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Here's Zion's reaction when the Pelicans won the No. 1 pick 🎥 SportsCenter's photo on pelicans
15 May, 10:01 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Pelicans are still not interested in trading AD to the Lakers, even after LA landed the No. 4 pick, per @WindhorstESPN Bleacher Report's photo on pelicans
15 May, 08:41 PM UTC
Nick Young
Pelicans better get all Zion boys ... trade and get his duke homie ... you no how bad he wanted to be like man I’m going back to duke 😂😂😂😂😂
15 May, 10:38 PM UTC
Zion Williamson in his pre-draft workout with the Pelicans Via @creamebiggums NBA RETWEET's photo on pelicans
15 May, 02:48 PM UTC
Parlons NBA
Zion au workout pré-draft avec les Pelicans Parlons NBA's photo on pelicans
15 May, 02:52 PM UTC
Nick Young
The pelicans about to get randle Lil bro with more bounce
16 May, 04:34 AM UTC
zion thinkin ‘bout going back to duke because he don’t wanna play w/ the pelicans b$$'s photo on pelicans
15 May, 10:53 PM UTC
Pérolas da NBA
O Zion Williamson sabendo que vai ser draftado pelo Pelicans Pérolas da NBA's photo on pelicans
15 May, 11:30 PM UTC
Rachel Nichols
The Pelicans are REALLY excited about Zion - is he excited back? Brian Windhorst says he has “options” if he isn’t; I make the case (again) that Nee Orleans is actually the best U.S. city anyway. Rachel Nichols's photo on pelicans
15 May, 11:08 PM UTC
NBA Lowdown
My prediction: Lakers get: Anthony Davis Pelicans get: Lonzo Ball Kyle Kuzma No. 4 pick Future 1st Kyrie signs with LA in free agency
15 May, 06:12 PM UTC
Marc J. Spears
The good news for the Pelicans is even with Anthony Davis still wanting to depart at least his agent Rich Paul has a strong relationship with New Orleans executive newcomer David Griffin. Expect them to work to find a respectful way to facilitate the right move for both parties.
16 May, 03:51 AM UTC
Ryan Glasspiegel
Zion hasn't hired an agent yet. He could withdraw from the Draft and return to Duke if the Pels won't trade the pick
15 May, 02:19 PM UTC
Jota Junior
No 2K, o Zion já chegou no Pelicans. 🔥 Jota Junior's photo on pelicans
15 May, 09:38 PM UTC
Cette réaction de Zion lorsque les Pelicans ont gagné le first pick. 👀 Jordanowski's photo on pelicans
16 May, 07:22 AM UTC
New Orleans Pelicans
What a night! @dsallerson, @Jim_Eichenhofer, @JohnDeShazier and @SeanKelleyLive give a full recap of the latest on the #Pelicans after the Lottery PODCAST: New Orleans Pelicans's photo on pelicans
15 May, 08:18 PM UTC
Winamax Sport
🏀 Quel était le % de chances de voir les Pelicans rafler le first pick lors de la loterie ? RT + FOLLOW et répondez en précisant votre pseudo Winamax. #FreeBetReverse @REVERSEMAGAZINE Winamax Sport's photo on pelicans
16 May, 10:00 AM UTC
@TheHoopCentral He’s laughing at the fact he can’t believe he’s on the pelicans look at rj and cam clowning him 😂😂😂
15 May, 10:17 PM UTC
Basketball Forever
The New Orleans Pelicans have sold over 3,000 season-ticket packages since winning the Draft lottery! Basketball Forever's photo on pelicans
15 May, 11:49 PM UTC
🚨 Se está hablando de ello en Estados Unidos 💥 ¿Le haría Zion Williamson esto a los Pelicans?
16 May, 08:28 AM UTC
La billetterie des Pelicans après l'annonce de cette nuit... ça sent les heures sup' tout ça Mos's photo on pelicans
15 May, 11:49 AM UTC
Fran Merino NBA
Zion Williamson is coming 😂 Pelicans ha recibido 3000 peticiones de abonos nuevos tras conocerse su posición en el próximo Draft. Es espectacular. Fran Merino NBA's photo on pelicans
16 May, 06:30 AM UTC
Sam Vecenie
I did a big long breakdown with a lot of tape and explanation. Why Zion Williamson is the best prospect since Anthony Davis, and why I love the fit with the New Orleans Pelicans: Sam Vecenie's photo on pelicans
16 May, 10:58 AM UTC
Mark Heim
Today on @1055wnsp: 6:35 a.m. @dewsweepergolf from Bethpage Black, 6:50 a.m. @AndrewSpiveyGC, 7:05 a.m. @PhilSavage, 7:35 a.m. @McTBaseball's Tim Becker, 8:35 a.m. @JenHale504 on the Pelicans
16 May, 11:35 AM UTC
SC HS Football
Likelihood of Pelicans basketball being on Spartanburg radio next year?
