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John Pavlovitz
#PaulRyan is the entire Republican party: Silent, supportive, and complicit in the moment, horrified and disgusted later when it doesn't mean a damn thing.
11 Jul, 04:41 PM UTC
Greg Morelli
"Don’t call a woman horse face. Don’t cheat on your wife. Don’t cheat on anything.” I'd like to add to this list: Don't be a wimp. Don't follow blindly the sadistic Racism of Birtherism. Don't let yourself off the hook, Paul. #PaulRyan https://t.co/UoIYnr4nX1
11 Jul, 03:01 PM UTC
IRONIC, isnt it? Former politicians retire & "write" a book, then two years later are worth $20MILLION and claim its from book sales.🙄 Let's all watch #PaulRyan @PRyan become a millionaire Author: Paul Ryan saw retirement as an 'escape hatch' from Trump https://t.co/zxcAT6tfmZ
11 Jul, 05:21 PM UTC
Tara Dublin
And he still doesn’t. Way to protect our democracy, @PRyan, you spineless waste of DNA #StableGenius #ImpeachTrump #PaulRyan https://t.co/CjrfYdg2js
11 Jul, 08:20 PM UTC
Joe Pags Pagliarulo
Paul Ryan is trending because he allegedly writes that @realDonaldTrump "doesn't know anything about government." That's why we elected him, @PRyan -- don't you get it? Those of you who know so much about government screwed everything up. Get a clue! @Potus #PaulRyan
11 Jul, 09:48 PM UTC
Ann 🕊
Raise your hand if one of the BIGGEST reasons you voted for President Trump is because wasn’t part of @SpeakerRyan’s government SWAMP & might be able to DRAIN people like him. I’ll start.🙋🏻‍♀️ #PaulRyan 🤡
11 Jul, 08:21 PM UTC
Was so happy to hear #PaulRyan speak out against this kind of behavior when he was third in line for the presidency! Oh wait...#ProfileInCourage https://t.co/431mJAC6JJ
11 Jul, 03:56 PM UTC
Nancy Lee Grahn
This stuffed cheese turd knew Trump was a disaster but stood right behind him supporting him on everything until now? Truth to #paulryan comes with a price tag. https://t.co/8NPPSurUQF
11 Jul, 03:28 PM UTC
A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs
Paul Ryan claims he used his moral compass & was a voice of reason when it came to Trump. 😒🙄 #PaulRyan is an evil enabler who used power 2 enrich himself & screw 99% of citizens. He worked to gut Obamacare & pass a tax scan spiking income inequality—imperiling the safety net. https://t.co/3rQ3gIfdwb
11 Jul, 04:14 PM UTC
ikpeyi Gloria
At this point Spineless coward > Paul Ryan #PaulRyan https://t.co/bFMP69os5L
11 Jul, 05:15 PM UTC
A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs
Evil enabling Paul Ryan wants to redefine himself as a voice of reason who guided Trump with his wisdom & moral compass. Yeah...right! Ryan is a morally bankrupt spineless liar who harmed millions while enriching himself. #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #GOPComplicit #PaulRyan https://t.co/7kCIQRtoPf
11 Jul, 04:25 PM UTC
A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs
Paul Ryan lies he has a moral compass & was a voice of reason when it came to Trump. #PaulRyan is an evil enabler who used power 2 enrich himself & screw 99% of citizens. He helped gut Obamacare & passed a tax scan spiking income inequality—imperiling the safety net for millions. https://t.co/vWodZRUgIE
11 Jul, 04:02 PM UTC
Reaper ][][][%
I’ll take a “know Nothing abt Govt. Business man” @realDonaldTrump than a “Think she knows it all Hillary Clinton” 7 days a week, twice on Sunday for @potus! That would include not picking the spineless #PaulRyan as well. #MAGA 🇺🇸 https://t.co/ML1YoFN3P7
11 Jul, 05:06 PM UTC
R❤️saParks #Resistance🌊🇺🇸 #MeullerTime #MeToo
@DavidCornDC @realDonaldTrump What does “a true profile in courage” mean?! I hope you are politely calling #PaulRyan a cowardly lying speaker (lower caps) #PaulRyanIsACoward
11 Jul, 03:16 PM UTC
✴️Gabi l💖vesJesus✴️ #FreeAssange🔇NoTrain
