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Sarah Kendzior
AOC is right. And though she doesn't mention it, one of the most alarming aspects is that Pelosi attacks congresswomen who are besieged regularly by death threats -- serious ones. Imagine being a congresswoman dealing with that level of threat without institutional support.
11 Jul, 12:57 PM UTC
Charlie Kirk
Nancy Pelosi used her weekly press conference to instruct illegal aliens on how to defy ICE deportation orders She is actively aiding & abetting criminals RT if you're sick of Democrats siding with illegal aliens over our heroic law enforcement officials!
11 Jul, 09:19 PM UTC
Sean Hannity
**DAN CRENSHAW: “Madam Speaker, welcome to the true nature of identity politics - where you’re accused of being racist for no reason at all.”
11 Jul, 10:15 PM UTC
Peter Daou
It's very simple to me. No matter how much some people laud the careers of Dem leaders like #Pelosi and #Nadler, the fact remains: THEY CAVED IN THE FACE OF AUTOCRACY When history called, they folded. And the consequences are immeasurable.
11 Jul, 12:39 PM UTC
Sarah Kendzior
The threats that AOC, Tlaib, Pressley and Omar get are severe. They go far beyond criticism. We are dealing with the prospect of murder and a political climate which facilitates it. Pelosi's ceaseless demonization is notable in these times: @sarahkendzior's photo on Pelosi
11 Jul, 01:06 PM UTC
Garry Kasparov
Unlike the GOP, Pelosi doesn't deny Trump's culpability. She talks like a pundit with no power, as if she's not the Speaker holding the authority the Founders granted her to prevent abuses by a corrupt president.
11 Jul, 02:58 PM UTC
REAL Truth Prevails
.@POTUS issuing executive order requiring all gov't agencies to provide records on number of citizens & non-citizens in USA We’ll utilize vast federal databases to gain full, complete, & accurate count of non-citizen population Trumps Nancy Pelosi 😂@ECHOtheCALL's photo on Pelosi
11 Jul, 10:03 PM UTC
Hey @SpeakerPelosi hahaha! Now your the racist! How does it feel? I've been called a racist just because I don't agree with the Left's agenda even though I AM MIXED HERITAGE! They're throwing you under the bus!
11 Jul, 03:35 AM UTC
Bill O'Reilly
AOC pulls the race card on Pelosi. This is the game on the radical left: if you disagree with them, you are a racist. Pelosi holds the purse strings over most Dems – but not AOC, who gets enough money from her donors. Interesting power play. @BillOReilly's photo on Pelosi
11 Jul, 05:47 PM UTC
Lou Dobbs
#AmericaFirst - Judd: Pelosi is coaching people how to avoid the law & due process that exists. Why are we pandering to illegal immigrants that broke the law and knowingly violated our laws? Now we’re helping them continue violate those laws. It’s amazing. #MAGA #Dobbs @LouDobbs's photo on Pelosi
11 Jul, 11:55 PM UTC
Dinesh D'Souza
First Northam. Then Biden. Now Pelosi. I think @AOC may be on to something here. Her argument would gather force & context, however, if she situated it within the 150 year racist tradition of the Democratic Party
11 Jul, 09:15 PM UTC
Sean Hannity
TONIGHT ON #HANNITY – a Democratic House Divided! The feud between AOC and Pelosi keeps getting worse. @lindseygraham will be here with reaction plus discuss the crisis on our Southern border. Tune in now!
12 Jul, 01:25 AM UTC
b-boy bouiebaisse
a powerful criticism of Pelosi‘s refusal to move on impeachment, from @seanwilentz.
12 Jul, 12:57 AM UTC
Waleed Shahid
In the coverage of the debate between Nancy Pelosi vs @AOC, @AyannaPressley, @IlhanMN, and @RashidaTlaib the media is doing a poor job reporting the fact that 95 Democrats opposed the border bill, including the Hispanic Caucus. 129 Democrats joined Republicans to pass it.
11 Jul, 09:06 PM UTC
Ashley Feinberg
Congrats to Nancy Pelosi on winning the sympathies of the conservative stepdad contingent @ashleyfeinberg's photo on Pelosi
12 Jul, 01:12 AM UTC
Freddie Harps
Never thought I would feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi... NOT!!
11 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
Totally Fucking Gay
When you're a 79 year old millionaire-you might be a little out of touch with what the majority of americans are dealing with. Out with the old & rich-in with the young & progressive. We need 10 more AOC's and Omar's.
