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Here is my weekly I love Pat McAfee tweet. 😂 #Smackdown
17 Jul, 01:46 AM UTC
Denise Salcedo
Pat McAfee on commentary feels so effortless by that I mean, he's doing great and it feels natural. He stood out with the Thunderdome but now it's meshing in with the live audience providing a nice balance for the TV viewers. #Smackdown
17 Jul, 01:05 AM UTC
16 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC #WWE #MITB news
Pat McAfee trending on Twitter. Thoughts on his commentary? #WWE #Smackdown
17 Jul, 01:31 AM UTC
👑Adam Goldberg👑
Move over Roman reigns, Pat McAfee has the best theme song in WWE
17 Jul, 02:29 AM UTC
Mr. Warren Hayes
Pat McAfee dropping a "Goddamn right" on national TV cointinues to solidify him as one of my faves. #SmackDown
17 Jul, 01:46 AM UTC
Cageside Seats
Kevin Owens puts on a show for the fans at SmackDown @cagesideseats's photo on Pat McAfee
17 Jul, 02:10 AM UTC
maddi 🌸 | NOLHAN DAY
pat mcafee becoming a commentator for smackdown has been the best decision wwe made in a while he’s so funny
17 Jul, 01:47 AM UTC
Jim Valley
Is Pat McAfee wearing the WCW title or does he have to be at the Grand Ol' Opry at 10:30 p.m.? #SmackDown
17 Jul, 03:40 AM UTC
blake millennium
Pat Mcafee as commentator is a national treasure
17 Jul, 03:02 AM UTC
william mccloskey
@JPReckless2444 Corey Graves never was working well with Cole but with Pat McAfee he help Cole out a lot.
17 Jul, 02:20 AM UTC
Kevin Yu 🍥
@adamgoldberg28 hahahhaha Pat Mcafee rules ! He turn a awkward moment into a hilarious one !
17 Jul, 02:15 AM UTC
Taylor Dial
@SoreLosersShow @DierksBentley @RadioLunchbox @ProducerEddie What sports podcasts are you listening to that are only 20 min? Pat Mcafee, Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith, Pardon My Take, Bussin’ With The Boys, ect. are all well over an hour long. Coach, you listening to Sam Houston State local broadcasting or something? 😂
17 Jul, 02:03 AM UTC
Tristan Taylor
THE CHARISMATIC COWBOYYYYYY!!! PAT MCAFEE! (Top two ring announcer calls)
17 Jul, 03:18 AM UTC
Bryant Vang
Pat McAfee doing the smack dahhnnn #SmackDow
17 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
🏳️‍🌈Cary Brak Enthusiast #FreePalestine
Pat McAfee>every other commentator I'm dead serious
17 Jul, 03:11 AM UTC
Lo Life Daniel
Pat McAfee really knows his audience
17 Jul, 03:03 AM UTC
Pat McAfee theme is seven nation army I might have like him for that
17 Jul, 03:02 AM UTC
head empty
This is a Pat McAfee stan account
17 Jul, 02:51 AM UTC
Brian Stew
@RealNickDavis @PatMcAfeeShow the answer is Pat McAfee and thats deep
17 Jul, 02:32 AM UTC
Mark Faerber
@WWE @FightOwensFight I think Pat McAfee must have gone to the Joey Styles School for Ringside Announcers #SmackDown
17 Jul, 02:28 AM UTC
ADIL™ - B Murph stan account
I'm probably the only one who doesn't enjoy Pat McAfee's "great" commentary. Welp. #SmackDown
17 Jul, 02:10 AM UTC
latino wheat
In this very video we can conclude two things: - Kevin Owens is an absolute treasure - Pat McAfee is soooo good for the show #Smackdown
17 Jul, 02:03 AM UTC
@MrJacobCohen Loved it! Pat McAfee makes the show 10 times better than it would be without him.
17 Jul, 02:03 AM UTC
Rob Naylor
@__AKUMA This is going to do a monster rating. Seemed like everyone on here watched. I didn’t watch but had two casual fan college friends who I rarely talk to text asking me if I was watching it. Both loved Pat McAfee.
17 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC