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Leicester City are awarded a penalty but it's overturned following a VAR review. 🔴 2-0 🦊 (44) #ARSLEI @Arsenal's photo on Penalty
13 Aug, 02:44 PM UTC
Cheri Jacobus
I now understand why we have the death penalty for espionage.
12 Aug, 11:06 PM UTC
Actu Foot
13 Aug, 07:24 PM UTC
All this Haaland slander lmaooo, he’s won a penalty, scored 2 and got an assist in two games when he’s still yet to play 90 minutes.
13 Aug, 04:15 PM UTC
no penalty on this play? if that was mahomes their ending the game early. @runbackdave's photo on Penalty
13 Aug, 05:25 PM UTC
Tomi T Ahonen Just Declassified Himself
THIS WEEK IN TRUMP / 8 And on top of that, we found out today that the Deparment of Justice has started a criminal investigation into Trump for ... espionage. This crime carries the death penalty as the maximum penalty. The forecast for Florida promises intense ketchup @tomiahonen's photo on Penalty
13 Aug, 01:06 AM UTC
Mbappé qui revient rate son penalty et gâche la dynamique des premiers matchs du PSG https://t.co/GU2hLpFSNK
13 Aug, 07:33 PM UTC
Arrêtez un Penalty de Mbappé, un coup franc de Messi tout ça pour prendre un CSC… Ça doit être dur mentalement
13 Aug, 07:42 PM UTC
Penalty pour Paris ! Mbappé laisse le ballon à Neymar… 👏
13 Aug, 07:42 PM UTC
Kylian Mbappé qui rate son penalty face à un gardien suisse https://t.co/69mRk4LMJA
13 Aug, 07:54 PM UTC
Neymar a réglé la question des tireurs de penalty. Merci de ta participation Kylian mais l’aventure s’arrête ici mdr
13 Aug, 07:44 PM UTC
Media Parisien
Neymar sur Penalty : 22/25 soit 88% de réussisse 🥵
13 Aug, 07:43 PM UTC
Enough with this penalty rotation, Neymar is the clear penalty taker. Case closed.
13 Aug, 07:32 PM UTC
Mbappe spoil penalty ah smh
13 Aug, 07:23 PM UTC
13 Aug, 07:44 PM UTC
Lewandowski looking for a penalty all game… Finished player this is not Bundasliga
13 Aug, 08:40 PM UTC
Penalty raté Mbappe va bouder jusqu’en 2025
13 Aug, 07:24 PM UTC
Football on BT Sport
He was denied the penalty in the first half but Kylian Mbappe is now off the mark for the season ✅ @btsportfootball's photo on Penalty
13 Aug, 08:31 PM UTC
Shanvi 💫
Messi & Ramos are players in the team but the Captain's are Marquinhos & Mbappe. Messi's penalty turn never comes 💀 Hakimi & Mbappe 🌈 P$G will never be good.
13 Aug, 08:01 PM UTC
R 🇮🇹
Ptdrrrrrrrrrrr le penalty pour Milan, oui la Serie A est bien de retour les amis
13 Aug, 04:41 PM UTC
kévin Diaz
Donc le PSG a le meilleur tireur de penalty de l’histoire du foot.. en la personne de Neymar! Mais c’est K.Mbappe qui tire maintenant? Ok.
13 Aug, 07:31 PM UTC
Le R™🏴‍☠️🇧🇷
Tout comme quand Cavani avait pris le penalty de force à Neymar, Mbappe rate… Dieu choisi toujours la JUSTICE.
13 Aug, 07:29 PM UTC
Andy Brown  🇺🇦🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
We need to totally eradicated these putrid Islamist extremists from our shores and make sure there is no way back in for any of them😡. Bring back the death penalty JK Rowling gets DEATH THREAT from Islamist after Salman Rushdie attack | Daily Mail Onlinep https://t.co/ZXnq6ZrVqg
13 Aug, 08:11 PM UTC
Adam Manseur
Mbappe le body language + la prestation pas ouf avec un pénalty raté … On va pas faire de conclusion hâtive mais c’est louche cette histoire
13 Aug, 08:19 PM UTC
infosfcb 
76' PENALTY APPEAL after Robert Lewandowski goes down under a challenge from the defender. All players chase the referee but he's not interested in the penalty claim. Play continues.
13 Aug, 08:43 PM UTC
Futurę Wòndér SŻN ☘️
I said it. Mbappe has come back from injury to ruin what Messi and Neymar is cooking in PSG, blud just missed a penalty! 😭😭😂
13 Aug, 07:24 PM UTC
Neymar quand Mbappe va s’approcher du point de penalty à l’avenir #PSGMHSC https://t.co/feJDzDm3E3
13 Aug, 07:46 PM UTC
Il marque et il fait la gueule je pleure ça va nous dire c’est pck c’est un compétiteur il repense au penalty raté
13 Aug, 08:27 PM UTC
22 - Neymar has scored 22 goals from the penalty spot (in 25 attempts) in Ligue 1 since his debut with Paris in 2017-18, more than any other player in this period. Samba. #PSGMHSC @OptaJean's photo on Penalty
13 Aug, 07:52 PM UTC
🔵🔴 PSG’s Neymar has now scored 22 goals from the penalty spot in 25 attempts in French Ligue 1 since his debut in 2017/18. 🎯No player has scored more than him from the penalty spot in this period. #PSGMHSC|#Neymar|#PSG|#UCL @alimo_philip's photo on Penalty
13 Aug, 08:12 PM UTC