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I have a new favourite Mick Lynch video. Emily Thornberry's face 😂 #Peston https://t.co/4yBxX1ecmh
22 Jun, 09:16 PM UTC
Cllr Leo Montague
Mick Lynch making a fantastic point on @Peston. Government puts up, without fail, rail fares by RPI each year. Yet the workers are denied an RPI based pay increase. The government has roundly lost the argument on these strikes, but they press ahead for political reasons.
22 Jun, 10:10 PM UTC
“It feels like unions are opposing modernisation” “You don’t know that, you haven’t been in our position” Watch @RobertJenrick and Mick Lynch clash over the reasons why @RMTUnion members have been striking on @ITV at 10.45pm #Peston @itvpeston's photo on Peston
22 Jun, 09:14 PM UTC
Jamie Carragher
Mick Lynch was fantastic on #Peston Robert Genrick lost the argument with Mick, just like everybody else this week!
22 Jun, 10:12 PM UTC
Robert Peston
Mick Lynch of @RMTunion is on the #Peston show tonight. What's the very silliest question I could ask him?
22 Jun, 03:00 PM UTC
Daniela Nadj
It looks like support for the Tories in the blue wall seats is diminishing a lot. Come on Tiverton and Honiton, let's make it happen!#Peston
22 Jun, 10:25 PM UTC
Enjoy Mick Lynch taking ‘Moscow Bob’ Jenrick to the cleaners. #Peston https://t.co/yujhmtZWoR
22 Jun, 10:23 PM UTC
“Employers are ready to do a deal with us, the government are stopping them negotiating” @RMTUnion Leader Mick Lynch suggests the government prevented progress in today’s negotiations between employers and trade unions, meaning strike action will continue. #Peston @itvpeston's photo on Peston
22 Jun, 09:57 PM UTC
Just when you think #MickLynch can't get any better he simply AGAIN destroys another Tory in @RobertJenrick on #peston Just watch @EmilyThornberry face at the end 😆. Mick is the gift that keeps on giving. 👏 #RailStrikes #ToryRailStrikes https://t.co/pQ5wzPwTiE
22 Jun, 10:17 PM UTC
Saul Staniforth
"They want to close every ticket office, we have to adopt different contracts of employment, a form of fire&rehire where all new entrants will have lower wages, & they're going to extend the working week. Now this is a form of what P&O did". Mick Lynch of the @RMTunion on #Peston https://t.co/qeKA9yVsng
23 Jun, 05:09 AM UTC
Laura Franchetti
Robert Jenrick annihilated on #Peston by Mick Lynch. Another arse, another platter. @RMTunion https://t.co/NRtNo4L5JM
22 Jun, 09:18 PM UTC
paulusthewoodgnome 🇺🇦💙
'Before the last election, ministers chose 101 towns in England for a £25m boost to their economies. 61 were chosen at the discretion of ministers led by Robert Jenrick. All but one were Tory-held seats or Tory targets before the election.' #peston https://t.co/04dIntQzJL
22 Jun, 10:26 PM UTC
Sir Lord Walk 4 EU #JohnsonOut
Robert Jenrick on #Peston said "everyone is going to be worse off" Are they? David Cameron told us we were all in it together during #ToryAusterity. Yet, not one Tory politician became poorer whilst we all suffered. No Tory politician will get poorer this time again. #ToryLies
22 Jun, 09:55 PM UTC
@Lou_IzIs @Peston When you realise you're in too deep. 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/2FVRqloOKJ
22 Jun, 10:34 PM UTC
🏳‍🌈 Frank 🇪🇺 🇺🇦
When asked by Peston last night if RMT made a mistake recommending voting for #Brexit that bloke Mick Lynch said "No, I don’t think we did make a mistake." I support the strikes. I don't support Lynch's pro-Brexit views. Irresponsible!
23 Jun, 06:25 AM UTC
FishGirls23 💙 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 NHSPay15
I really think that @BorisJohnson will never meet Mick Lynch for a face to face discussion. He simply would not last. So he sent Jenrick. Now Jenrick is looking for mummy! #peston
22 Jun, 10:06 PM UTC
Tom Scott 🇺🇦
Hey Robert Jenrick - if the government is really interested in getting people back onto trains, how about doing what the German government has done & offering unlimited train travel for €9 a month? This also helps people get out of their cars & save on fuel. #Peston https://t.co/Ow6DvZf6vy
22 Jun, 10:26 PM UTC
Andrew 🇺🇦🇪🇺🩸
Jenrick “No one knows what Labour stands for” We all know what the Tories stand for, shafting everyone who isn’t a millionaire #Peston #JohnsonOut149
22 Jun, 10:10 PM UTC
Now you know why journalists don’t want to ask #MickLynch what the #RMTstrikes are all about. He’s demolishing the government’s soundbite bollocks and taking them to task. It’s Glorious! #CostofLivingCrisis #Peston
22 Jun, 10:10 PM UTC
Trevor Lambert #SaveTheBBC
@chels1_chels @Peston @RMTunion Well, Arthur claimed the Tories were hell-bent on unnecessary pit closures and on provoking a nationalised industry to strike so they could put the uppity working classes in their place. The release of official government papers showed he was spot on.
22 Jun, 03:15 PM UTC
Catio Miles 🌎 💫 🇺🇦
@itvpeston @Peston Because of RMT support for #Brexit (they wrongly blamed the EU and not the Tory government for working conditions) our country is £120 billion poorer and can’t afford paying his members proper salaries. Fact.
22 Jun, 10:22 PM UTC
Tom Delargy #PeaceAndJustice #AbolishTheMonarchy
Emily Thornberry is a fucking idiot and an enemy of the trade unions who created the Labour Party. Get her out of parliament. Get all Keir Starmer's bastards out of parliament. #Peston
22 Jun, 10:31 PM UTC
Fintan McCarthy💙
@AaronBastani And sets out clearly the issues involved in the dispute, indicating they go beyond pay. #Peston #RMTsolidarity https://t.co/ylbxoCb2W2
23 Jun, 03:37 AM UTC
@BillyVacant He was on Peston last night saying he didn’t think Brexit was a mistake.
23 Jun, 07:15 AM UTC
Girlyswot Spider🌻 💙 🌎 🌱🕷🇪🇺
@mrjamesob Agreed. But (confirmed on Peston last night) he still supports Brexit.... which is part of the reason we’re in this mess.
23 Jun, 07:43 AM UTC
Oldlongdog @ReBootGb
@Peston The tories are putting pensions up 10% because old people are more likely to vote for them. It's the same reason bus passes and blue (disabled) badges are eligible for voter ID but student travel passes are not. It's a blatant electoral bribe. #ToriesUnfitToGovern #ToriesOutNow
23 Jun, 05:11 AM UTC
adam 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
@cymrurouge @Peston @RMTunion think he is taking the piss out of certain "journalists" who have asked him some ridiculous questions. from what I've seen peston was one of the few journalists to treat him with respect
23 Jun, 07:44 AM UTC
Girlyswot Spider🌻 💙 🌎 🌱🕷🇪🇺
@danielgoyal Except. He still supports Brexit as did the RMT in 2016. He confirmed on Peston last night...... And Brexit is a big part of the reason we are in this mess.....
23 Jun, 07:42 AM UTC
@gllnkk @NeilProcter5 @Peston @grantshapps @RMTunion He seems to be worth a lot more than grant shapps. If you want to bring up salaries. PhD physics 31k/year. Far more skilled than a nurse
23 Jun, 07:45 AM UTC