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PG&E Said “ Oh You Niggas Like Dark Mode Huh We Got Dark Mode Bitch “ 😂😭
09 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Butt Praxis
Some cause & effect here: PG&E is not shutting down power because they get sued every time they burn down a city. They are shutting down power because they deferred maintenance for decades in order to maximize shareholder profits and now their systems are too broken to safely run
08 Oct, 07:32 PM UTC
Yeah now PG&E gonna have all of nor cal on dark mode :/
08 Oct, 11:48 PM UTC
Andrew Shvarts
For anyone who still claims capitalism is an optimal system, 100k people in the Bay Area are about to lose power because PG&E has discovered that’s cheaper than fixing their infrastructure
09 Oct, 04:43 AM UTC
Robby Starbuck
To folks blaming climate change for PG&E shutting off power in parts of Northern California... it’s gonna be a whopping 78° there tomorrow. It’s not climate change causing this. The cause? Overbearing regulations, lack of infrastructure improvements and a terribly run company.
09 Oct, 03:46 AM UTC
San Francisco Chronicle
PG&E will preemptively cut power for more than 800,000 customers across 34 counties in Northern California starting just after midnight. Here's what you need to know: @sfchronicle's photo on PG&E
09 Oct, 12:52 AM UTC
Before PG&E starts a power outage,, who wanna admit they got a crush on me 🙊
09 Oct, 01:32 AM UTC
San Francisco Chronicle
PG&E power shut-off: 257,000 Bay Area residents on alert; Alameda County expects 35K cuts. @sfchronicle's photo on PG&E
08 Oct, 03:28 PM UTC
1. Ok. Honestly folks, you need to know the truth about PG&E and the planned power outages in California. I'm seeing a LOT of uneducated and uninformed comments. So, here's the truth: PG&E is being bullied by the residents and government of California. They're being manipulated.
09 Oct, 08:09 AM UTC
Charlie Loyd
There’s about to be really bad fire weather, and PG&E ( announced with less than a day of notice that it will cut power to 800,000 hookups for up to 5 days. Because its power lines start fires.
09 Oct, 01:47 AM UTC
Jeffrey Peterson🇺🇸
In Northern CA, electric company PG&E is shutting off power for 5 days. Now, Southern CA Edison says they're considering turning off the electricity also, because of "fire risk." It's 75 degrees today in Los Angeles. What's the real reason power is being turned off?
09 Oct, 12:21 PM UTC
Rose Eveleth ▷▷
when I first heard someone talking about this plan I thought "they must not have that right, PG&E can't be actually cutting power to 800,000 homes for up to 5 days, that's not possible" but... nope... that is what is happening!
09 Oct, 03:15 AM UTC
San Francisco Chronicle
Here’s how the #PGEShutoff could affect: Schools > Hospitals > Stores > Cell service > BART > Firefighters > @sfchronicle's photo on PG&E
09 Oct, 01:20 AM UTC
4. PG&E, being limited and restricted asked the state how to limit fire danger. The state wouldn't budge on tree cutting so PG&E came up with the idea of simply cutting power to at risk power lines during extreme fire season. Newsome ok'd the measure.
09 Oct, 08:09 AM UTC
The Bern Identity
2/ We're in fire season now = dry lands + winds. This is a glimpse of the #climateemergency. Just felt my anger intensify. PG&E didn't do upgrades needed long ago to keep maximizing shareholder profits so now the people pay the price. So what happens when #ClimateCrisis is worse?
09 Oct, 02:54 AM UTC
Trevor Quirk
California Politicians allowed PG&E to negligently burn down its customers homes and then pass its legal costs into its customers via rate increases. Read #SB901 And now this?!? #poweroutage #campfire
09 Oct, 05:21 AM UTC
Shielded Maiden
Prayers go out to Northern California. 🙏 PG&E just shut off their power grid. Power will be off for nearly 1 million people for at least a week.
09 Oct, 07:27 AM UTC
Max Kennerly
A friendly reminder for everyone who jokes about how poorly the government delivers services: PG&E is privatized and through neglect started so many major wildfires in the past few years that they declared bankruptcy to halt the lawsuits and now they're shutting off power.
09 Oct, 12:24 PM UTC
3. Trees hit the lines and fires started. The state then sued PG&E for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS citing neglect and carelessness for not trimming brush and trees away from powerlines. Look at what PG&E was up against! Two articles from the same newspaper in Sacramento, a year apart.
09 Oct, 08:09 AM UTC
Papi Alejandrito 🤪
PG&E might be cutting off your power tonight but I can still light up your world 😌
09 Oct, 03:22 AM UTC
Bloomberg TicToc
“The idea of 5 days without electricity is devastation, and we fully expect that to be a worst-case scenario,” Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says. PG&E may cut electricity to more than 645,000 customers in the Bay Area and beyond Wednesday @tictoc's photo on PG&E
08 Oct, 07:35 PM UTC
ABC7 News
PG&E OUTAGE: Here are maps from each #BayArea region showing which cities will be affected by the planned power shutoff.
08 Oct, 10:16 PM UTC
autumn walker
can't spell purge without PG&E
09 Oct, 05:46 AM UTC
PG&E Begins to Proactively Turn Off Power for Safety to Nearly 800,000 Customers Across Northern and Central California. @PGE4Me's photo on PG&E
09 Oct, 08:46 AM UTC
Tiffany 🇺🇸❤
PG&E isn't shutting down power to 800,000 people b/c they get sued when they burn down a city. They're TURNING OFF POWER b/c they DEFERRED MAINTENANCE for DECADES in order to MAXIMIZE shareholder PROFITS. Now their systems are too run down to safely run!
09 Oct, 01:18 AM UTC
Alex Tabarrok
World’s most powerful country can’t deliver power to its own citizens. A symbolic example of national decline.
09 Oct, 11:35 AM UTC
Calvin Coolidge
800,000 Californians will lose power today, as PG&E cuts off power to “prevent” wildfires. What if @GavinNewsom stopped giving away $21 billion a year to illegals, and gave the cash to bankrupted PG&E to bury lines? Go on line and sign recall of Dirtbag Gavin. It’s coming!
09 Oct, 01:59 PM UTC
🌺✝️🇺🇸LilyNCali MAGA ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🌺✝️🇺🇸
@LilyNCali, PG&E (who went BK after their equipment caused the Paradise Fire that killed 85), is getting back at CA for not rendering them blameless for future fires, by cutting power to 800K who live in a fire zone for SEVERAL days, BUT they provided Centers for 2800? Ok, got it 👍🏻
09 Oct, 12:09 AM UTC
Shannon Cole
Not be dramatic, but I wonder how many people are going to die because PG&E is a disaster and is literally putting millions of people in danger without elevators, medical devices, gasoline, power to cook food (god forbid you are POOR and a PG&E customer).
09 Oct, 03:19 AM UTC
‼️LIST OF THE TIME FRAMES BY COUNTY WHERE PG&E WILL TURN THE POWER OFF AND THEN BACK ON‼️ (Sonoma county time frame will be updated tomorrow at noon)
09 Oct, 06:39 AM UTC

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