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Pete Seeger was born on this day in 1919. Few figures in American history have lived as influential and deeply radical lives as he did. Let's celebrate him.
03 May, 10:00 AM UTC
Matthew Dowd
Happy bday songwriter/folk artist/activist Pete Seeger, b 1919. Wrote so so many moving folk songs. “Participation - that's what's gonna save the human race.”
03 May, 11:22 AM UTC
Maria Popova
“All of us, we’re links in a chain. And if we do our job right, there will be many, many links to come.” Pete Seeger, born on this day in 1919, on creativity:
03 May, 12:01 PM UTC
Zinn Ed Project
Born #tdih May 3: Septima Poinsette Clark (1898), Pete Seeger (1919), James Brown (1933). Truthtellers. Literacy and music for liberation.
03 May, 11:35 AM UTC
Classic Rock In Pics
American folk singer and activist Pete Seeger was born this day in 1919 in Manhattan, New York City,
03 May, 12:30 PM UTC
Van Dyke Parks
Pete Seeger was born May 3, 1919. @thevandykeparks's photo on Pete Seeger
03 May, 03:09 AM UTC
Remembering #PeteSeeger today, born 102 years ago on May 3, 1919 | Explore his musical legacy—including audio & video highlights—here:
03 May, 12:15 PM UTC
Ellen Fishman, J.D.
Clearly recall seeing Pete Seeger at JFK Airport with a banjo strapped to his back, kindly answering my brother's question about how to get a hard-to-find album
03 May, 12:49 PM UTC
Purple Beacon
Legendary American folk singer songwriter, guitarist, banjo player and multi instrumentalist Pete Seeger, was born on this day in Manhattan, New York in 1919. 🌹
03 May, 09:55 AM UTC
Dylan Lineger
Pete Seeger was born May 3, 1919 (d. 2014). He was an activist and musician. After being blacklisted with the Weavers in the 50s he popped in the 60s with protest music. His songs and enthusiasm became hallmarks with civil rights, labour, environmental and demilitarizion crowds.
03 May, 10:38 AM UTC
Ophelia 🏴🌲
It's Pete Seeger's bday today :))
03 May, 01:12 PM UTC
Beinecke Library
Pete Seeger b. #OTD 1919 MIMEOGRAPH POWER, 1976, attachment in letter to Walter Lowenfels from PS ("Did you know that I was a mimeograph freak? Every since age 12.") in WL Papers @YCAL_JWJ
03 May, 12:55 PM UTC
Andy Weissman
Happy birthday Pete Seeger Born in NYC Married to Toshi for 70 years Refused to plead the 5th and name names before the Congress in '55, was convicted and blacklisted as a result “The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known"
03 May, 01:40 PM UTC
Muppet Wiki 🌿 (est. 2005)
Legendary folk singer and political activist Pete Seeger was #BornOnThisDay in 1919. He would make over a dozen appearances on Sesame Street (some waiting to be rediscovered) and recorded an album for the show with Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick in 1974.
03 May, 01:16 PM UTC
no justice - just us. ⌛️
Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger
03 May, 01:34 PM UTC
Matthew Zeitlin
pete seeger reading abiyoyo is a problem 😤😤😤
03 May, 01:26 PM UTC
Pass HR1 For the People Act😷❤️
@matthewjdowd ❤️For Pete Seeger A true freedom fighter “What Did You Learn In School Today” HR1 For the People Let the people vote 😷
03 May, 12:57 PM UTC
Rosenberg Fund
Remembering our dear Advisory Board member in memoriam, Pete Seeger, today on his birthday 🎂
03 May, 01:42 PM UTC
As we honor Pete Seeger’s birthday today, take a look into the #RinzlerArchives with Jeff Place, who has fostered a collection of Seeger’s recordings, photographs, letters, and more.
03 May, 01:05 PM UTC
#Nowplaying Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) [Live] - Pete Seeger (Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits) #HBD #PeteSeeger
03 May, 12:54 PM UTC
Happy Birthday Pete Seeger
03 May, 12:52 PM UTC
Marco Frieri
“Education is what you get when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't.” - Pete Seeger
03 May, 12:47 PM UTC
mark gothko (still smirmx tho)
All the best birthdays are this week. Pete Seeger today, smirmx tomorrow, Marx on Wednesday. truly a taurus power week.
03 May, 01:42 PM UTC
The Progressive
Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger
03 May, 01:31 PM UTC
Robert Homans
Even though Pete Seeger went to Harvard, he was a very wise person.
03 May, 01:19 PM UTC
WNMC Radio Playlist
Now Playing, Judy Collins & Pete Seeger — Union Main from A Tribute To Woody Guthrie #music #Folk
03 May, 01:15 PM UTC
Tema Eve
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03 May, 01:11 PM UTC
@ThorkeIsoon Pete Seeger #BOTD; did you know?
03 May, 01:11 PM UTC