12 Jul, 12:23 AM UTC
Pelosi speaks after clashing with progressives
11 Jul, 03:06 PM UTC
The Hill
Dems rush to support Pelosi during fight with Ocasio-Cortez @thehill's photo on Pelosi
11 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
Mother Jones
“It’s a slap in the face": Liberal organizers are not happy with Pelosi dissing AOC
12 Jul, 01:28 AM UTC
Saeed Jones
Like, I’m reading about the ICE raids scheduled for this weekend and I’m RECALLING the Faustian immigration deal Nancy Pelosi agreed to but all I’m seeing from Madame Speaker is complaints about AOC and her crew being too uppity. Did I get that right? @theferocity's photo on Pelosi
12 Jul, 01:15 AM UTC
Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Pelosi Is Targeting Her Because Pelosi Is Racist | Daily Wire ‼️ This goes to show they have been totally indoctrinated to believe that yelling ‘Racist’ gets them their way.
11 Jul, 05:56 PM UTC
Ned Ryun
“AOC, Tlaib, and others often say they just want a seat at the table, that they are being shut out. But generally, when progressives ask for a seat at the table it’s so they can tell everyone what to order and make someone else pay for it.” #maga #tcot
11 Jul, 02:12 PM UTC
Gennette Cordova
Freshman Dem women to Pelosi: @GNCordova's photo on Pelosi
11 Jul, 08:30 PM UTC
Mr. President @potus @GOPLeader @SenateRepublicans @SenateMajLdr Please - no more delays on deporting illegals regardless of what Nancy Pelosi pleas. America is in danger and if Pelosi refuses to reform Immigration Laws, YOU have no choice but to protect America. RT if u agree
12 Jul, 01:25 AM UTC
ANI Digital
Nancy Pelosi lauds 'spectacular' PM Modi's oratory skills Read @ANI story | @ani_digital's photo on Pelosi
11 Jul, 09:51 PM UTC
New York Post
Dem lawmaker rips AOC for playing 'race card' in spat with Pelosi @nypost's photo on Pelosi
12 Jul, 12:54 AM UTC
⚔️ Marine 🇺🇸 ONE ⚔️
“We’re fine.. it’s fine.” - Nancy Pelosi
12 Jul, 01:31 AM UTC
The Hill
Dem lawmaker rips Ocasio-Cortez for "using the race card" in calling Pelosi racially insensitive @thehill's photo on Pelosi
12 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
🇰🇾 ᒪᎥᑎᗪᗩ ᗴᐯᗩᑎᔕ 🇺🇸
2. telling the illegal aliens to voluntarily leave the U.S. Instead she's putting people like @ICEgov and illegals lives in danger. If something bad happens Pelosi, this mess is on you and all democrats who have parroted you by tweeting out this same message on twitter.
11 Jul, 10:56 PM UTC
“Roger That”🎚ProGun, ProAmerica. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🐘
It’s all about me. And her handlers use her ambition to get what they want. Sad!
11 Jul, 11:34 PM UTC
Saeed Jones
Anyway, I’m sure it’s fine. I mean, Nancy Pelosi clapped sarcastically during the State of the Union! OBVIOUSLY, she’s playing 4D chess.
12 Jul, 01:57 AM UTC
The Daily Wire
Nancy Pelosi and the illustrious AOC get into a catfight (can we say that?!), a Democratic Senate hopeful falls apart on launch, and Trump’s Labor Secretary battles allegations of a sweetheart deal with Jeffrey Epstein. @BenShapiro WATCH ==> @realDailyWire's photo on Pelosi
12 Jul, 01:59 AM UTC
And there it is, the classic go to strategy, one that has been worn out by Dems, THE RACE CARD, only this time @AOC used it against ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ AOC ups ante in feud with Pelosi, suggests speaker is 'singling out' newly elected 'women of color'
11 Jul, 02:53 PM UTC
All American Girl
AOC ups ante in feud with Pelosi, suggests speaker is 'singling out' newly elected 'women of color' @true_pundit #AAG
11 Jul, 08:31 PM UTC
Jennifer Bukowsky
Black Caucus Member Lacy Clay “has been targeted for a primary challenge by Justice Democrats, the group that propelled @AOC campaign.” A MO AOC??
12 Jul, 01:11 AM UTC
Matt Fuller
“An unpopular President may get away with acts at least as grievous as Nixon’s because the House will have evaded its constitutional duty. The blame for that evasion would fall on Nancy Pelosi.”
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
up mauka ...
@Hope012015 but also think Pelosi (who has a good heart) was wrong to use them as foil ~ avoiding Impeachment Inquiry issues~ when so many moderates want this..@RepHarley being the latest swing district on board We need the Investigation without all this catfighting . Its a distraction
12 Jul, 01:41 AM UTC
@BenJackd1 NO surprise Twitter was down during #SocialMediaSummit Seemingly suspicious IMO @WhiteHouse @DanScavino Top trend #Nancy Pelosi & Area 51 seem legit 👽 Both fun lovin #AlienLovers #ICEraids @ICEgov #DemocratsHateAmerica
12 Jul, 01:38 AM UTC
FlyingEagle 🦅
Tucker: Radical Democrats turn on Nancy Pelosi
12 Jul, 01:59 AM UTC
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Dems defend Pelosi after Ocasio-Cortez says she targets ‘newly elected women of color’
12 Jul, 01:59 AM UTC
Vixens Vault
Yeah, it sucks when the monsters you created turn on you...
