHyxe https://t.co/FZQGUGUSSY
16 Aug, 02:44 PM UTC