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pete davidson saving snl per usual @petearchivess's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 05:17 AM UTC
me on my way to pete davidson every time he does another chad sketch #SNL @kathleen_hanley's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 04:46 AM UTC
m a d a
pete davidson getting told he has to come in and fix everything at the end of the episode @MadalyneStanden's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 05:24 AM UTC
z3r0f^cks Max➐🌱🐋
Pete Davidson is a gem. Chad @Zinnsgh0st's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 04:51 AM UTC
Marvel fan account
How Pete Davidson gonna be at the #snl after party after having the only good sketch of the night @loqqoooo's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 04:56 AM UTC
Michael Sheetz
Elon Musk: "I want the world to see the man who gave everything to ensure that humanity's future will be among the stars." Pete Davidson, a careless Martian astronaut: "Okay" @thesheetztweetz's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 04:50 AM UTC
goodnight to pete davidson, steve buscemi, and pete davidson as steve buscemi
09 May, 05:09 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec
Is there anything more trash-status than a Pete Davidson fanboy?
09 May, 05:32 AM UTC
Pete davidson looks a white dude in blackface in whiteface
09 May, 04:56 AM UTC
You’re a hero, Chad! The sketch that saved tonight’s episode. Pete Davidson is super hilarious lmao. #SNL @Wirjil's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 07:33 AM UTC
Jenny Johnson
I’m eagerly waiting for Pete Davidson to start dating Melinda Gates.
09 May, 08:32 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec
Yeah that was weird to me too Saw that SpaceX sketch, Pete Davidson is not even a little bit funny
09 May, 05:30 AM UTC
LAT Entertainment
.@elonmusk is about to make his controversial “Saturday Night Live” debut. Here's why it is a notable moment for the variety program
08 May, 04:57 PM UTC
LAT Entertainment
Musk will be the 1st person to host the 46-year-old show who is not an athlete or entertainer since former President Donald Trump in 2015. That's not all: @latimesent's photo on Pete Davidson
08 May, 04:57 PM UTC
Corna King
Pete Davidson meeting up with the snl cast like
09 May, 12:58 PM UTC
sofi the broccoli
pete davidson carrying this show on his skinny shoulders ik his back hurts <\3
09 May, 04:45 AM UTC
Pete Davidson as Steve Buscemi?? IM SCREAMING #SNL
09 May, 04:07 AM UTC
Comedy Movie Starring Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson
09 May, 05:20 AM UTC
Miley Smiler News
Chad On Mars - SNL Miley Cyrus • Elon Musk • Pete Davidson
09 May, 01:08 PM UTC
sidney ♡︎ ♦️🍄
i’m proud of pete davidson (:
09 May, 08:30 AM UTC
LAT Entertainment
Musk will be the first non-entertainer to host an episode of the series since Houston Texans lineman J.J. Watt made his “SNL” debut more than a year ago. It is a noteworthy departure: @latimesent's photo on Pete Davidson
08 May, 04:57 PM UTC
@OwenMohler @PeteTheGreek13 @stoolpresidente Pete Davidson is one of the least funny people I've ever seen. Kate and Keegan are good tho.
09 May, 04:09 AM UTC
Arabelle Raphael
Pete Davidson said that pornstars were terrible human beings so nothing he says will ever funny to me.
09 May, 02:10 PM UTC
The Mars mission is saved on 'SNL' when Elon Musk finds a hero in... Chad @mashable's photo on Pete Davidson
09 May, 01:51 PM UTC
Ted Bird
Didn’t watch Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus on SNL because I’m usually peeing between 11:30pm-1am, but I thought they were both pretty good in this skit (although it was Pete Davidson who really made the bit work).
09 May, 01:29 PM UTC
prachi :)
pete davidson is literally so hot, argue with the wall
09 May, 06:51 AM UTC
UR | Xyless
Plenty of things are worse than being a Pete Davidson fanboy (he’s actually pretty funny on Weekend Update). The actual most trash-status is being a Trump fanboy, especially one that works at OANN.
09 May, 02:29 PM UTC
ŠåfęMødêPrïčē 🖤
I really hope SNL just goes off air soon bc Pete Davidson isn’t funny and now he’s their savior...
09 May, 02:24 PM UTC
Pete Davidson really isn’t that funny 🤷🏻‍♂️I understand comedy is subjective but shitty one liner characters are beyond cliche.
09 May, 02:30 PM UTC
@seandwigans Man, the show has been in free fall for years. It’s not good. If Pete Davidson is your funniest member? That’s bad, cuz he isn’t. Ratings tell the tale. But humor is subjective, so, if you enjoy it, cheers. Not here to yuck your yum.
09 May, 02:30 PM UTC