15 May, 04:29 PM UTC
The Bench Mob
We’re baaaaack! Been a few weeks, but the Bench Mob is back up and running and we have @iKaanic and @tim_tweeton today talking about the Draft Lottery, how the #pelicans should approach their fun situation, and talk some OKC and Portland. Hope you enjoy!
16 May, 11:36 AM UTC
Sporx Basketbol
Grizzlies, NBA Draft Combine'ın yürütüldüğü Şikago'daki ilgilenen partilere, Pelicans'ın 1. sıradan Zion Williamson'ı alması kaydıyla, gelecek ay sahip oldukları 2. sıra hakkıyla Murray State guardı Ja Morant'ı seçme niyetinde olduklarını söyledi 🗣 ➡ Sporx Basketbol's photo on pelicans
16 May, 11:42 AM UTC
Video has surfaced showing Zion Williamson's initial reaction after the Pelicans landed the No. 1 overall pick: 247Sports's photo on pelicans
16 May, 11:40 AM UTC
@SeanUnfiltered Rockets would in a heartbeat. Pelicans wouldn’t.
16 May, 11:44 AM UTC
Ezequias Cordero
@ArturoHeinsenM @pelicans He visto notas sobre eso, pero no de fuentes de entero crédito. Habrá que ver la veracidad que a un día del Draft ya esté pasando eso. Además, @PelicansNBA confirmó que va detrás de él mencionado jugador?
16 May, 03:59 AM UTC
Shawn Bricker
@SeanUnfiltered Flip side is...why would the Pelicans make that trade?
16 May, 11:40 AM UTC
The Zion Effect: New Orleans Pelicans Season Ticket Sales Doubled Following Draft Lottery Announcement
16 May, 11:44 AM UTC
Win a Pelicans 5-Game Plan $250 Team Shop Gift Card
16 May, 11:44 AM UTC
Avatar Drose
@BullScripted If I was him, I would prefer to go to the Bulls over the Suns and lakers/Pelicans. He'd be playing behind Jrue holiday if he's traded or he's going to fight Lonzo for mins. If the lakers pick him, they'd pick a wing player for NO because NO doesn't have a good starting SF.
16 May, 11:44 AM UTC
Polémica primer elección de lo New Orleans Pelicans y la segunda le corresponde a los Memphis Grizzlies. El proyecto de los Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks y Cleveland Cavaliers acaba de sufrir un revés importante #DraftLottery
16 May, 11:43 AM UTC
The Washington Post: Would Zion Williamson return to Duke? Pelicans’ lottery win sparks speculation.. via @GoogleNews
16 May, 11:43 AM UTC
@LWOSLALakers The lakers should just stop the AD trade talks. The Pelicans have made very clear that they don’t want to trade with us and want to send him East or try to convince him to stay. If AD really wants to come he’ll come via FA. We are focusing too much in the same topic. FUCK Griffin
16 May, 11:41 AM UTC
Joshua Edwards
@ZionW32 do you really care if you go to N.O. pelicans? They might trade A.D. and get yo brother R.J.
16 May, 11:41 AM UTC
Suicidal Knicks Fan
@Artsentu @nflplaya77 @MYTQuinn1 @tripleJ1980 @jazz_addict96 @THEMichaelMatz @rudygobert27 If anything, the PELICANS should be punished because they tanked by not playing/ restricting the minutes of their star.
16 May, 11:40 AM UTC
Tello Tech
Crazy NBA Theory: Knick’s Draft RJ Barrett and use him for trade Bait sending the #3 pick for Anthony Davis to the New Orleans pelicans. Reunite Zion & Barrett to assure Zion doesn’t go back to Duke for a 2nd year. 🧐🤔
16 May, 11:40 AM UTC
Pelicans season ticket demand soars after winning No. 1 pick: 'Are my seats still there?'
16 May, 11:40 AM UTC
16 May, 11:40 AM UTC