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Darren Bent
Ill be gutted for Ghana going out and Thomas Partey having to come back to Arsenal Early @DarrenBent's photo on Partey
02 Dec, 04:55 PM UTC
Honest Opinion on Thomas Partey
02 Dec, 05:31 PM UTC
Partey will have 3 full weeks of rest. https://t.co/fSirAST8bw
02 Dec, 05:16 PM UTC
Kwadwo Sheldon
Naah Partey isn’t that guy!!
02 Dec, 04:40 PM UTC
Ghana out but it means Partey is back 😂😂😂 https://t.co/gIAQR4qPtw
02 Dec, 03:58 PM UTC
Frank Darkwah
Now that we are out Dede out✅ Jordan out✅ Baba Rahman out✅ Partey probation✅ Thank You
02 Dec, 05:13 PM UTC
Partey has been the most useless 'big name' player to ever play for Ghana. No passion, no mobility, no common sense.
02 Dec, 03:45 PM UTC
Arsenal fans reaction knowing that Thomas Partey is returning to Arsenal injury free. Coyg. https://t.co/Wc4dDYXVVy
02 Dec, 05:20 PM UTC
Partey going out of the world cup but coming back to Arsenal https://t.co/eu2k417NrR
02 Dec, 03:33 PM UTC
Thomas Partey swaps shirts with Luis Suarez after the game👀 #FIFAWorldCup #Qatar2022onMG @3SportsGh's photo on Partey
02 Dec, 06:07 PM UTC
mo 🍥
Kevin De Bruyne when he bumps into Nunez and Thomas Partey at the airport https://t.co/wObpw5h16G
02 Dec, 05:05 PM UTC
Michael Akomeah
Someone should come and tell us that partey is better than essien again..mtchewwwww
02 Dec, 04:17 PM UTC
Albert Nat Hyde
We need to have a tough conversation about Thomas Partey’s mid performances in the Black Stars.
02 Dec, 05:21 PM UTC
Rate Thomas Partey in a Black Stars jersey😊 #GTVSports #Qatar2022 @mygtvsports's photo on Partey
02 Dec, 05:48 PM UTC
Mempeasem President
Thomas Partey swaps jerseys with Luis Suarez after the game hmm @AsieduMends's photo on Partey
02 Dec, 06:17 PM UTC
Mempeasem President
If Thomas Partey doesn’t want to play for the BlackStars he should just tell us.
02 Dec, 05:45 PM UTC
Albert Nat Hyde
Thomas Partey started performing poorly for Black Stars after he converted to Islam. He has never been the same.
02 Dec, 07:18 PM UTC
King Eben
Partey and Suarez swap shirts. https://t.co/x3vDtaAq3Z
02 Dec, 06:31 PM UTC
♥️ يسمين
Ayews, Baba Rahman and Partey shouldn't near the national team again. Thank you for your services🤝
02 Dec, 05:00 PM UTC
Ant 🇨🇲
Suarez and Nunez crying. Partey eliminated. Inject that shit into my veins. Korea have rocked my world
02 Dec, 05:07 PM UTC
Thomas Partey dey play ball like lesbian ah
02 Dec, 04:19 PM UTC
Rate Thomas Partey's performance at the #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022 out of 10. @Ghanasoccernet's photo on Partey
02 Dec, 06:05 PM UTC
Thomas Partey was a ghost Inaki didn’t prove relevant The Ayews are finished Otto Addo try but ein subs💔 Zigi be the second new star Kudus deyyy!
02 Dec, 05:24 PM UTC
African Stories and History
ICYMI : Gambian lawmaker is refusing to accept the unreasonably hefty increment in salaries & sees them as robbing the poor. * { Waterfront Karen Revenge Ayew Asamoah Gyan EALA Bafana Bafana Karma Emtee Blxckie #wizkid Barnieh Partey Chris Hughton Zigi https://t.co/GfvwM9vDQf
02 Dec, 07:10 PM UTC
African Stories and History
🚨Breaking: According to @SkySports Ghana🇬🇭head coach Otto Addo has resigned from his role following World Cup elimination & defeat to Uruguay * { Waterfront Karen Revenge Ayew Asamoah Gyan EALA Bafana Bafana Karma Emtee Blxckie Kremlin #wizkid Barnieh Partey Chris Hughton Zigi https://t.co/Fap8OG4aA7
02 Dec, 07:00 PM UTC
Fede Valverde et Thomas Partey vont rentrer sans blessure et auront largement le temps de se reposer je suis un mec heureux🤩❤️ https://t.co/7JuwY7RM9w
02 Dec, 05:28 PM UTC
You didn’t play shit yet had the time to swap jerseys with Suarez? Ah What really dey wrong Partey? https://t.co/dLWsGzgWlJ
02 Dec, 06:20 PM UTC
Jamal Pacman
Thomas Partey was abysmal in all matches.
02 Dec, 08:26 PM UTC
Gabriel Jesus 🇧🇷 Gabriel Martinelli 🇧🇷 Granit Xhaka🇨🇭 Thomas Partey 🇬🇭 All in action today, go grab your popcorn 🍿 Arsenal fans.
02 Dec, 11:00 AM UTC
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02 Dec, 04:13 PM UTC