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NFL Memes
Just checking in to see if y’all still Dem Boyz…
17 Jan, 12:57 AM UTC
Cameron Magruder
Micah Parsons is held 87% of all snaps
16 Jan, 09:49 PM UTC
Michael Gehlken
Cowboys DE Randy Gregory was flagged twice in first quarter for neutral zone infraction. Each time, he had clear case of false start on Niners LT Trent Williams. Crew also missed block in back on play injuring LB Micah Parsons. Cowboys flags: four for 29 yards Niners: one for 5.
16 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
Micah Parsons is having a special rookie year @PFF's photo on Parsons
16 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
Skip Bayless
16 Jan, 09:57 PM UTC
Micah Parsons is the only one who showed up.
16 Jan, 10:23 PM UTC
Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott CeeDee Lamb Amari Cooper Trevon Diggs Micah Parsons Best offense in NFL Not enough to overcome Mike McCarthy (and the penalties). @statmuse's photo on Parsons
17 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC
Parsons getting held every rush. Literally was getting choked just now. Refs blind.
16 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC
Wayne’s World of Sports (Betting & Trading Cards)
🎁8 Days of Giveaways🎁 Day 7 2 Winners will be picked Monday 🔥Micah Parsons Prizm RC To enter 1. Follow 2. Retweet 3. Like @sports_sell #NFL #Dallas #Texas #CowboysNation #Pennstate #Cowboys Pennsylvania
16 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Mike McCarthy: "3rd and 10? RUN THE BALL" Dak & Micah Parsons on the sideline: @FanDuel's photo on Parsons
16 Jan, 11:21 PM UTC
Lilah 🐅💜💛🐅🧡🖤🐅
This is getting ridiculous y’all, please go vote for Ja’Marr Chase. Some Cowboy BOT has Micah Parsons ahead at 47% @LSUfootball @Bengals @BengalsCaptain @thewhobae @bengaljims_BTR @TonyDaTiger96
16 Jan, 10:03 PM UTC
Cowboys Mex
Si había dudas, Micah Parsons está dejando claro que es el mejor jugador del equipo.
16 Jan, 10:28 PM UTC
Mauricio Rodríguez
Yo sé que no nos hace sentir mejor, pero Micah Parsons. Wow.
17 Jan, 12:39 AM UTC
John Williams
Dak had a bad game. My question, is did anyone on the #DallasCowboys have a good game aside from Micah Parsons?
17 Jan, 01:09 AM UTC
The Podfather
Micah Parsons don’t deserve this.
17 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC
Marco Álvarez
Quien se quiera centrar mañana en los fallos es libre de hacerlo pero me parece que la defensa ha estado de cine y qué me decís de un game plan que deja a Parsons+Lawrence+Gregory en cero sacks y genera 169 yardas de carrera. Trabajazo. #GoNiners
17 Jan, 01:21 AM UTC
Flight 8
@RealSkipBayless Cowgirls nation, It’s been a good run, but it’s clear that our days of being elite are over. The NFL has figured out Dak, Parsons is getting old, CeeDee is losing his speed, and our defense is trash. I’ll be taking my fanhood to the new dynasty in MetLife. Goodbye.
17 Jan, 01:25 AM UTC
Get rid of Zeke, overhaul the offensive line, get some linebackers who can cover so Parsons can focus on rushing the passer and just hope that your coaching staff doesn’t get completely outmatched next season if you’re lucky enough to make the playoffs
17 Jan, 01:24 AM UTC
Tonight on my Trashy Vinyl Record show (Or is it?) Streaming live at 10:00 PM EST: The Tom Jones Fever Zone (1968), Linda Ronstadt (1975), The Allan Parsons Project – Vulture Culture (1984) plus 12” record from 1986. Streaming live at and upload to YouTube
17 Jan, 12:55 AM UTC
DC Poll Guru
Nellie Oleson or Laura Ingalls? #DearAsthma #DALvsSF #PHIvsTB #Parsons #JimmyG #Notifications #TomBrady #ConnorWilliams #mikemccarthy #Nickelodeon #HereWeGo #90DayFiance
17 Jan, 01:23 AM UTC
Farr Up
@Joe_Madden04 @shelbay_smalls Bro parsons getting held every other play and that’s no cap 😂
17 Jan, 01:21 AM UTC
@Coronado__ Micah Parsons and diggs over here and over there 🤣😭
17 Jan, 01:26 AM UTC
DC Poll Guru
If you had adequate time to study, do you think you could pass the bar exam, which is required to practice law? #DearAsthma #DALvsSF #PHIvsTB #Parsons #JimmyG #Notifications #TomBrady #ConnorWilliams
16 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
DC Poll Guru
Spiderman or Batman? #DearAsthma #DALvsSF #PHIvsTB #Parsons #JimmyG #Notifications #TomBrady #ConnorWilliams #mikemccarthy #Nickelodeon #HereWeGo #90DayFiance
17 Jan, 01:29 AM UTC
Trainer Kam ⚕️
Cowboys Twitter after a loss is like no other. Dak should be gone, a top 15 WR in yards should be gone. Even saw a Parsons is a fake tweet lol boys are down bad tonight!
17 Jan, 01:26 AM UTC
@jonmachota He was right to not want to pay Dak shame he got strong armed into it. Set the franchise back for 5 yrs. Gonna be a huge cap issue going forward. Lucky they have Parsons on a rookie deal.
17 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC
Chase Clark
@AngryJoeShow Yep another year another disappointment. I say they need to blow it up and build around Parsons and the defense. Cut Zeke and trade Prescott. Rebuild the team
17 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC
DG Gold
For defense, you need a lockdown corner opposite Diggs, 2 MLB's to replace LVE and Neal, who both are not great options (move parsons to full time edge). They've played well throughout the entire season so I can't bash them, but the group can be improved.
17 Jan, 01:21 AM UTC
Cowboys Fan
@BryanBroaddus I’d rather have Parsons. That team may and I say MAY have gotten 10 wins with salter instead of parsons. Maybe
17 Jan, 01:30 AM UTC
bee 🌈🌌
This account is turning into a multifandom account. It will have paget brewster, jim parsons, and mariska hargitay. 🥰
17 Jan, 01:30 AM UTC