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The New York Times
BREAKING: Julián Castro, the former housing secretary under President Obama, will run for president in 2020. He's one of the most high-profile Latino Democrats ever to seek the nomination.
12 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
Penguins Jesus
evgeni malkin is back and tanner pearson is becoming the wing we never knew we needed Penguins Jesus's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 05:27 AM UTC
Pittsburgh Penguins
Pens Points tonight → Malkin 1G-3A Guentzel 3G Kessel 1G-2A Pearson 2G Letang 1A Dumoulin 1A Simon 1A Pettersson 1A Crosby 1A Snap Shots: Pittsburgh Penguins's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 05:57 AM UTC
Luke Edwards
They came out of the last transfer window more than £20m in profit. They have the smallest net spend in the Premier League. Nobody is asking for Ashley to put his money in, the club generates money he isn’t spending. He has taken money out this season. You’re welcome btw
12 Jan, 05:26 PM UTC
Pittsburgh Penguins
GOAL! PEARSON! The Penguins tie it 4-4 with 10:27 left in the game! Malkin and Simon pick up the helpers. Pittsburgh Penguins's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 05:13 AM UTC
my bff @wrabel is dropping his live album, "one nite only", on 1/25. and today he dropped his live cover of WOMAN! i had such a blast writing this song with him & drew pearson for "Rainbow" & i love listening to his amazing version. Animals, stream it now! kesha's photo on pearson
11 Jan, 07:48 PM UTC
Jamie Mauracher
The flight 18-year-old Rahaf al-Qunun (Saudi refugee granted asylum here in Canada) is supposed to be on has landed at Pearson Airport. She will be greeted by dozens of cameras and reporters - as she begins a new life here. More ⁦@globalnewsJamie Mauracher's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 02:17 PM UTC
Pens Inside Scoop
Pearson on his 1st goal: "I thought it was in. I thought I saw it hit the mesh. Then (Malkin) saw it on the goal line and said it wasn't. He got me bummed out. Then when we went through the line on the bench I asked the guys if it was good. They said yeah. Malkin said I'm sorry."
12 Jan, 06:12 AM UTC
Jamie Mauracher
A line of cameras at Pearson waiting for Saudi asylum seeker Rahaf al-Qunun Jamie Mauracher's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 02:26 PM UTC
Place : Pearson International Airport “Mr. Mendes we are so sorry to inform you that one of your guitars is lost” Shawn : 𝑑𝑖𝑙𝑎𝑟𝑎's photo on pearson
11 Jan, 06:54 PM UTC
Talia Ricci
First moments in Canada for @rahaf84427714 at Toronto Pearson International Airport @CBCToronto #Toronto Talia Ricci's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 03:28 PM UTC
The Saudi woman fleeing abuse who has been granted asylum in Canada has arrived at Pearson International Airport
12 Jan, 03:27 PM UTC
DK Pittsburgh Sports
Tanner Pearson on Phil Kessel: "You give that guy a puck in a 10-foot radius of the net, he's probably going to put it in." DK Pittsburgh Sports's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Al Jazeera News
Saudi teenager Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun is welcomed by Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland (R) as she arrives at Pearson International airport in Toronto Al Jazeera News's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 03:45 PM UTC
CBC Toronto
Updated: Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun landed at Pearson airport this morning
12 Jan, 03:42 PM UTC
carol off
Rahaf al Qunun arrives at Pearson airport escorted by @cafreeland . Has a brief photo op where only the minister speaks. She tells reporters that #Rahaf prefers not to take questions today.
12 Jan, 04:03 PM UTC
Tom Podolec Aviation
Westjet #WS2534 to George Town. Pilot reported smoke in the cabin during boarding. All passengers deplaned safely. Toronto Pearson Fire attended and dealt with the situation. Tom Podolec Aviation's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 02:20 PM UTC
Tay Austin
1/10 Found at 820 Pearson ↩️ Orange, gold eyes Contact: Jenni Vines Velazquez #paradise #magalia #concow #yankeehill #pulga #buttestrong #campfire #paradisefire #ParadiseStrong #burnzonepet #CampFirePets #firecat #firecats Tay Austin's photo on pearson
11 Jan, 07:34 PM UTC
Dave Kendall Photo
Ben Pearson goes to shake hands with the opposition at the end of the game...