D I S GRACEFUL ❗❗❗❗ Boycotting #PaulRyan & book! SO GLAD URE OUT👏🏼🇺🇸👏🏼🇺🇸 'Paul Ryan says President Trump 'didn't know anything about government!'👺 https://t.co/Of0VojhYGi
11 Jul, 09:15 PM UTC
I am ToRe 🎙️
Looks.lile #PaulRyan is trying to conceal #darkmoney though books sales. Someone check his financials quick? Besides...it's not like publishers or bookstores will lie about sales will they? If they do ...we should open up their books. #FollowTheMoney https://t.co/dwI6TcPFqQ
11 Jul, 08:48 PM UTC
#PaulRyan did nothing, NOTHING, to “stop knee-jerk reactions” while Speaker. He grabbed his ankles for Trump, just like every other Republican. https://t.co/LVVrkPpyuP
11 Jul, 09:32 PM UTC
He's nothing but a Whiner He needs to go home President Trump without Previous Government experience. Has done more for America than most Politicians including #PaulRyan https://t.co/GJSRxE40yq
11 Jul, 09:47 PM UTC
Vets Resist 🇺🇸
#GOP #congresspresident #POTUS45 #POTUS2020 #AbolishICE #PaulRyan paul Ryan lost his spine along time ago. Along with the rest of the #GOP cowards https://t.co/2rdLGRCAvA
11 Jul, 10:16 PM UTC
Brutal Publicist
Paul Ryan "I wanted to scold him (Trump) all the time, but I was too much of a p*ssy to do it!" #PaulRyan #Trump #ReverseMidas https://t.co/hTwTYC9MUZ
11 Jul, 10:12 PM UTC
@kylegriffin1 How dare you, @PRyan? You faithfully enabled #Trump every day you were in office. You betrayed America. Hang your head in shame. No matter how many novenas you make, that stain will never leave you. #PaulRyan
11 Jul, 04:31 PM UTC
Cheri Majors, M.S. #MAGA
Thank God! "Trump didn't know anything about government", says #PaulRyan - I sure won't buy your book! AND don't you know THAT'S EXACTLY HOW & WHY @realDonaldTrump IS GETTING THE JOB DONE!! https://t.co/d1SMyuCMlI
11 Jul, 10:02 PM UTC
SPACE FORCE ☄️🌈Lianne LeBlanc
#PaulRyan🤡 https://t.co/JghtkJvb44
11 Jul, 08:43 PM UTC
Precisely. Ryan and the Swamp held no sway over Trump!! The only out is an 'escape hatch' retirement and a trashy fiction novel. #PaulRyan https://t.co/z7VMBJ7wkZ
11 Jul, 09:32 PM UTC
@jdawsey1 @TimAlberta What a whimp. He should have pushed for IMPEACHMENT!!!! #paulryan
11 Jul, 10:04 PM UTC
#UNITE Save USA⭐️⭐️⭐️
#PaulRyan says @realDonaldTrump didn't know anything about Government.. Hows WRONG he is.... @POTUS knew how corrupt both Republicans and Democrats were robbing and screwing TAX PAYING CITIZENS !
11 Jul, 09:59 PM UTC
Gary McMurray
@realDonaldTrump What a coincidence! "A big subject" of the new #AmericanCarnage book is also "tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain" @GOP leaders, particularly #IncompeTrump! #PaulRyan says he saved #USA from #Trump MANY times! https://t.co/SPHnqaN3sN
11 Jul, 09:57 PM UTC
Hapa Girl ハパガール
#PaulRyan can kiss my a$$. He literally did nothing while he was speaker except to undermine POTUS. He refused to back @realDonaldTrump when he won the nomination. I won’t forget how he refused to endorse or campaign for POTUS. Now he’s trying to sell a book. He CAN k i s s it
11 Jul, 10:11 PM UTC
Aunti... ♀️💯
@realDonaldTrump Look, twat. Each term of the president is 4 years. I see #PaulRyan is right that you know nothing about the government.
11 Jul, 10:09 PM UTC
Kate Lunelle
It seems once members of @GOP leave Congress, they magically grow a conscience. #PaulRyan https://t.co/OvIZ1zvhhS
11 Jul, 10:28 PM UTC
Shervin Aazami
This sentence encapsulates Trump’s understanding of governance: “...Trump finally gave in to signing a 2018 spending bill that didn't include border wall funding only after Ryan agreed to give him time to build suspense on Twitter.” #PaulRyan https://t.co/pFBjfP7Twq
11 Jul, 10:28 PM UTC
@Pappiness @JaniceGW @SpeakerRyan #PaulRyan is the Lion 🦁 in the Wizard of Oz swinging at the air when the bad guys are already gone, no courage at all.
