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Andrew Doak
Per the New Orleans Pelicans: The franchise sold 2,500 season tickets overnight and this morning. The Pels say that’s twice as much as they sold when they secured the No. 1 pick in 2012 to select Anthony Davis. Safe to say New Orleans is excited about Zion Williamson.
15 May, 02:40 PM UTC
Ryan Glasspiegel
Zion hasn't hired an agent yet. He could withdraw from the Draft and return to Duke if the Pels won't trade the pick
15 May, 02:19 PM UTC
Twitter Moments
An interesting #NBADraft wrinkle: If Zion Willamson doesn’t want to go to New Orleans, and the Pels refuse to trade the No. 1 pick, he could theoretically return to Duke.
15 May, 10:35 PM UTC
Rachel Nichols
Anthony Davis still reportedly wants out of New Orleans, even with Zion coming in. So now that we know the draft order/which teams have high picks, who's in the best spot to make a trade? Could the Knicks send RJ Barrett to the Pels to play with Zion, as part of a deal to get AD? Rachel Nichols's photo on Pels
15 May, 10:24 PM UTC
Kyle Boone
The raw emotion of Alvin Gentry learning the Pels won the top pick is absolutely phenomenal. So, so good. Kyle Boone's photo on Pels
15 May, 03:19 AM UTC
Zachary Person
This whole “Zion is unsatisfied with the idea of going to New Orleans” narrative is just the big city markets’ last ditch efforts to stop Zion from going to the Pels. It’s all BS. It’s desperation. Keep it stepping, Louisianians.
15 May, 10:22 PM UTC
Chris Singleton
Pelicans slander is getting crazy. All of this "NO is a bad market" or "no fans" talk. Didn't they watch the entire city go crazy when the Pels swept Portland last year? Or in 2008 when CP3 and the Hornets knocked off the Mavs? NOLA will show plenty of love and support for Zion.
15 May, 04:41 PM UTC
dave smith
Zion can A) Withdraw from the draft by May 29 and return to Duke or B) Refuse to play for the Pels and play in Eurpoe or China for 3 years or C) Be grateful to be drafted #1, live out his dream of playing in the NBA and live and play in a great city like NOLA. Easy choice...
16 May, 12:39 AM UTC
Ryan Hebert
The best logic I have ever seen induced on this here website. Lakers and knicks fans want him to go back to school to avoid the pels You realize that makes your draft pick worse right?
15 May, 11:23 PM UTC
Jrue is bae
Je peux essayer de comprendre votre frustration sur le fait que, normalement, Zion atterrira à Nola par contre soyez un peu cohérent(e)s et patient(e)s Les pels sont en pleine mutation avec une nouvelle proprio qui veut faire des pels une franchise à l'égale les saints,
15 May, 09:06 PM UTC
Fans ELS40
Falten 3 DIES pels #LOS40PrimaveraPop a Rubí (Barcelona) amb @Los40 i @Els40_! @Aitanax, @anaguerra o @lolaindigomusic actuaran a l'escenari de l'Escardívol de Rubí Tota la info a Fans ELS40's photo on Pels
15 May, 11:03 AM UTC
La réaction de Zion lorsqu'il apprend que les Pels obtiennent le pick 1 (donc lui) 😂 Rod_NBA's photo on Pels
15 May, 10:03 PM UTC
@JoseMontillaA @Esquerra_ERC @JuntsXCat @miqueliceta M'avergonyeix que hagis estat president de tots els catalans. Podries callar per dignitat pels presos i imputats i exiliats i sobretot pel atonyinats el 1-O . A la m.
15 May, 07:37 PM UTC
Neus Pinart 🎗
Transcriure això [@francescd: «Lamentem que a vegades hi hagi grups parlamentaris que tinguin una sensibilitat pels drets humans, pels drets civils i polítics que és directament proporcional a la distància del conflicte, que com més distància més clar ho tenen»] Quanta raó!
