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Jon Ossoff
David Perdue lined his own pockets – trading medical stocks and dumping casino shares – while he lied to us about the threat of a virus that's now killed over 220,000 Americans. He doesn't deserve to be re-elected. #GASen #GASenDebate @ossoff's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 12:02 AM UTC
A Worried Citizen
WOW - @ossoff utterly shreds Sen. Perdue here. I hope we flip this seat. @ThePubliusUSA's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 02:39 AM UTC
Jon Ossoff
Sen. David Perdue doesn't deserve to be re-elected. @ossoff's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 03:29 AM UTC
Eric Feigl-Ding
🔥BLISTERING SPEECH. @ossoff completely destroys Perdue in Georgia senate debate—for Perdue dismissing #COVID19 pandemic as nothing but the flu, for ignoring health warnings, & voting 4 times to deny protections for pre-existing conditions. #GASenateDebate @DrEricDing's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 03:22 AM UTC
Nate Cohn
Democrats takes the lead in Georgia, according to Monmouth Biden+4, 50-46 (previously Trump+2) Ossoff+2, 49-47 (previously Perdue+5) Warnock well ahead in both runoffs
28 Oct, 05:00 PM UTC
Jon Ossoff
BREAKING: NEW #GASen POLL: Ossoff: 49% (!!!) Perdue: 46% Folks, we have officially surged into the lead in Georgia! Chip in $5 to defend it >>
28 Oct, 06:46 PM UTC
Meena Harris
Senator Perdue been real quiet since he got dragged for mocking @KamalaHarris’ name. He literally said 😶😶😶😶. @meenaharris's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 03:33 AM UTC
John Aravosis 🇺🇸🇬🇷🏳️‍🌈
I’d like to report a murder. Jon Ossoff slays GOP opponent Perdue in Georgia US Senate debate. @aravosis's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 02:50 AM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Jon Ossoff to David Perdue: "You shouldn't do everything that your handlers in Washington tell you to – because you'll lose your soul along the way."
29 Oct, 02:30 AM UTC
Jon Ossoff
Sen. David Perdue is a man without vision or integrity. Instead of leading and inspiring, he stoops to mocking the heritage of his political opponents. Georgia is finished with David Perdue. @ossoff's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 12:26 AM UTC
Richard Yeselson
This has to be the most righteous 72 seconds of Jon Ossoff’s life. Perdue looks like he’s in a lineup.
29 Oct, 03:27 AM UTC
The Hoarse Whisperer
Jon Ossoff just takes the lumber to David Perdue - his Trumpian sleazeball opponent. “It’s not just that you’re a crook...” Oof. That’s going to leave a mark. @TheRealHoarse's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 03:57 AM UTC
Jon Ossoff
NEW: Mitch McConnell’s super PAC is pouring millions into Georgia days before the election to narrow my lead against Sen. David Perdue. Chip $5 before I hit the debate stage >> @ossoff's photo on Perdue
28 Oct, 10:56 PM UTC
Jon Ossoff
Folks, we're 5 days out and I'm narrowly leading Sen. Perdue in the polls. Chip in $1 to end his career:
29 Oct, 04:15 AM UTC
This video is on par with Theresa Greenfield's price of corn video. Ossoff absolutely destroys a deer in headlights Perdue. I am thoroughly impressed by @Ossoff. Let's get him to 50% and a straight win in the senate election.
29 Oct, 03:49 AM UTC
The Notorious ROY G BIV
@ProjectLincoln Can tell Perdue is very worried because a) he's never once mentioned Trump in his ads and b) in his new commercials today he's conspicuously wearing a mask for the first time.
29 Oct, 03:20 AM UTC
@ossoff I am in awe of your precision take down of Perdue. YOU deserve to be elected. You have the potential to be the voice in the Senate that Al Franken once was, imo.
29 Oct, 03:46 AM UTC
Noah Berlatsky
I think this moment when Perdue raises his hand like a drowning man reaching for help and then just gives up and sinks into the embrace of oblivion is my favorite. @nberlat's photo on Perdue
29 Oct, 04:05 AM UTC
Frida Ghitis
This is a devastating attack by @ossoff, running for Senate against Sen David Perdue of Georgia
29 Oct, 04:13 AM UTC
#DemCastGA 1-888-OUR-VOTE
Now we know WHY @sendavidperdue has NEVER had a town hall and only sees constituents who donate to his campaign. When @ossoff confronted @Perduesenate with his evil voting record and recorded words, David Perdue responded: 😳 *crickets* Perdue’s a crook, and he knows it.
29 Oct, 03:28 AM UTC
After watching Jon Ossoff dissect and destroy Perdue, I am feeling bullish about Dems gaining a sizeable majority in the Senate.. 54 Dem Senators is possible. Let's make it happen. #FlipTheSenate Support @Ossoff, @ReverendWarnock (GA), @stevebullockmt (MT), @harrisonjaime (SC)
29 Oct, 04:14 AM UTC
Methane Mad Man
Perdue made himself a punching bag... now Jon Ossoff is doing some speed work.
29 Oct, 04:03 AM UTC
Henry Kraemer 🧦🌇🚎
Tfw you've watched an amazing TV show and you want your friends to watch it so you can talk about it but for that clip of Ossoff bodying Perdue.
29 Oct, 04:28 AM UTC
Truth Matters
Perdue is the epitome of the corrupt GOP policies that support lining their pockets, support big corporations and screw the people!
29 Oct, 03:34 AM UTC
Linda Wasson
Perdue stands there swaying like the Erik Trump character on SNL
29 Oct, 04:26 AM UTC
Mike Rickard
For those of you who can vote for @ossoff, please watch this! Jon Ossoff is the type of fearless, unbeholden type of leader we need. PS. Look how uncomfortable Perdue is rocking side to side. Let’s vote him out.
29 Oct, 04:30 AM UTC
Maj Gaga
Already did! Perdue has got to go! Maybe with a real DOJ he will even face charges for the insider trading.
29 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
Liz Hamilton
Just donated to @ossoff and you should too! We can win Georgia. David Perdue needs to go
29 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
@psychicmediumje Perdue is an insider trader (cleared ethics investigation - HA!) who care absolutely NOTHING about his constituents. He’s in lockstep with Trump, just like Loeffler. I voted for Ossoff.
29 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
@TheRealHoarse I thought Perdue was going to break down in a hardy sob.
29 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC

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