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Nancy Pelosi
The Trump Admin’s toxic agenda is threatening the health & wellbeing of children & families all across the nation. #PeopleOverPolluters https://t.co/9mAXh63bfg
11 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
Nancy Pelosi
I’ll be joining fellow @HouseDemocrats to speak out against the Trump Admin’s toxic agenda at 2 pm ET. #PeopleOverPolluters Tune in here: https://t.co/Z0iGezf6ux
11 Jul, 05:56 PM UTC
US Rep Kathy Castor
Join me and @HouseDemocrats at 2 PM as we talk about #PeopleOverPolluters and the consequences of Trump Administration’s corrupt agenda on public health and the environment https://t.co/AaNCZ5zkbS
11 Jul, 05:53 PM UTC
Mary Ellen Kustin
Former Marine Sergeant Peggy Price: water contaminants at Camp Lejeune led to so many of the things that my children and I had gone though. I discovered the truth by accident and it’s been a nightmare ever since. https://t.co/SvVVczErug #PeopleOverPolluters Mary Ellen Kustin's photo on #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 04:06 PM UTC
Watch LIVE the #PeopleOverPolluters Forum with @HouseDemocrats on the dangers of the Trump Administration’s attacks on the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities: https://t.co/PXVVrKvy5L https://t.co/GjCL2ghha0
11 Jul, 06:08 PM UTC
Mary Ellen Kustin
Fmr Marine Sgt Peggy Price: the gov’t has never taken contaminated water seriously enough, and under Trump, it’s favored chemical companies over public health. We need the EPA to carry out its mission to protect us and our children. https://t.co/SvVVczW2SQ #PeopleOverPolluters Mary Ellen Kustin's photo on #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 04:38 PM UTC
Earl Blumenauer
Catering to polluting industries, Trump & his cronies are threatening our clean water, clean air, and climate. Democrats are resisting their assaults & demanding #PeopleOverPolluters. Earl Blumenauer's photo on #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 07:05 PM UTC
Safe Climate Caucus
We cannot continue to put the interests of big polluters over our communities and the natural environment. It's time to #ActOnClimate. It's time to put #PeopleOverPolluters https://t.co/wNsgCPgvuO
11 Jul, 07:10 PM UTC
⚓️❤️✝️ ʂɧąʑ Ƈơ۷ʄɛʄɛ ✝️❤️⚓️
I’ll tell you what’s toxic Nancy! My city reeks of homelessness, garbage, tents, needles, feces and urine! The hashtag #PeopleOverPolluters is so appropriate don’t you think? #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/S3cxeArFCd
11 Jul, 10:06 PM UTC
Sally Hardin
“I shouldn’t have to be in spending my summer in Washington DC advocating for clean air...I shouldn’t have to hear my mom tell our story over and over.” ~12 year old Logan with @CleanAirMoms tells us why Congress needs to put #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 06:59 PM UTC
Emi 🇵🇷 Feisty Boricua Ⓥ wi wi fite dem back
#WednesdayWisdom #PeopleOverPolluters unless you are a Trump supporter and are okay with increasing your chances of getting diabetes.... (insulin is expensive too) https://t.co/8uNxbngLJ1
11 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
Zero Hour
Excited to see #PeopleOverPolluters trending! Fossil fuel organizations are damaging our communities, and corrupting our beautiful planet.