15 May, 07:05 PM UTC
JJWerk 🎙
Today’s Pod from the @LegendSportsN Pels get #1 in NBA Draft Lottery. Where does Anthony Davis go? Warriors of old are back! Canes on brink of elimination. Only 5 teams can win the Super Bowl?
15 May, 10:08 PM UTC
Jake Madison
Locked on Pels dropping soon
16 May, 02:48 AM UTC
Esh Les Pels ils auront probablement Zion et Randle. En mode ils ont Machopeur et Mackogneur
15 May, 10:29 PM UTC
The pelicans have 21 more total wins than the Knicks since 2000. And we (The Pels) were not even a franchise till 2002-2003 season. Yet we are the poverty franchise?
16 May, 02:55 AM UTC
Richard J. Luna
Here’s the scenario I’m rooting for most in the NBA: Zion demands Pelicans trade #1 pick, Pels swap picks with Knicks + players + future picks. Zion to Knicks and Barrett to Pels. AD stays in NO, KD and Kyrie to Knicks with Zion.
16 May, 02:33 AM UTC
@kayode_8 @KevKnoxBurner @BleacherReport @WindhorstESPN The Celtics pick were exactly what everybody including the Pels thought they’d be in February. The Grizz pick also didn’t convey which is a huge plus for Boston. RJ hasn’t played a damn game yet and hasn’t proved he can play. Whose to say Boston doesn’t include Brown too?
15 May, 09:10 PM UTC
He goes back to Duke and the Pels get Morant who might turn out to be the better pro. It’s a win win.
16 May, 02:50 AM UTC
Ed Stark, Lord of Gentilfell
Man, I love everything the Pels have done since the whole AD shit started
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
n sei se fico brava, triste ou revoltada...Acho que estou optando pels 3
16 May, 02:57 AM UTC
Logan Maronge
If Zion goes back to duke the pels will just draft him next year with the #1 pick cause we gonna be even worst without AD...
16 May, 02:45 AM UTC
jotaro kujo
@bigbam206 thats what I was thinking. its utter BS. Dude probably dreamt about this his whole life, and to throw it away just bc he doesn't want to play for the Pels? I smell horse shit, it seems like someone is trying to push a narrative.
16 May, 02:41 AM UTC
I can’t believe the Pels got first pick still
16 May, 02:40 AM UTC
@GARNATXUJORDIS @VogelfreiCAT @Kaldeu1 @coronelabarcelo Si, crec q s'acosta el moment q el poble s'alci sinò volem continuar celebrant derrotes. Hem vingut a celebrar victòries i pels drets humans fonamentals no podem quedar-nos ho mirant. Acció reacció aquesta és la meva opinió SEDRepublicana's photo on Pels
16 May, 02:38 AM UTC
Barry Whittington Jr
@coachcenac I hear you and actually agree with you. The Pels have to make that pick. But the game is tailor made for Ja and RJ.
16 May, 02:38 AM UTC
Nick Welch
@Pels_Fan The "morality" of drafts is a stupid argument (the original tweet) because the payers as a whole accept the draft as part of CBA negotiatilns in order to create competitive balance, increase the value of the league and get more money as a collective. They want it!
16 May, 02:33 AM UTC
On top of that. Playoff appearances in the past 5 years. PELS: 2 Knicks: 0 Lakers:0
16 May, 02:59 AM UTC
@Nabil_djellit WoW quel recruteur de génie ! Une chance pour les Pels que tu sois là !
16 May, 02:58 AM UTC
Rev. Warren, Esq.
I was gonna make a clever tweet about if the pels can get the number 1 pick then I can pass the bar but then I started reading this Zion is going back to college stuff and I felt like that was a bad omen send tweet.
