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Aaron Nagler
Watching Matt LaFleur and Paul Chryst call plays on the goalline @AaronNagler's photo on Paul Chryst
19 Oct, 06:47 PM UTC
Tyler Daniel 5-1
@BadgerFootball Nothing screams Paul Chryst more than playing down to an opponent the week before the biggest game of the year. Unreal.
19 Oct, 07:22 PM UTC
spookily pitt girl🎃👻🍂
You can take Paul Chryst out of Pitt, but you can’t take the Pitt out of Paul Chryst
19 Oct, 07:21 PM UTC
Dave Heller
Biggest loss in Paul Chryst era? Worse than losing the Axe? Anything worse in recent memory?
19 Oct, 07:26 PM UTC
Dr. J (no not that one)
Paul Chryst now has more losses against Lovie Smith than Darrell Hazell.
19 Oct, 07:29 PM UTC
WiscoDisco 🇺🇸
People actually think Paul Chryst should lose his job for today’s loss. I hate these people. I really really hate this part of our fan base.
19 Oct, 07:57 PM UTC
WiscoDisco 🇺🇸
Paul Chryst was one bad Alex Hornibrook INT away from being 13-0 and playing in the college football playoff two years ago.
19 Oct, 08:22 PM UTC
Mad Max - Oktoberfest SZN
Wisconsin football shows the world that they will always be frauds and that Paul Chryst will never take this team to the next level. Season over just like that.
19 Oct, 07:24 PM UTC
Mike McCarthy and Paul Chryst
19 Oct, 07:24 PM UTC
Dave Heller
Some have mentioned Axe game, BYU and Ohio State in B10 title game. But considering the team's start and Paul Chryst's record vs. non-ranked teams and when leading after 3 quarters ... this would be my choice for *bad* loss. Others were deflating, yes, but this bad (BYU, too).
19 Oct, 08:20 PM UTC
Saturday Tradition
Paul Chryst on furious finish by Illinois: ‘Your last two drives end in turnovers, you give them a chance’
19 Oct, 08:42 PM UTC
BOOcky's 5th Quarter
Grading Wisconsin #Badgers and their horrible, terrible and nauseating loss to Illinois
19 Oct, 08:10 PM UTC
Raised Right
Prediction for Next Week: @OhioStateFB: 55 @BadgerFootball: 10 -> Jonathan Taylor fumbles twice -> Jack Coan throws 3 INTs -> Wisconsin drops out of the Top 25 -> Heisman committee shuns Taylor -> Paul Chryst gets a raise just 'cause #WISvsILL Illini #FucktheBadgers
19 Oct, 07:53 PM UTC
@Evan_Flood @erin_e_barney Paul Chryst being Paul Chryst. Clueless Chryst strikes again
19 Oct, 08:43 PM UTC
Adam Rittenberg
Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst on what went wrong for his team at the end of the game. @ESPNRittenberg's photo on Paul Chryst
19 Oct, 08:14 PM UTC
WiscoDisco 🇺🇸
@PhtevenRoth94 @The1andonlySMF @BiggJayMoney @EBrooksUncut @nathanmarzion *Wisconsin loses* Peebrooks: nrrrrrr musssst go on and talk about how bad of a Coach Paul Chryst is nrrrrrrr playoff hopes gone nrrrrrrrrr must quote tweet badger fans nrrrrrrr
19 Oct, 07:50 PM UTC
@BadgerFootball @TheGameMKE Choke city USA. Paul Chryst is a good coach but not an elite. He was very conservative down the stretch n horrible play calling in the second half
19 Oct, 07:29 PM UTC
Patti (Jamaal Williams Stan Account)
Me wanting to have a word with Paul Chryst.
19 Oct, 07:48 PM UTC
Jack Coan doesn't deserve what's going to fall on him from from media members this week. This loss falls squarely on Paul Chryst and his terrible "strategy", "play calling" and "play design".
19 Oct, 09:24 PM UTC
@HOPHEAD81 @McDaddyrox @j__1252 @CFBONFOX @bigten @BadgerFootball @PennStateFball @HawkeyeFootball @OhioStateFB Starting to wonder if PJ Fleck is actually a better coach than Paul Chryst now too🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
19 Oct, 09:23 PM UTC
Gary W
@BigTenNetwork @IlliniFootball Congrats to the Illini. Imagine how Paul Chryst must feel to be the first person ever out coached by Lovie Smith.
19 Oct, 08:46 PM UTC
@ChuckFreimund Wisconsin is bad football program and Paul Chryst should be fired immediately. Even Illinois is better than us.
19 Oct, 08:46 PM UTC
JP Remijas
Paul Chryst made some bad decisions down the stretch today. This being one of the worst.
19 Oct, 08:42 PM UTC
@WiscoSports4 Or maybe Paul Chryst was one "Paul Chryst" away from going 13-0 and winning the Big Ten Championship? How did Hormibrook get so bad so fast under Chryst?
19 Oct, 08:34 PM UTC
Scotty Ho
@TDGB13 @dave_heller Paul Chryst alone is responsible for the loss? So, it has nothing at all to do with the players? This is some weak-ass, participation trophy mentality right here.
19 Oct, 08:32 PM UTC
Luca Brasi Sleeps with the fishes
@Evan_Flood Well done Paul Chryst
19 Oct, 08:24 PM UTC
Paul Chryst should be fired. Great game plan! They stacked the box all day. Think you used playaction ONE time. Also, when trying to run out a clock maybe have your qb NOT snap the ball with 12-15 seconds on the play clock. Out played and OUT COACHED (as usual) #WISvsILL
19 Oct, 08:06 PM UTC
Isaiah Butler
October 6, 2007: No. 5 Badgers lose in Illinois. Ends a 14-Game winning streak. October 19, 2019: No. 6 Badgers lose on a last second field goal in Illinois. Paul Chryst was the OC in ‘07 and now the head coach in ‘19. #SaturdayThoughts
19 Oct, 08:03 PM UTC
Lambeau Ron
#TrapGame @BadgerFootball I don’t care if you beat Ohio State twice and win the Big Ten, you will not get in the playoffs. Paul Chryst should be fired for this loss!
19 Oct, 07:54 PM UTC
Mark Whalen
Paul Chryst was famous for this at Pitt!
19 Oct, 07:27 PM UTC

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