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philip lewis
Flava Flav enjoying Paula Abdul's performance at the Thanksgiving Day parade is art @Phil_Lewis_'s photo on Paula Abdul
24 Nov, 04:23 PM UTC
I didn’t know I needed a lip syncing Paula Abdul wearing a sequined jumpsuit tap dancing in front of a turkey float with Flava Flav cheering her on from the audience but here we are and I’m thankful. #MacysParade
24 Nov, 03:09 PM UTC
evan romano
Paula Abdul pretending to perform a wildly auto tuned version of “Straight Up” and Flava Flav cheering from the crowd during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is cinema
24 Nov, 03:06 PM UTC
Shannon Watts
For the youngs: Paula Abdul was the Ariana Grande of the 80s. https://t.co/4yp0Bsk8dg
24 Nov, 03:43 PM UTC
Ryan Bloomquist
I’m sorry but Paula Abdul just delivered one of the greatest parade performances of all time. Starting with a tap break on the Jennie-O float?!? C’mon now! https://t.co/wSbHRPbaeu
24 Nov, 03:07 PM UTC
Paula Abdul dancing and doing flips on a float at 60 yers old is actually insane #MacysParade https://t.co/yMr4ITe6NK
24 Nov, 03:09 PM UTC
Close “Fucking” Friends💕
Just watched Paula Abdul perform at the Macys thanksgiving parade and all I can think about is this. https://t.co/3YwaqIN40l
24 Nov, 03:06 PM UTC
Hooooold My Check
For the younger crowd, Paula Abdul was the Ariana Grande of the 80’s.
24 Nov, 03:04 PM UTC
Chang Terhune is still here
God help me but Paula Abdul lip syncing while also tap syncing during the Thanksgiving Day parade is killing me!😂😂😂
24 Nov, 03:04 PM UTC
I just hit a time warp. Paula Abdul 🎵Straight Up🎵 in the Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!! ❤️ https://t.co/sq6hunL7Ek
24 Nov, 03:14 PM UTC
paula abdul mothering like no mother has ever mothered before https://t.co/WaBWxFpd0a
24 Nov, 03:45 PM UTC
jeff becomes her 🔮
Paula Abdul tap dancing in a rhinestoned stiletto is the energy I’m bringing into 2023.
24 Nov, 03:05 PM UTC
Oliver Willis
The legends had spoken of this day. And now it had arrived. Paula Abdul placed her hand upon the stone tablet, and Al Roker followed suit. With a sly grin, Eddie Murphy touched his skin against the cold granite. The ground shook. The skies opened up. It had begun. Ragnarok. @owillis's photo on Paula Abdul
24 Nov, 03:26 PM UTC
Jayne Claire
this parade has everything: Sean Paul performing a song about sex from the aughts, Paula Abdul in a full sequin body suit flipping around and lip syncing while Flavor Flav cheers, invisible corn kid, and an opening number so shady, I need some sun. https://t.co/4e9TD1qI6P
24 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
The host of the parade just used the phrase “The NFT community”, and the Flavor Flav made an audience cameo during Paula Abdul’s performance. Chaos reigns at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.
24 Nov, 03:07 PM UTC
Rap Game Ina Garten
Watching Paula Abdul perform in front of a giant Jennie O turkey while the camera cuts to Flavor Flav cheering her on with a pom pom...I get it, the Thanksgiving parade is incredible @DannyPellegrino
24 Nov, 03:06 PM UTC
Chris 🦌
Flavor Flav in a throwback Bucks jacket hyping Paula Abdul was not on my Thanksgiving Parade bingo card
24 Nov, 03:06 PM UTC
I don’t care what anyone says … Paula Abdul is a badass! https://t.co/ZJp6oo00I6
24 Nov, 03:54 PM UTC
ℐΛY ϯ ™  🫠 (High Value Man) 𓂀
Paula Abdul https://t.co/RV8u6aNPAA
24 Nov, 04:50 PM UTC
Paula Abdul always gives 110%!!! GIF by @Macys #MacysParade @GiphyPop's photo on Paula Abdul
24 Nov, 03:27 PM UTC
I thought the parade was doomed because of Lea Michelle opening. But Paula Abdul wearing a sequined jumpsuit fake tap dancing and lip synching in front of a turkey float WITH Flava Flav being her hype man from the audience is everything I needed from this parade. #MacysParade
24 Nov, 03:51 PM UTC
Karmic Power
Yo.. Flavor Flav in the audience as hype man for a 60 year old Paula Abdul during that awesome tap performance (in 3 inch heels no less) during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was not on my Thanksgiving bingo card... but I am so HERE for it!!! Happy Thanksgiving y'all 🎉
24 Nov, 04:06 PM UTC
Paula Abdul is 60 yrs old & can dance her ass off. I’m 43 & I think twice before getting up from a chair because it hurts. What the fuck.
24 Nov, 06:04 PM UTC
Bill Kuchman
@TVMoJoe Faking the sounds of Paula Abdul’s dance steps might have been the funniest part.
24 Nov, 07:10 PM UTC
Ryan wilson
@BebeRexha @CBS Not sure what’s worse this Halftime performance or Paula Abdul in the Macys parade.
24 Nov, 07:08 PM UTC
🦃🥧Skye Brandyfoot🥧🦃
Didn't expect Paula Abdul rocking it in front of a giant golden turkey to wind up on my Thanksgiving Bingo card but it STRAIGHT UP DID 🦃✨️ @Macys #MacysParade #MacysThanksgivingDayParade https://t.co/QmWah7ItL4
24 Nov, 07:05 PM UTC
🌽🌪️ Jason K 🌪️🌱
@MNelson_ISU The Paula Abdul one was really cringe-worthy.
24 Nov, 06:41 PM UTC
This was the most A1 talent packed Thanksgiving Day parade that I’ve seen in a long while… Dionne Warwick, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Gloria Estefan, Kirk Franklin, #MacysThanksgivingDayParade #MacysParade #MacysThanksgivingParade
24 Nov, 06:41 PM UTC
Liv Rancourt ❤ vampires
@themaureenlee As much as I love Paula Abdul, I wasn't even sure they hadn't put a body double out there. #lipdancing
24 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
Carl Silverman
Paula Abdul on Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade https://t.co/3PT0P3MGA0 via @YouTube
24 Nov, 07:13 PM UTC