16 May, 02:58 AM UTC
Nip Nops
HE smeared his hands throuh the icing and rubbed it on ringabel’s chest, circiling his DIAMOND HARD NIP{PELS
16 May, 02:57 AM UTC
Christian May-Suzuki
Pels should sell AD on the fact that this could turn into a TD - David Robinson scenario. A transcendental player is drafted besides another transcendental player. And AD is obviously younger than Robinson, giving a bigger window. Could turn into a great scenario real fast
16 May, 02:56 AM UTC
E B Free
@PeakIngram It’s because only Laker fans think that Kuzma and Ingram are better than Tatum and Brown. GM’s, Media, etc. seem to think otherwise. There’s a reason why the Pels waited for Boston to enter the fray. We shall see...
16 May, 02:55 AM UTC
@LakersSBN @J30_RANDLE is a free agent. Maybe he will want to come back to the that Zion is going to the Pels....
16 May, 02:54 AM UTC
@Pelicans_France @PaulLoic123 Est- ce que ça serait pas intéresser d’essayer de récupéré le pick 3 des Knicks et s’arranger avec Memphis pour que les Pels puissent avoir la doublette: Zion + Rj barrette ?
16 May, 02:53 AM UTC
@WillGuillory Or: “How can the Pels not accept the Lakers GODFATHER OFFER?!?!”
16 May, 02:52 AM UTC
Johnny bravo
@Montalvo3011 Nothing could change who to say min/ or Cavs or pels don’t get #1 he prolly gonna end up same or worse place. Let’s not be spoiled Knicks fans
16 May, 02:48 AM UTC
Conci Projects
@TheAthleticNBA @ShamsCharania Pels are in the driver seat. AD to Utah for Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert.
16 May, 02:46 AM UTC
Tyler Hoffpauir
If @ZionW32 bails because @PelicansNBA got the 1st pick then this whole system is dumb. Small market franchises will never win if they can’t get the best draft picks, can’t attract the best free agents, & players acquired via trade leave (@boogiecousins). I’m not even a Pels fan.
16 May, 02:44 AM UTC
Always vocal
@Pels_Fan He would probably be able to afford the commute. All in all. Stop it.
16 May, 02:43 AM UTC
@KeBandzz I hope they do but the pels still being petty about it they can get 2 top 5 picks and prolly Lonzo n Ingram
16 May, 02:43 AM UTC
@bwomac3 @espn @WindhorstESPN To be fair it’s because of the past but I believe in the new GM. Pels get kemba in FA. Keep Davis show him new management is different/going to win. It would be a squad
16 May, 02:41 AM UTC
CL Owens 🏀
@DougKoal @SamDe_Priest @Manifoldhope @Phantuums @hannah_kulik @MikeSportsLA @_AMBISH @BenOsaze @LakersNation No Pels would have to have space to absorb James. That's the only way cash doesn't have to come back
16 May, 02:41 AM UTC
vibemaster general
pels ask boston for huge AD package, they respond no, but we will give that for zion. DEAL pivot and accept the lakers offer for AD. 🤝
16 May, 02:41 AM UTC
Al Musavi
@cbefred Don’t hate on Niko, he’s in the conf finals playing 4th quarter minutes, while half the Bulls haven’t even smelled the playoffs, last year huge part of Pels that won 1st playoff series af AD career, while Hoiberg gave his minutes to Zipser
16 May, 02:40 AM UTC
Mr. Dammit
@WilliamJFulton @ChrisVernonShow Zion will stay in collage so he doesn’t have to play for he Pels and the pels will draft Morant.
16 May, 02:40 AM UTC
Fundación Armengol
Detall de l'escultura gòtica del portal de l'església de Sant Pere de Púbol. S.XIV. Edificada pels Barons de Campllong-Corbera. #patrimoni #patrimonio #arquitectura #girona #ArquitecturaTradicional #gironaturisme…
16 May, 02:37 AM UTC
ReDdIsH sZn 🙃
knicks: we’ll give you zion for ad pels: no we want both knicks: you can’t *david griffin has entered the chat*
16 May, 02:37 AM UTC
LBJ 23 _KingJames
@undisputed @MichaelRapaport Lakers aren’t trading for AD idiots. LAL told PELS if they didn’t complete deals months ago,they were not getting in bidding war. Please let NYK use all their assets in a trade;later if AD want to be in LA after next SZN LAL will be there.Lakers are keeping their pick&LA get FA!
