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Middlesbrough FC
A Pears in goal for #Boro. You love to see it πŸπŸ‘ Good luck, @aynsley_pears! #UTB
13 Aug, 05:49 PM UTC
The Red Pears deserve everything dead ass
13 Aug, 06:09 PM UTC
Middlesbrough FC
@Ste_Walker9 @GeorgeSav_ @MarcusBrowne14 @_MarcusTavv @RudyGestede @BrittOfficials @AshFletcher___ @MarcBola27 @aynsley_pears Save. @MarcusBrowne14 denied and #Boro are out πŸ”΄βŒβœ…βœ…βŒ πŸ”Άβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ… #UTB
13 Aug, 08:47 PM UTC
@CNNPolitics CNN can officially stop clutching their tiny pears about Donald Trump’s incessant boorish racist rhetoric, when they allow this gilded cage subversive racism to exist in their sphere. You know Beto did your work FOR you last week, right?
14 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
Friendly Neighborhood Dungeon Mom
Side effects may include disliking pears, wanting to wear pinstripe suits, talking about wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and the need to continuously shout Allons-y!! as you dart off for adventure. 2/
14 Aug, 12:06 AM UTC
Jules G.
@GrindheadJim @bennettfiasco @Man_at_Arms2112 @DysphoricShaman @watooce 1. I used to be a decent artist. I enjoyed charcoal sketching most of all. I lost all my artwork when our house flooded and never picked up a charcoal stick since. 2. I hate pineapple, mango, and pears. 3. I’ve never broken a bone.
14 Aug, 12:04 AM UTC
Collin County MGs
Some of your favorite fruits are actually in the rose family (Rosaceae) including apples, pears, peaches, cherries, and more. #funfact #rose #fruit #flower #ccmgatx #collincounty #nature
14 Aug, 12:58 AM UTC
potluck miscreant πŸ²πŸ€πŸ‘Ί
"Raccoons can live anywhere from the prickly pears of Texas (seen here), to the conifers of the North Woods, to the mangroves of the Caribbean. And their range is expanding in many parts of the world."
14 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC
@joemoscone77 @WorldofIsaac But then again, pears don't do this. Hard pass!
14 Aug, 12:28 AM UTC
Jordan Eaton
@WorldofIsaac The fact that you even have pears on this list delegitimizes the whole question
14 Aug, 12:14 AM UTC
Ordered my bundles 😩❀️ thankful for tsahi 😭❀️❀️
13 Aug, 10:17 PM UTC
π‹πš π’πšπœπžπ«ππ¨π­πžπ¬π¬πš
@MommeySapote I can’t trust you anymore. No tomatoes, pears or melons?!
14 Aug, 12:19 AM UTC
The KingslayerπŸ—‘
Pears are 1000% disgraceful.
14 Aug, 01:01 AM UTC
Special Tea
Pears are god tier fruit
14 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC
WIZARD KELLY YA’LL πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’«
Follow me on IG @_.biglarge
14 Aug, 12:41 AM UTC
@MommeySapote @lasacerdotessa Bosc pears are where it’s at though😍
14 Aug, 12:26 AM UTC
mommey sapote
@lasacerdotessa Okay okay yes i can get behind that. I just can’t eat a plain pear though. Baked pears are a yes.
14 Aug, 12:26 AM UTC
Joe Moscone
@BearsGrl80 @WorldofIsaac What she said: No other fruit presents a hit or miss, like a pear. No thanks.
14 Aug, 12:26 AM UTC
Payton Williams
Pears and blueberries are really those fruits🀩🀩❀️
14 Aug, 12:20 AM UTC
Pears and cantaloupe are Fucking Delicious, clown
14 Aug, 12:17 AM UTC
Trap Mary Poppins
Grapefruit is right there, LeClaire RT @thisgirlLC: Pears.
14 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
@MarkMurph1983 @WorldofIsaac Pears are solid. Let's relax with the slander.
14 Aug, 01:14 AM UTC
@WorldofIsaac Cantaloupe πŸ”₯ y’all crazy, get those trash ass pears outta here
14 Aug, 01:13 AM UTC
@columbia_skulls I’m genuinely shocked by this. Pears are so good.
14 Aug, 01:12 AM UTC