11 Jul, 10:26 PM UTC
#SpinelessGOP & #PaulRyan care more about their personal bank accounts than the #AmericanPeople #democracy or the good of the #USA to allow #DerangedDonnie to prevail. @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @senatemajldr @SenSchumer @GrassleyPress @LindseyGrahamSC #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica https://t.co/RoywOTIsWF
11 Jul, 10:18 PM UTC
Books and Cats and Coffee and Social Justice
In retrospect, it's looking like the RR logo for (ostensibly) Romney-Ryan was really for Reek and Reek #PaulRyan #GameofThrones #spineless #spinelessryan #paulryanisacoward
11 Jul, 10:18 PM UTC
Daniel Hennessy
When you open all your Christmas gifts but all you received was coal. #PaulRyan https://t.co/Tpfbj58Xwm
11 Jul, 10:16 PM UTC
Quincy Jackson 🇺🇸
#NustinAmash isn’t the #GOP traitor, it’s #PaulRyan.
11 Jul, 10:16 PM UTC
In New Book, #PaulRyan Demonstrates the Spine of a Limp Spaghetti Noodle - Fixed it for you. No wonder people dislike politicians so intensely! You show no principles whatsoever! https://t.co/N03KJ4CNYx
11 Jul, 10:14 PM UTC
Hey #PaulRyan this is to you from everyone..... you bailed on your country, period... https://t.co/FlvCurQqf8
11 Jul, 10:11 PM UTC
#PaulRyan pathetic loser. Good Riddance https://t.co/A659vBAVCS
11 Jul, 10:11 PM UTC
Amiable Wookie
@thehill Woulda shoulda coulda #PaulRyan. #STFU
11 Jul, 10:11 PM UTC
@ChrisEvans Agree Paul Ryan was a spineless coward like the rest of them. He one this nightmare that we’re all living through #PaulRyan #paulryanisacoward #spinelessgop #gopiscomplicit
11 Jul, 10:07 PM UTC
Will Stotts, Jr.
In New Book, Paul Ryan Admits He Was a Fraud All Along - Vanity Fair #PaulRyan https://t.co/NBBHiHrSAJ
11 Jul, 10:05 PM UTC
@thehill Everyone knows that. He never worked for Government before. What's new that you talking about?? #PaulRyan
11 Jul, 10:01 PM UTC
You suck, #PaulRyan. Thanks for your patriotic service- NOT! #ImpeachTrumpNow https://t.co/fgcoOoeCAN
11 Jul, 10:00 PM UTC
@JoeTalkShow @dbongino @seanhannity @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr All the people who hate #Trump sure make a lot of money writing crap about him after their out of office! #PaulRyan ran with the step- ford son @MittRomney How good is his judgement?
11 Jul, 10:00 PM UTC
@DavidCornDC @realDonaldTrump #paulRyan was in good company. He knew nothing about government either. A coward and has been. His book should never be read.
11 Jul, 10:00 PM UTC
@PRyan Thanks for nothing. #PaulRyan #ImpeachTrumpNow https://t.co/8zhFDVuXp8
11 Jul, 09:58 PM UTC
Lucy Ortiz
When Trump gets kicked out of the oval office there will b @GOP 's coming out of the woodwork with nothing positive 2 say about Trump. You've shown your true selves & u will NEVER b able 2 clean up your complicit corrupt behavior. #PaulRyan
11 Jul, 09:55 PM UTC
Cece 🌿🌸Breathe🌸🌿
@thehill Hope True #PaulRyan👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻 https://t.co/5uzrl0k8tx
11 Jul, 09:55 PM UTC
(((Liz Mitchell)))
I may disagree with every policy #PaulRyan has advocated, but he is calling out #CombOverCaligula. Mind you, such honesty is only seen in the #GOP when someone retires or quits the Party. For elected Republicans it seems like either #cowardice or #Kompromat. https://t.co/M5BaMnWU53
11 Jul, 09:54 PM UTC
@DavidCornDC @realDonaldTrump Trump still doesn't know anything about government and #PaulRyan obviously still doesn't care.
11 Jul, 09:53 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Hey self-described #StableGenius, hate to break it to you, but #PaulRyan says you’re a “narcissistic, divisive loon, and uneducated about government.” #TrumpResignNow
11 Jul, 09:53 PM UTC
Hunter Acadian (BUY LOCAL!)
No Sheeeet! That's why he won! Could #PaulRyan be auditioning for that inevitable @msnbc spot? He can Crack one liners with BFF @SteveSchmidtSES and @NicolleDWallace and hang out with @GStephanopoulos
11 Jul, 09:50 PM UTC
that book will end up in the $1 clearance bin faster than all of @AnnCoulter books #PaulRyan #Coward #douche https://t.co/oMLEFCUC0v
11 Jul, 09:50 PM UTC