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The G5 Integrity governors ‘may’ not support Peter Obi. I am here to prepare our mindset for that eventuality. The next election is (WE - The People Vs THEM - the political class). No hard feelings, we just want to take back our country.
06 Dec, 09:26 PM UTC
Chlorpheniramine #OBIdients 🇳🇬
Nigerians wherever you are, whatever you do, always pray for Rufai Oseni This man is an asset. He said his mind. Tinubu should not be allowed to embarrass us on a global platform like the Chatham house. Vote Peter Obi Watch this video and pass it on. https://t.co/AusXiNejKI
06 Dec, 08:49 AM UTC
Spotlight on #PeterObi2023 #Obidatti023
What in the name of ibariogwa did Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed give to Umu Owerri, in Imo State today? 🥰🥰😍😍😍 https://t.co/Bw8Ita0HvD
06 Dec, 04:27 PM UTC
Peter Obi will be at Jolly Nyame stadium, Taraba 7th December 2022.
06 Dec, 08:11 PM UTC
Imágenes Históricas 
Así se aparean los pulpos 🐙💙🐙 📹: ᴾᵉᵗᵉʳ.ᵃ.ᵇᵒˢʰʳᵃ ᴵᴳ https://t.co/Mhp0BWy7iH
06 Dec, 08:42 PM UTC
DEMAGOGUE PhD.💘senior advocat
Do you people even understand the implication and Undertone of Peter Obi’s Marathon walk in Owerri with that humongous crowd ? That was simple a show of force. He wanted to show who the real Sheriff of Southeast is and the people responded.
06 Dec, 04:18 PM UTC
Chlorpheniramine #OBIdients 🇳🇬
Obidients anywhere you see this woman, choke her with orders ❤️❤️❤️ Peter Obi for President https://t.co/37Mcqk7Oys
06 Dec, 12:48 PM UTC
Aji Bussu Onye Mpiawa azụ 🇨🇮
Hope Uzodimma is working round the clock to make sure Peter Obi doesn't win Imo state, but he is not being vocal about it or calling Peter Obi supporters Nazis, Sabo, etc. I don't know about you, but I will personally not forget Soludo & Ihedioha’s comments in a hurry.
06 Dec, 04:13 PM UTC
Tradutor de Direita
PETER DOOCY: Por que o presidente Biden prefere deixar as empresas dos EUA extraírem petróleo na Venezuela do que aqui nos EUA? 🇺🇸🇧🇷 Compartilhem esse vídeo, é muito importante. https://t.co/s0ppKvIXm8
06 Dec, 01:53 PM UTC
Julia Banks
Peter Dutton? 🤷🏻‍♀️ @juliahbanks's photo on Peter
06 Dec, 09:26 PM UTC
Peter Obi will win SE without lifting a finger. My SS is Obidient, PDAPC will fight dirty. The NC/Middle Belt are roaring for Obi. He’ll challenge Tinubu in the SW, Yorubas are the most advanced voters. The NE & the NW are the battleground. LP will get the required 25% in there..
07 Dec, 05:58 AM UTC
Peter Obi Media Arm (POMA)
Obidients! We just did the Pidgin interpretation of the 7 Points Agenda from the Peter Obi and Datti manifesto, in collaboration with @frilife_media Full video drops shortly... Enjoy!! https://t.co/lp8Ibz0tgW
06 Dec, 09:52 AM UTC
Save Lives. Save Education. Save the Economy.✅ Choose Peace. Choose Progress Choose Humanity.✅ Vote for Trust. Vote for Empathy. Vote for Humanity.✅ Vote for LP. Vote for Peter Obi & Datti.✅
07 Dec, 05:45 AM UTC
Peter Obi with Cubana Chief priest and Kcee at Owerri rally. Imo is in the bag for Peter Obi. Sure 95% in Imo state. Supported by IMO state governor Hope Uzodinma ✍️ https://t.co/WYTt0QLXwr
06 Dec, 06:13 PM UTC
Kenneth Okonkwo
His Excellency Peter Obi and Her Excellency Margaret Obi marching to the podium to address the ecstatic crowd. South-East is locked in for Obi and Datti. Nigeria is obedient for a new Nigeria come 2023. We moovee!!! https://t.co/HQkpIKKELe
07 Dec, 04:50 AM UTC
Peter Obi Grassroots Mobilization.
