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Jared Carrabis
Patrick Corbin has been exactly what the Nats have needed in this Game 7 of the World Series. Side note, the Yankees tried to sign him this past offseason, but he instead signed with the Nationals. He's pitching in Game 7 of the World Series right now. Very good pitcher.
31 Oct, 03:25 AM UTC
12/4/18 - Mike Francesa laughs at the #Nationals for giving Patrick Corbin a dumb contract. #WorldSeries
31 Oct, 04:18 AM UTC
Fabian Ardaya
The Angels had the winning pitcher (Patrick Corbin), man who hit the game-winning HR (Howie Kendrick) and man who closed out the World Series (Daniel Hudson) all in their organization at some point in their careers.
31 Oct, 03:51 AM UTC
Mark Zuckerman
That's three gigantic zeroes out of the bullpen for Patrick Corbin. The Nationals are three outs away.
31 Oct, 03:22 AM UTC
Adriana Monsalve
Nationals, Campeones de la Serie Mundial 2019 Con 3 carreras en la 7ma entrada, remontó y se llevó la serie (6-2) Scherzer lanzó 5 entradas, el ganador Patrick Corbin 3IP y cerró Hudson con ponche. Una historia que se contará por siempre.. #HeroesDeOtoño @AdrianaMonsalve's photo on Patrick Corbin
31 Oct, 04:10 AM UTC
Brian McNally
Hold on let me do the math here....Ok. Yup. Those 3 innings from Patrick Corbin were worth $140 million. It checks out.
31 Oct, 03:23 AM UTC
Mike DiGiovanna
So former #Angels 2B Howie Kendrick had game-turning HR in Game 7 of the World Series, LHP Patrick Corbin, a former #Angels draft pick and great friend of Tyler Skaggs, got the win, and reliever Daniel Hudson, cut by #Angels in spring training, got last 3 outs for #Nationals.
31 Oct, 03:55 AM UTC
Adam Kilgore
Patrick Corbin could decide to join a monastery tomorrow and that contract is a bargain.
31 Oct, 03:23 AM UTC
Barstool Cuse
Syracuse area native Patrick Corbin gets the win in the Nationals first World Series in history. Didn’t go to Cuse, just grew up in the area. Translation: a townie is the World Series winning pitcher.
31 Oct, 03:54 AM UTC
Jesse Dougherty
Patrick Corbin finishes off a third inning on 44 pitches. Wow.
31 Oct, 03:22 AM UTC
Dbacks Snake News
Congratulations to the Washington @Nationals and @Dbacks Alumni Patrick Corbin, Max Scherzer, Daniel Hudson, Fernando Rodney, Gerardo Parra, Adam Eaton, Jermey Hellickson, Chip Hale (coach), Henry Blanco (coach), on winning the World Series! #WorldSeriesChamps
31 Oct, 03:50 AM UTC
Dbacks Snake News
2019 WS Pitchers Astros: Zack Greinke, Will Harris Nats: Max Scherzer, Patrick Corbin Dbacks Fans:
31 Oct, 02:28 AM UTC
Clue Heywood
Congrats to former @Dbacks Max Scherzer, Patrick Corbin, Daniel Hudson, Gerardo Parra, Adam Eaton, Fernando Rodney, Chip Hale, Mike Rizzo, trainer Paul Lessard...wait what the hell man why can’t we win one HERE
31 Oct, 04:24 AM UTC
Did the Phillies lose?
-The Phillies should have held true to their word and not been outbid on Patrick Corbin. -Baby shark is stupid. I’m glad to like teams in a city that doesn’t stand for corny stuff. -A Gnats World Series is not nearly as bad as a Mets or a Braves World Series. -We will be back.
31 Oct, 03:50 AM UTC
Dave Burns
And Patrick Corbin is the Winning Pitcher.
31 Oct, 03:53 AM UTC
Jesse Dougherty
Mike Rizzo passing to Patrick Corbin. @dougherty_jesse's photo on Patrick Corbin
31 Oct, 04:22 AM UTC
Rob Carlin
Max Scherzer - $210 million Patrick Corbin - $140 million Worth every pennie. This is EXACTLY why #Nats brought them to DC. Wow! #STAYINTHEFIGHT
31 Oct, 03:23 AM UTC
Mark McClune
Max Scherzer, Adam Eaton, Gerrado Parra, Patrick Corbin, & Daniel Hudson were all good dudes that treated people right when they were in the #Dbacks clubhouse. Thrilled to watch them win a #WorldSeries #AZFamily @MarkMcClune's photo on Patrick Corbin
31 Oct, 04:11 AM UTC
AZ SnakePit
All the pitchers used by Washington tonight, in winning Game 7: Max Scherzer Patrick Corbin Daniel Hudson Anyone know what they have in common? 😀
31 Oct, 03:50 AM UTC
Patrick Corbin is from North Syracuse. Naturally he is involved in a game thats invoked cardiac issues. #CardiacCuse
31 Oct, 02:43 AM UTC
Central NY native Patrick Corbin is the winning pitcher as the Washington Nationals win Game 7 of the #WorldSeries
31 Oct, 03:55 AM UTC
👻 phillip 🎃
Damn Max Scherzer and Patrick Corbin pitched great in the playoffs and won a World Series. How did the Nats get those guys?????
31 Oct, 03:59 AM UTC
go devils :/
Patrick Corbin, Fernando Rodney, Daniel Hudson, Max Scherzer, Adam Eaton, Gerardo Parra, and Chip Hale winning the World Series after being stuck on the Dbacks just a short time ago...
31 Oct, 03:47 AM UTC
Chipola Baseball
Congrats to former Indian, Patrick Corbin, on getting the win in tonight’s World Series final! He’s the first Chipola alumnus to win a World Series 💍 We’re proud of you, Pat! #ChipolaNation
31 Oct, 03:56 AM UTC
FOX Sports MX
¡WASHINGTON ESTÁ A TRES OUTS DE LA GLORIA! #SerieMundialxFOX Patrick Corbin poncha a Jake Marisnick y termina la octava entrada. Nationals 4-2 Astros 8⬇ @FOXSportsMX's photo on Patrick Corbin
31 Oct, 03:23 AM UTC
The #Nationals signed 3 free agents to contracts of $10M or more this past offseason. Patrick Corbin (6 yrs, $140M) Anibal Sanchez (2 yrs, $19M) Kurt Suzuki (2 yrs, $10M) Pretty solid ROI for year 1….
31 Oct, 03:26 AM UTC
106.7 The Fan
Patrick Corbin to the rescue!! The #WorldSeries & #Game7 is on @1067theFan right now! @1067theFan's photo on Patrick Corbin
31 Oct, 03:25 AM UTC
David Calvert
Congrats to World Series champions—and former @Aces—Adam Eaton, Daniel Hudson, Patrick Corbin and Gerardo Parra.
31 Oct, 04:43 AM UTC
Angels Nation Talk
Now is the time for Tyler Skaggs to bless his friend Patrick Corbin and let him dominate the rest of this game. #Angels #Nationals #WorldSeries
31 Oct, 02:48 AM UTC
Rob Carbone
And Patrick Corbin, not CC Sabathia, not J.A. Happ, not James Paxton ... is the last pitcher with a W next to his name in the 2019 Major League Baseball season. I'll end there. Goodnight.
31 Oct, 03:49 AM UTC

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