16 May, 02:34 AM UTC
Casby ✊🏿
Fxck anybody who hating on The Pels we deserve that 1st pick the other teams got what they deserve, Our best player fxcked up our season, The Lakers got LeBron, New York fxck themselves by losing Kristaps, And the Grizzlies well they the Grizzlies so chill haters
16 May, 02:34 AM UTC
@icyyderrick @Whopppppp @AaronTheEra @PelicansNBA That tweet has nothing to do with winning the Pels could be the best team in the NBA and the Knicks would still be more relevant
16 May, 02:32 AM UTC
Ryan Lawless
I really don’t mind Zion in NOLA. I just want management to put some good pieces around him. If they do it right, the Pels will be a playoff team in 2 years
16 May, 02:31 AM UTC
🏁Mailbox Money Mikey 🏁
Hope zion doesn't play for the pels so they can draft the real start JA
16 May, 02:31 AM UTC
don’t be surprised sixers want young but to win now and pels wanna delvelope and holiday’s contract could be traded or expires, their record would still be bad enough to get lottery next year🧐don’t say I ain’t call it
16 May, 02:30 AM UTC
@DaltonGNOLA this isnt about the lakers. do the lakers use nfl trainers to train their players? is misty still affiliated with the pels? last time i checked, he is. do you even know who misty is???
16 May, 02:27 AM UTC
LBJ 23 _KingJames
@KnickFilmSchool @WindhorstESPN Please let the Knicks trade away their future for rental and maybe AD will sign a 4-5 year contract with them. LALs were done with PELs back in FEB; so, if AD want to be with Lakers he will sign a contract with Laker after next SZN. LAL will still be available..
16 May, 02:26 AM UTC
@JayWill_iAM @bayoubluedevil I don't either. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a trade although I can't imagine why the Pels would do this. Zion will embrace the city, fans, & his teammates wherever he plays. Zion was built up by the media to expect NY.
16 May, 02:26 AM UTC
Ryan C
@titowrestling The NBA already has a ton of issues with being top heavy. This will make it worse. Zion being with the Pels is fine. The NBA is as popular as its ever been. Zion will be seen. Hell, this might get AD to consider staying.
16 May, 02:26 AM UTC
@DaltonGNOLA @Allison_MFFL lol if you dont care thats cool, but clearly there has been criticism for the pels org because of their poor choice of personell. is misty still there?
16 May, 02:25 AM UTC
Fred Campbell
@ZionW32 please play for New Orleans #pels #pelicans #zion Fred Campbell's photo on Pels
16 May, 02:24 AM UTC
@knicktatorship Eli forced his way to the giants. I do think Zion has the credibility to be the first to boycott a franchise in the NBA. Pels are the worst option for Zion anything else would be in Zion's favor.
16 May, 02:24 AM UTC
Darius beard
@Williamsm1980 @espn @WindhorstESPN This is pissin me off now! The Pels are getting a huge makeover under Gayle and instead of trying to give us props they shit on us. Fuck LA and fuck NY. NY screwed themselves by getting Melo and giving up young talent, but ppl shit on us!
16 May, 02:24 AM UTC
Ethan Wayne
@KamBrothers To not keep the guy who would have kept what does that tell someone like zion? Pels dont get stars they had one and said nah brah
16 May, 02:23 AM UTC
@Anti_Basketix Mais ça aurait pu changer la saison des Pels avec un effectif différent peut-être, et donc plus forcément la même place à la lotterie ;)
16 May, 02:23 AM UTC