12 Jan, 10:39 AM UTC
CBS Newspath
18-year-old Saudi runaway Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun arrived at the Toronto Pearson International Airport on Saturday a day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that Canada would accept her as a refugee. SAT0079 (GLOBAL) CBS Newspath's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 06:01 PM UTC
The Mississauga News
She's here: Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun arrives in Mississauga's @TorontoPearson airport following global Twitter campaign to grant her #asylum
12 Jan, 04:31 PM UTC
Playoff Dak ⭐️🏳️‍🌈 #BLM
Bro do y’all remember whenever Drew Pearson trolled eagles fans when the draft was in philly and the next year the draft was in Dallas and the eagles sent out a former kicker who had the voice of a 14 year old girl to talk trash 😂🤣🤣🤣
12 Jan, 06:36 PM UTC
New Straits Times
#RahafMohammedalQunun arrived at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Saturday morning.
12 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
LGGS Sport
Very proud of the 22 runners who entered the District Cross country this morning. A huge thanks to Miss Pearson @RipleySport and all her crew for their organisation
12 Jan, 11:43 AM UTC
Zack Pearson
About 15 people have kicked here at @GooseIsland for the 43 yarder. No one has come close to making it. #Bears
12 Jan, 06:41 PM UTC
The Sportsman Bet
🤔😬 Claude Puel is now the ODDS-ON favourite for the sack. Here are some of the contenders in the next Leicester manager market... - Rafa Benitez: 7/2 - Mikel Arteta: 7/1 - Nigel Pearson: 12/1 - Big Sam: 12/1 #LCFC
12 Jan, 06:15 PM UTC
Kilmacud Crokes GAA
Best of luck to Calum Pearson and Cian o Connor as they line out for Dublin against Meath this evening
12 Jan, 06:18 PM UTC
Dale Walker
Genuine question , not fishing, who would city fans want if they got their wish and puel is sacked???? And be realistic, you ain’t getting Rafa and don’t say Pearson.
12 Jan, 06:25 PM UTC
GHS Fishermen Athletics
Not many events, but some very big ones on the docket. #fishermenpride @GDTSports @NEC_HighSchools @MSONEWSports @keith_pearson @BostonHeraldHS @GlobeSchools @MassNZ @In_The_Slot GHS Fishermen Athletics's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
Nick Castillo
We’ve got a new episode of @smdrsports’ On The Record podcast. This episode has everything: @drewking0222 and I talk about The Bachelor, San Marcos Girls and Boys Basketball, #TXST’s Nijal Pearson channeling his inner Rip Hamilton and much more. Nick Castillo's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 05:59 PM UTC
Drew King
🚨 NEW PODCAST EPISODE 🚨 @Nick_Castillo74 & I talk San Marcos and #TXST 🏀 (including a historic start for the women & Nijal Pearson's Rip Hamilton mask), Lady Rattler ⚽️ & the first episode of #TheBachelor Listen on Soundcloud and iTunes: @smdrsports
12 Jan, 06:28 PM UTC
this is us comes back to me on tuesday im smiling so damn much right now i missed jack pearson so damn much ?
12 Jan, 06:29 PM UTC
Dennis Palumbo
"Shame is a deep well." That's the first sentence of my debut Daniel Rinaldi thriller, MIRROR IMAGE, praised by author Ridley Pearson for its "mind-bending suspense." Click the link to read the first chapter! Mirror Image: A Daniel Rinaldi Mystery #1
12 Jan, 06:44 PM UTC
Ashley Marie 💋
@taylorswift13 is mentioned a lot in @nbcbrooklyn99 and I’m here for it 👏🏼
12 Jan, 06:38 PM UTC
Jason Shetler
4 goals last 5 games for Tanner Pearson....Facing his former team (LA Kings) tonight. #Pens
12 Jan, 06:36 PM UTC
i miss kevin and jack pearson can they just come back to me already big SIGH
12 Jan, 06:33 PM UTC
@pearson_sl Yes it is automatic on the G2 and it is a great camera. Have had similar grain problems with other films developed by this supplier so I suspect it is them.
12 Jan, 06:33 PM UTC
Steve Pearson
@M_Pearson @andrearadri And didn’t Frank play for Chelsea ??? Double standards Frank #lufc
12 Jan, 06:17 PM UTC
Tabatha Pearson
@jPatATL That is a big win for them!
12 Jan, 06:15 PM UTC
(2/2) Honorable Mentions - William Contreras, Luis Gohara, Austin Hays, Nate Pearson, Michel Baez, Kevin Smith, Nick Neidert, Jose Suarez, Peter Lambert
12 Jan, 06:14 PM UTC
Tony Toe Tap pls don't go
Remember when Pens fans didn't like the Pearson/Hags trade and hated Petey/Sprong. Good times.