11 Jul, 07:09 PM UTC
Food & Water Watch
If we fail to put #PeopleOverPolluters, we will face monster heat waves where the heat index hits 131 degrees every other year by the end of this century. Join us to move our country #OffFossilFuels: https://t.co/IylK038l2U https://t.co/Dj7fvOhyPA
11 Jul, 08:59 PM UTC
We can’t afford more attacks on our country’s land, air and water. @HouseDemocrats are fighting for an agenda that protects #PeopleOverPolluters https://t.co/hRTCzVnMf0
11 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Me so Smarmy
#PeopleOverPolluters Thanks for that and there's this..... Me so Smarmy's photo on #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 08:04 PM UTC
.@NancyPelosi speaks on the need to put #PeopleOverPolluters: “We’re for clean water, clean air, and clean government.” LCV's photo on #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 07:04 PM UTC
GreenLatinos supports our Board Member @Robert_Garcia of the @CityProjectCA as he testifies at #PeopleOverPolluters forum held by Dem Leader @NancyPelosi! Thank you for standing up for our communities. #LWCF #NatureForAll #GreenLatinos #GreenLatinos's photo on #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 07:13 PM UTC
Kenzie Landa
@HouseDemocrats are committed to protecting the water we drink and the air we breathe, and to preserving cherished national parks and public lands. #PeopleOverPolluters Kenzie Landa's photo on #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 09:57 PM UTC
Rep. Donald McEachin
This Administration's addiction to corruption has dangerous consequences for all of us. You can watch the #PeopleOverPolluters forum #LIVE as we discuss the impacts we face on our nation's air, water, and public lands. https://t.co/dnW6cmC6aZ
11 Jul, 06:57 PM UTC
Sally Hardin
“I have said of my own children, I would do anything for them—but I can’t guarantee the safety of the air they breathe and the water they drink. That’s public policy.” ~@NancyPelosi at #PeopleOverPolluters forum
11 Jul, 07:03 PM UTC
Sierra Club Live
“If we don’t speak up, our health is on the line. Kids shouldn’t have to worry about air pollution, climate change, or drinking dirty water” - 12 yr old with @CleanAirMoms speaks on the dangers of chemical exposure #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 07:18 PM UTC
Wesley Anne Beggs
Proud to be a part of this morning's press conference which brought attention to Benderson Development's illegal removal of accessible parking. We will not let the development community bend and breaks rules as they see fit! #Corruption #PeopleOverPolluters #winwithwesley https://t.co/5FlrDRcxkB
11 Jul, 07:47 PM UTC
Rep. Donald McEachin
I thank our excellent witnesses for sharing their knowledge about what exactly is at stake, and why it matters.#PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 10:04 PM UTC
Democrat ran Left-Wing Antifa Terrorists ‘Freaking Out’ over Proposed ‘Unmasking’ #PeopleOverPolluters #NATO #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/fmqtPuD9Hh
11 Jul, 10:37 PM UTC
⚓️❤️✝️ ʂɧąʑ Ƈơ۷ʄɛʄɛ ✝️❤️⚓️
@wgd1601 It irks me that she has to the nerve to call Trumps agenda “toxic”? And uses the hashtag #PeopleOverPolluters and San Francisco is becoming a SEWER!
11 Jul, 10:30 PM UTC
Donald Trump Fighting for American Farmers at NATO! Democrats don’t stand up for Americans time to #walkaway from Democrats, they are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars resisting Trump, Enough is enough! #NATO #WednesdayWisdom #PeopleOverPolluters https://t.co/xTyZAIChHH
11 Jul, 10:34 PM UTC
CAP Energy Policy
ICYMI: watch former Marine Sergeant Peggy Price's moving testimony on how water pollution has impacted her and her family: https://t.co/pt8FdhbiE6 #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 09:17 PM UTC
Democrat controlled state govs are blocking fed energy infrastructure supported by Trump “for the sole reason of politics” Democrats are immature sore losers & unfit for leadership, #walkaway from them all #NATO #PeopleOverPolluters #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/BeTau3T4Ui
11 Jul, 10:22 PM UTC
Billion Oyster
Thanks to all fighting for #PeopleOverPolluters. It's the humane thing to do, and our future depends on it.
11 Jul, 10:30 PM UTC
Danny Weiss
#PeopleoverPolluters @CleanAirMoms and @HouseDemocrats sending strong message that even though #bootpruitt succeeded and he is gone, special interest corruption in this Administration and Congress is still a threat to clean water and clean air. https://t.co/8zvpAVS3B3
11 Jul, 09:25 PM UTC
#PeopleOverPolluters Is Obama still polluting America with his cigarette butts?
11 Jul, 10:58 PM UTC
Her city is pretty polluted. The sidewalks are toxic. #PeopleOverPolluters https://t.co/H4TnMyc8dl
11 Jul, 10:56 PM UTC
I dumped my dirty oil in a creek today because of this hashtag. Kill the whales, cut down the trees, and step on a kitten #PeopleOverPolluters
11 Jul, 10:55 PM UTC
#PeopleOverPolluters ? This is fun! #PuppiesOverPedophiles #KittensOverKillers #CupcakesOverCorruption #SmilesOverSmells #FeelzOverFacts …
11 Jul, 10:53 PM UTC
Wow, how can you fail to influence policy with a thoughtful slogan like #PeopleOverPolluters?
11 Jul, 10:35 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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