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ณัฐพงษ์ เรืองปัญญาวุฒิ (เท้ง)
บรรยากาศสด ๆ จาก ห้าแยกลาดพร้าว #ม็อบ17ตุลา @teng_mfp's photo on Paula
17 Oct, 11:12 AM UTC
อหหหห ดูคนดิ เยอะมากกก #ม็อบ17ตุลา @vousjayy's photo on Paula
17 Oct, 10:54 AM UTC
Mark R. Levin
We love you, Dan.  And you will pull through this. You’re a dear friend to Julie and me.  God bless you, Paula, and your kids.
16 Oct, 09:29 PM UTC
John Pavlovitz
@PaulaReidCBS @CBSEveningNews We can normalize calling out reporters for trying to make false equivalencies between two candidates because they desperately need a horse race three weeks before an election though, right Paula?
17 Oct, 03:41 AM UTC
The Hoarse Whisperer
You have to really let this one sink in. Paula here knows her colleague is amplifying propaganda and her lone response is to say Biden should be a better sport about it.
17 Oct, 04:19 AM UTC
Tauan R.🐊
por mim eu ficava o final de semana todo assim...
17 Oct, 05:21 AM UTC
Paula, maybe you were on vacation for the entirety of late 2016, so let me tell you about a little story you missed called "Hillary's emails."
17 Oct, 05:32 AM UTC
((( Fredi-Fredàé )))😷Survive 📢Resist Ω🌊VoteBlue
YES WE CAN PAULA • ALL reporters are complicit • they're helping Trump because they like the ratings he brings (everybody watches a burning building) • they've given T a free-pass on his drug addiction • reporters refuse to ask Trump about the drugs falling out his nose
17 Oct, 05:04 AM UTC
Mara Reninger
@PaulaReidCBS @CBSEveningNews Paula, why don't you or other reporters ever ask @realDonaldTrump about Eric & his charities, Don Jr & his possible illegal indulgences, Ivanka & Jared being given so much access to government meetings & doings without proper security clearances or qualifications? Profiteering?
17 Oct, 05:16 AM UTC
Machine Pun Kelly
@PaulaReidCBS @BoKnowsNews This is not the right take, Paula. You should asking your colleague why he is asking a question about a debunked story.
17 Oct, 04:52 AM UTC
alyssa kristine ❃
after kagatan there's yakapan 💅 @SB19Official
17 Oct, 10:18 AM UTC
Pichincha Comunicaciones
🎙️ #LosPeriodistas | Funcionarios de su confianza se habrían encargado de los acercamientos con asambleístas. No te pierdas esta investigación ⬇️
16 Oct, 05:30 PM UTC
HOY KEN BEHAVE! @SB19Official #SB19 #SB19HSHReactionVid
17 Oct, 10:52 AM UTC
Agencia Télam
Los diputados nacionales Grosso (@Leonardo_Grosso) , Paula Penacca (@PaulaPenacca) y Federico Fagioli (@Fede_FagioliOK) invitados como veedores en representación de la República Argentina a las elecciones del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, son impedidos de ingresar al país @AgenciaTelam's photo on Paula
17 Oct, 03:36 AM UTC
🐰 Sasa °
Side view, alabyu ✨ @SB19Official #YTPartyARASHIxSB19 #SB19HSHReactionVid
17 Oct, 10:34 AM UTC
Ragnarok Lobster
Does this mean Paula Reid and CBS news plan to finally stand up to Trump after he's spent the past four years insulting journalists and endangering their lives?
17 Oct, 10:27 AM UTC
PanJah⁷ 🐼 != 00:00
Justin cried when he saw the storyboard cos he finally saw his imagination came into life. If this isn't enough to make you shout "I'm so proud of Justin" then I don't know what is. @SB19Official #YTPartyARASHIxSB19 #SB19HSHReactionVid
17 Oct, 10:25 AM UTC
Paula Jean Swearengin
Over $450k in September - and almost $1.5 MILLION in donations to date. We can win - this is what momentum is like. 🔵 Right now we need your help for a BIG ad buy to reach voters. Can you to help push us to a victory? Chip in $10 now👇 #NotMeUs
17 Oct, 12:13 AM UTC
El azúcar mata pero puedes comprar bollería en un hospital. El azúcar mata pero asociaciones pediátricas ponen su sello en galletas con dibujitos. El azúcar mata pero de menú en el hospital te dan magdalenas. El azúcar mata pero solo se nos ocurre decir eso.
16 Oct, 07:42 PM UTC
María Paula Romo y Paúl Granda son señalados como las cabezas del reparto:
17 Oct, 02:03 AM UTC
Jeff Spakowski
18 days to go, 18 reasons to vote for @paulajean2020 #18 Immigration is one of our country's great strengths. Rather than waste 💰 on a divisive border boondoggle, Paula Jean celebrates our immigrants and all they add to our society and economy. #RiseAppalachia #UniteOurFight
16 Oct, 09:55 PM UTC
🎃Only Panas🎃
Algo del #onlyFans de paula siri 🍑🔥 Me la han estado pidiendo demasiado❤️ Den rt para que mas panas la aprecien❤️🔃
17 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
Ronald van Loon
Bricklaying #robot can build walls faster than humans by @StartupSelfieCo #MI #Tech #Technology #Marketing #AR #Innovation #Startup #Influencer #IT Cc: @mvollmer1 @modernimprint @enricomolinari @marketbuildr @paula_piccard
17 Oct, 05:28 AM UTC
Shamar English
Paula does not think we should normalize insulting journalists, but we should normalize validating Russian propaganda smh
17 Oct, 05:43 AM UTC
💜 SB19 Quotes 💜
No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Sejun: "Josh and Athena for sale." @SB19Official #SB19 #YTPartyARASHIxSB19 #SB19HSHReactionVid
17 Oct, 10:24 AM UTC
chay ♡
He's so babi!!!😭❤ @SB19Official #YTPartyARASHIxSB19 #SB19HSHReactionVid
17 Oct, 10:23 AM UTC
El Universal
La joven de 31 años trabajaba como entrenadora de jóvenes promesas y era una de las atletas más notable de su generación; fue encontrada sin vida
17 Oct, 07:08 AM UTC
Dose Of Stell 💊
Stell Ajero Refiltered&Enhanced You Still Pretty kahit lutang ka dito @stellajero_ 😔❤ @SB19Official #YTPartyARASHIxSB19 #SB19HSHReactionVid
17 Oct, 10:30 AM UTC

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