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mass ave curmudgeon πŸŽƒ
Oh great, now you got Peter Frampton mad!
09 Oct, 02:33 AM UTC
Premier Guitar
#ICYMI We premiered a live instrumental of β€œGeorgia on My Mind,” played by the beloved @peterframpton on his current farewell tour:
08 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC
Boo-risma Executive Board Member
I never thought I would have to say this sentence, but please be advised that Peter Frampton is not an attorney.
09 Oct, 02:11 AM UTC
🌲 Kate 🌲
@peterframpton @Frogerta Well, jeez Louise. Peter Frampton speaks out about subpoenas. I think we all agree with what he says. But I didn't see that coming, Mr. Frampton. You keep on keepin' on, please. And really, we feel like you do.
09 Oct, 01:59 AM UTC
πŸ†˜ New Account, Who Dis?
Peter Frampton is a resister. I did not know this. ✊
09 Oct, 10:36 AM UTC
Richard Rust
Peter Frampton w/ Eric Clapton - While My Guitar Gently Weeps @ Crossroa... via @YouTube
09 Oct, 12:27 PM UTC
@MikeMcCreadyPJ @peterframpton Black Hole Sun - Peter Frampton, Matt Cameron, Mike McCready
09 Oct, 10:06 AM UTC
Grace Segers
I guess Peter Frampton is asking Congress.........Do You Feel Like We Do?
09 Oct, 12:26 PM UTC
Kat B.
Drop the mic. Peter Frampton has entered the impeachment conversation.
09 Oct, 12:22 PM UTC
Emperor Mollusk πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ’₯✌🌊🌊🌈
Holy shit. When Peter Frampton starts dropping F bombs on Twitter you know things are getting bad.
09 Oct, 11:36 AM UTC
@peterframpton Me reading this tweet from Peter Frampton:
09 Oct, 11:31 AM UTC
@peterframpton Can I just add that it’s peak Twitter to be retweeting Peter Frampton β€” and to find out that I doooooo feel the way you do! πŸ’•
09 Oct, 09:54 AM UTC
Think @MikeMcCreadyPJ & Matt Cameron will be at @peterframpton 's Seattle show tonight @ Paramount Theatre?
09 Oct, 10:06 AM UTC
teresa gabry
yes peter frampton this is exactly what i’ve been saying!
09 Oct, 12:16 PM UTC
Emily Danger
Peter Frampton, welcome to the resistance.
09 Oct, 11:55 AM UTC
Oh hell naw! Now they’ve pissed off Peter Frampton! This will not stand!
09 Oct, 10:20 AM UTC
And just like that I’m following Peter Frampton. Cool 😎
09 Oct, 10:12 AM UTC
Steve Boo-nett πŸ•·
Peter Frampton's really pissed off. Sonic Youth must've gotten into his cooler again.
09 Oct, 12:44 PM UTC
The Big Ledowski
@joelnowitski @peterframpton @cmsones Wish I knew who Peter Frampton is... I know he was in a Mitch Hedberg Joke
09 Oct, 12:42 PM UTC
Scott Wegener
@peterframpton Hey Peter Frampton. Do you like toast, too?
09 Oct, 12:40 PM UTC
@Toucherandrich don't forget about Peter Frampton's Ooh Baby I Love Your Way for that last sound bite
09 Oct, 12:34 PM UTC
Kelly πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·
Even Peter Frampton feels like we do. #Subpoenas #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachTrump
09 Oct, 12:34 PM UTC
Michael Sullivan
See? Peter Frampton gets it
09 Oct, 12:28 PM UTC
@peterframpton @RobHaynie1 Peter Frampton must have grown up in a police state...
09 Oct, 12:19 PM UTC
@peterframpton Yes, sing it Peter Frampton, sing it! (I didn’t think it was possible but I like you even more after seeing this tweet!)
09 Oct, 12:12 PM UTC
FB resists
@peterframpton God damn Peter Frampton is showing us the way
09 Oct, 12:04 PM UTC

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