12 Jan, 06:11 PM UTC
Keith Pearson
We're racing at Loon Mountain in the Red Bull Crashed Ice wild card qualifier. Male and female winners are going to Fenway Park next month. Keith Pearson's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 06:42 PM UTC
Chris Cressman
@sdcinvancouver @GeorgianaBalan9 @nationalpost @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland lol how is she politicizing it? The Liberals already did that by finding someone getting international media attention, and then storming in to get her over here for a big liberal news story and photo op at Pearson. I'm sure she would have been just fine without us in Australia
12 Jan, 06:42 PM UTC
Jewish Community
Saudi teen who fled family welcomed as 'brave new Canadian' in Toronto: Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun arrives at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, smiling and wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the word Canada in red, and a blue UNHCR cap Haaretz Jewish Community's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 06:42 PM UTC
David Chasanov
@Zack_Pearson @GooseIsland Thought it started at 1?
12 Jan, 06:42 PM UTC
#GerryJohnson Exploring Strategy Plus MyStrategyLab with Pearson eText 9781292007007 #Ex SchoolDepot's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 06:42 PM UTC
F.L.O.P.P. Federal Lieberal's Own Parody Party
All the effort to blur out images and these douches go right ahead an say where she landed Toronto. PEARSON airport (in case anyone didn't know). So unless she is secretly whisked away to another province, won't be too hard to find her.
12 Jan, 06:37 PM UTC
Craig Eland
Fair result today for #pnefc I thought. Impressive debut by Stockley. Pearson and Storey immense too. Not much else to say apart from the fact we need to sign a RB and CB fairly urgently.
12 Jan, 06:36 PM UTC
Solly on Sports
For those celebrating a birthday today, January 12th, you just so happen to share with the following athletes: Tim Horton (NHL 1930) Joe Frazier (Boxing 1944) Drew Pearson (NFL 1951) Curt Fraser (NHL 1958)...
12 Jan, 06:35 PM UTC
@sannewman Sandra You should let class experts finish your online classes/ hw for you. Check We'll take your online classes. 🌀canvas 🌀pearson 🌀aleks 🌀blackboard 📩💬 DM for inquiry
12 Jan, 06:33 PM UTC
Andy Lawson
@corbydavidson I just saw a replay recently of the infamous Dallas Carter/Converse Judson 1988 state championship game that was called on TV by Scott Murray and Drew Pearson...and their sideline reporter for that game was none other than Chris Fowler!!!
12 Jan, 06:29 PM UTC
The Trucking Network
AT Canada Cartage - team environment, short-haul regular routes, and great benefits. Come work with an industry leader! Visit Canada Cartage for on the spot hiring @Mega Job Fair Event on Mar 2, 2019 @Pearson convention Center, Brampton, ON The Trucking Network's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 06:27 PM UTC
@pearson_ward Damnit Pearson, always unprepared
12 Jan, 06:26 PM UTC
Simon Pearson
@brianmoore666 I live in Nigeria and we’re trying to help them stamp out corruption here. Things like this really do not help!
12 Jan, 06:24 PM UTC
Opiniated Fox
Puel out brigade need to ask themselves who is going to take over as manager?? And screaming for Nigel Pearson to come back is laughable.
12 Jan, 06:23 PM UTC
The Trucking Network
Highland understands the individual needs of each employee and work hard to provide them with the work-life balance that they look for. Visit Highland @Mega Job Fair Event on March 2, 2019 @ Pearson Convention Center, Brampton, ON @Job_driving @GetTruckingJobs @DriversPost The Trucking Network's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 06:21 PM UTC
Judd Stricker
@JMackeyPG Great stat breakdown. Got another one for pearson vs hagelin?
12 Jan, 06:18 PM UTC
Peter Pearson - There Dreamers Go listen, like, share at
12 Jan, 06:16 PM UTC
James Pearson
Great to see @Elise_Christie back to winning ways after injury at the olympics! 💪💪😁😁 gold next time Elise! 😊😊
12 Jan, 06:13 PM UTC
Maximum Pest Control
Pearson hires KMK Media Group - Rockford Register Star
12 Jan, 06:11 PM UTC
@sassidy00 Cassidy we have your back ! Check our website .We can work on all math online platforms - pearson mymathlab connect aleks mathxl. No need to struggle. Hire experts to do your math 1010 #Dmus ONLINE MATH HELP IS HERE's photo on pearson
12 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC
Canadian Pest Solutions
Pearson hires KMK Media Group - Rockford Register Star
12 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC

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