God bless Peter Obi, God bless Obidients. https://t.co/NMmLxpbLY9
07 Dec, 05:18 AM UTC
Peter Obi's Feminine Voice
The arrival of Peter obi at the venue in imo state for the labour party campaign rally. https://t.co/aMN1U5ZI9x
06 Dec, 01:39 PM UTC
Phantom Power
They promised Scotland Home Rule then gave us Job Centres. That’s @ScottishLabour https://t.co/B25SYYyKDh
06 Dec, 03:56 PM UTC
Kowa Ishaku Yahaya
"I lost composure instantly today. I was just shouting. I was almost in tears. Shame left me oooo. He waved at me😭😭😭" - heartfelt remarks by an Obidient for Peter Obi @Precious540C Peter Obi is creeping into our thoughts.❤❤
06 Dec, 09:05 PM UTC
Anambra 1st son💭
Peter Obi is offering free broadband internet for Universities! If you want free internet in your school, vote for Peter Obi! https://t.co/71gXRSPdqV
07 Dec, 07:11 AM UTC
Why should Nigerians vote for you, Peter Obi vs Bola Tinubu. I rest my case. https://t.co/0rMlNmNun7
06 Dec, 09:01 PM UTC
Labour Party Lagos Info
Dear Lord 😩😩😩 The crowd doesn’t even want Peter Obi to move to the stage. The love from Owerri Imo state is massive! Obidients make some noise!!🔥🔥🔥💯🔥💯🔥🎉 https://t.co/c8RUFxJbFI
06 Dec, 03:34 PM UTC
Official Lotus Worldwide
5BED || OSAPA || 350M 5 Bedroom Detached Duplex with Cinema, Pool and Bq Location: Osapa, Lekki Lagos. Price: N350M (negotiable) Peter obi Datti Atiku Bola Ahmed Tinubu Davido The CBN Pastor Chris Olodo Osinbajo Asiwaju Obidient Shola Kano Al Musthapa North Ausa Igbo Arewa https://t.co/QL0oZRKx9U
07 Dec, 07:37 AM UTC
Peter Obi Stan supporter
Jalingo Stadium In Taraba State Is Ready For Peter Obi And Datti Ahmed!!! #Shiloh2022 Nnamdi Kanu Faith Al Mustapha Bishop David Oyedapo Man of God Nigeria Pastor Chris Bella Okagbue Samuel Eto Taraba Jalingo Anambra Atiku and Obi The CBN https://t.co/YaizGu4tkH
07 Dec, 07:48 AM UTC
Peter Obi is my candidate today, tomorrow and next.
07 Dec, 07:31 AM UTC
Mavis Ikpeme
Let’s not forget to thank the Taraba state governor Darius Dickson Ishaku even though PDP , unlike the others, has granted Peter obi access to the Nyame stadium for #ObiDatti023 campaign. Other politicians should emulate this. It’s politics and not war!!!
07 Dec, 07:50 AM UTC
Weyimi B. Lube 𓃵
Peter Obi & Yusuf Datti will be in taraba state today. #ObiDattiInTaraba
07 Dec, 08:23 AM UTC
Chief Ikukuoma
Mr Peter Obi and Sen Yusuf Datti Chekwube BabaAhmed are shutting down Taraba State today !!!! 🤸🏿‍♂️🤸🏿‍♂️🤸🏿‍♂️ Jolly Nyame Stadium 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/yZSMCVTXtZ
07 Dec, 08:21 AM UTC
Albright Onwukwe
ThankYou Owerri!!! ThankYou Cubuna Chief Priest and Kcee Limpopo for standing with Obidients. We’ll never vote for these two old looters Atiku/Tinubu. Vote Peter Obi for Better Nigeria #VotePeterObiForPresident2023 https://t.co/mBqicjv5Ha
07 Dec, 05:31 AM UTC