12 Jul, 01:56 AM UTC
The Real Republicans Of Vladivostok
@sarahkendzior Some truths hurt: If you want to hold Trump accountable you are first going to have to remove Pelosi from her Speakership. Given that Pelosi will receive strong Republicans support for the cover she has provided this term, nearly every Democratic rep will have to be in agreement
11 Jul, 05:55 PM UTC
[CELAN] Screwsi
I have more respect for decaying corpses than I do for Nancy Pelosi.
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Is anyone else sick & tired of the 3 Stooges, AOC, Omar and Tlaib ranting & accusing everyone of everything & the moment someone stands up & says something back, the three stooges cry racism. AOC saying Pelosi is only going after the new women of color. 😤😤
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
@NuanceBro Look I love your vids but yes Tim Pool is critical of trump when needed. He praises when trump does good as we all should but he calls him out when needed. Plus Tim Pool is to the left of Obama and Pelosi. He isn't a fan
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Jason Folger
@Post_Truth_Era Do you think there is merit in the Anti Pelosi or do you believe she has some master plan...?
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
CTFU all my Kamala mutuals hate Pelosi now. The Warren ones were already there.
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
#MAGA ♥B♥B♥ ♓ #32K
@realTylerZed @AOC AOC ROCKS and is Right, pelosi is part of that ol white boys club that has never acomplished anything for minorities Can you say #WhitePrivilege
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Vanessa C. Amesty S.
@theferocity I'm not American I follow you because someone retweet something of you, but I been follow American news and it doesn't look good. Nancy Pelosi is clueless she's giving away the election to Trump, the women is a mess. I hope you guys do something.
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Pelosi garbage rhetoric says the "children (will be) traumatized". Not so if you illegals trespassers LEAVE. This isn't even a dent but it's a long overdue LEGAL action
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Russell Drew
@SethMacFarlane Certain member of Congress are going to have to decide what they want: to be serious legislators or social media celebrities. I am not entirely sure you can do both. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and "the Squad" need to make up and fast. We have but ONE enemy: Trumpism. Full stop.
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Trey Ruffin
@thehill Nancy Pelosi is done a great job of ignoring the 70% of black voters who want Trump impeached. For the white moderates who show up after a crisis in the country and vote Dem.
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
@paulasimpson13 @markos @thedailybeast we're talking about Bernie, not Nancy Pelosi.
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Mike Quinlan
@ParryPierce @HouseDemocrats Pelosi is turning out to be very weak as speaker!
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
luckiest man in the world
@_waleedshahid @justicedems @AOC @AyannaPressley @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib Pretty sure everyone is focusing on AOC calling Pelosi a racist
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Nancy Pelosi Won't Stop Working With Trump via @YouTube
12 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Francois X
@jilliansw @zachdcarter @KatrinaNation #Pelosi will not impeach Trump and she keeps saying she will compromise with him. She's definitively not a friend of the working class. She's not a friend of migrants. She's friend with rich people. That's why she's going after progressives like @AOC
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Billybob Edward
@charliekirk11 If Pelosi did her jobs, we wouldn't be talking bout citizenship Question, Census, ICE or illegals. We would be talking bout assist the poor, elderly, disabled and veterans. #DoNothingCongress #DoNothingNancy
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Michael McGuire
@Abigail17441122 @jdmoore45 @ddssff @DailyCaller So you think Pelosi stands 8 hours for non-US citizens because she has a warm spot in her black heart? We'll let's just test that when non-citizens no longer count towards SEATS or VOTES. Looking forward to this. p.s. The buddies that have created a record 6 million jobs?🙄
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Fred S Loquasto
@Can2geterdone @hirschA8720 Pelosi and AOC should be arrested for breaking the law and putting Americans in danger. Arrest anyone who circumvents the law.
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Barbara Espinosa
Nancy Pelosi Warns Illegal Immigrants Not To Open The Door For ICE via @TPInsidr
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Melinda Mosheim
Yep. Too bad Nancy Pelosi is also committing obstruction of justice by letting all this happen by blocking impeachment. Pelosi is face of new GOP. GOP is face of Trump & Alt Right Populism.
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
🏳️‍🌈 🇵🇷 Shain Sanchez 🇩🇴 🏳️‍🌈
@zachdcarter @EmmaVigeland Right For pelosi being so concerned about party unity and peace she sure is ready to throw the first stone whenever she can You can respectfully disagree with someone but throwing your part members under the buss cause your mad isnt the way to go and pelosi knows better
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Barbara Espinosa
She should be removed from congress for aiding and abetting unlawful behavior
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Las Vegas Sun
Race becomes new flashpoint with Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez @LasVegasSun's photo on Pelosi
12 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC