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holy fuck BRUH ☠️ @spaceeong's photo on Penny
05 Aug, 06:05 PM UTC
Occupy Democrats
BREAKING: Alex Jones is hit with a staggering $44 million in punitive damages to the Sandy Hook parents from the jury — close to the max limit allowed under Texas law. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THE PARENTS DESERVE EVERY PENNY!
05 Aug, 09:57 PM UTC
guad 💫☄️
i hate babies with grown-ass names, no i ain’t holding WALTER 😭
05 Aug, 08:20 PM UTC
Robert Reich
Btw, the carried interest loophole is a pure scam. Private equity managers get this tax break even though they invest other peoples’ money. They don’t risk a penny of their own. Obama, Trump, and Biden promised to get rid of it. Why couldn't they deliver? Two words: Big Money.
05 Aug, 07:33 PM UTC
They are going to play checkers I think https://t.co/dl89qKMgyU
05 Aug, 07:00 PM UTC
Yboon ( commission is not open rn )
Penny again but Ultra Thicc https://t.co/JwDRdINzqI
05 Aug, 05:35 PM UTC
Yennifer 🇭🇳
I’m so glad my parents raised me the way they did. I do not be on no weird shit.
05 Aug, 01:13 PM UTC
アイシャさん好きだから今期はありがたい✨ https://t.co/wHFKvfL63N
06 Aug, 05:08 AM UTC
Stephen Miller
Only our corrupt media could declare Biden to be on a roll because—while people are dying at our bleeding border and being slaughtered by criminals in our streets—Manchin’s unleashing an army of IRS enforcers to wring every available penny from our inflation-ravaged middle class.
06 Aug, 12:06 AM UTC
Gerph ☕
😵‍💫 Mint-butt Propaganda 🍑 https://t.co/KUe4XHcVsL
06 Aug, 04:39 AM UTC
💙ボタン/️Penny❤️ #ポケモンイラスト #PokemonScarletViolet #pokemon https://t.co/5e1vvcHwUo
05 Aug, 10:58 PM UTC
Laura Lian
Pleased to announce the temporary installation of my John Lennon Peace Statue at Penny Lane/Liverpool. Unveiling on Thursday 25th at 11 am #JohnLennon #Peace #Imagine #Statue #bronze #Publicart #Liverpool #PennyLane #bronzestatue https://t.co/Tm1aByw5rT
05 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
Mark Minervini Quotes
"I went six consecutive years without making a penny while pursuing stock trading. Along the way I had days I when I almost threw in the towel and gave up. However, I knew the power of persistence."
05 Aug, 07:50 PM UTC
i truly don't like people who are so comfortable with playing with your feelings especially knowing how you feel about them...
06 Aug, 12:43 AM UTC
Will Glasgow
What a photo: Australian FM Penny Wong gives China’s Wang Yi her “not impressed” look. Eleven ballistic missiles and rising will do that… @wmdglasgow's photo on Penny
05 Aug, 11:02 AM UTC
Dancing Queen 🛼🛼🪩
🇦🇺Foreign Minister Penny Wong walked out of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference in Cambodia as Sergei Lazrov was speaking. Penny Wong could not stand still as she listened to "Lavrov's attempt to justify the murder of innocent Ukrainians". 👌🫡🛼🛼 https://t.co/ngeZpEDA5h
05 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
Abid - LKG UKG 5thStd 10thStd 12thStd BTech MBA
My friend lost all his money trading penny stocks and got into depression. I asked him to move to crypto. Anxiety is easier to treat
06 Aug, 04:26 AM UTC
penny nickel dime quarter #PokemonScarletViolet #artwork https://t.co/BLSOg5mZdd
05 Aug, 07:50 PM UTC
@SenTedCruz Weird how Rafael never said a peep when he added $7.8 Trillion to our national debt in FOUR YEARS WHICH EVERYDAY AMERICANS ARE PAYING FOR YET NEVER SAW ONE PENNY https://t.co/Pla85WHN3y
06 Aug, 01:44 AM UTC
Happy Birthday to actress, director and producer Chip Fields. Best known for being Penny’s mother on Good Times and Regine’s mother on Living Single. Her daughters are actresses Kim Fields and Alexis Fields. https://t.co/oXJbvGgzxt
05 Aug, 05:45 PM UTC
Love being a Black girl.
06 Aug, 01:20 AM UTC
Call Me Sin
How TF they clothes come off that fast? https://t.co/17jOvd0240
05 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
I’m fine as fuck … just thought y’all should know that I know 🤷🏾‍♀️
06 Aug, 03:16 AM UTC
Home Ground
#秦基博 オフィシャルファンクラブ Home Ground⚾️ お申込み受付中案件まとめ📝 その☝️ 初のFCツアー🗾 チケット2次受付中❗️(〜8/22) 9/30名古屋DIAMOND HALL 10/8オリックス劇場 10/13仙台Rensa 10/23福岡スカラエスパシオ  ※福岡のみ二次受付なし 10/27札幌PENNY LANE 24 11/3中野サンプラザ https://t.co/zyUBjzSMPF
06 Aug, 04:42 AM UTC
Metta Bhavana "the individual in question" #jabbed
...when US congressional leader, Nancy Pelosi travelled to Taiwan, the Australian response, led by Foreign Minister Penny Wong, could not have been more spot-on in substance and delivered with greater diplomatic skill. https://t.co/3XGzqj5yRj https://t.co/UHaoB8vRTo
06 Aug, 02:09 AM UTC
Play Station has sneakily introduced NFTs. Sony is milking their users for every penny. Another L for Play Station https://t.co/HwZ6lgD56S
05 Aug, 05:22 PM UTC
Ignoble Jim Houghton
It seems Penny Wong is one of the few people in Western politics who can acknowledge that China's behaviour is not great, but that escalation and confrontation should not be an unconscious, Pavlovian response. A true non-binary politician in the thinking sense.
06 Aug, 05:12 AM UTC
\/ence |Open Commissions|
This Penny is worth millions 💰 #PokemonScarletViolet #Pokemon #art #Penny #ScarletViolet https://t.co/zxRKrR4l41
06 Aug, 04:01 AM UTC
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05 Aug, 07:00 PM UTC
Michael “oplopanax” Coyle
They deserve every penny and frankly Jones should be in jail for the harms he has continually and maliciously perpetrated. https://t.co/OFK7ePOpol
06 Aug, 12:32 AM UTC