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Rosie memos
Did you know @PGE4Me is a convicted felon? Federal judge ruled a corporation can’t go to prison but they’ve violated their probation. You aren’t hearing about it because they’ve bought off CA politicians @GavinNewsom is their favorite. #pgeshutoff #PGandE h/t @ABC10 https://t.co/XhJsFslcSQ
09 Oct, 07:20 AM UTC
Rosie memos
Jesus. #PGandE already killed 85 people in Butte County now they're turning off their off the power for almost 30k residents, including 2,090 with medical needs. When will power be resorted? TBD. #pgeshutoff https://t.co/BiLs8kYz9u https://t.co/6PKwx6D0wj
09 Oct, 07:27 AM UTC
Rosie memos
Please be respectful to #PGandE workers that hopefully come to turn the power back on or are in the area inspecting lines, generators etc. this isn't their fault. Turn your disgust towards CA government and the people running the company #pgeshutoff https://t.co/P5mGBgklMm
09 Oct, 08:23 AM UTC
Berryz Qorner ⭐️⭐️⭐️
1/🔥Gowdy joins Trump's legal team against #impeachment 🔥Who can we trust? EVIL/Rats/Traitors EVERYWHERE! 🔥The world is watching/witnessing Dems True Colors! 🔥FBI/DOJ cleaned, NOW time for next 1/2-CIA & State Dept ‼️WAR‼️ #QAnon #powerputage #pgeshutoff #PGandE #pgeshutdown https://t.co/eeVG2XBF6z
09 Oct, 08:32 AM UTC
Alysia Cole
Y’all better check that power bill next month and make sure you don’t get billed for this nonsense. #poweroutage #pgeshutoff #PGandE
09 Oct, 08:38 AM UTC
Seriously praying for those that need refrigerated medicine or depend on power for medical devices🙏🏼😓 damn PG&E couldnt do their job & now everyone has to pay for their negligence. NO one likes yall @PGE4Me do your job & FIX IT #powershutoff #pgeshutoff #pge #PGandE
09 Oct, 08:16 AM UTC
Occam's Quantum Razor
@almostjingo No need to worry guys. We're just @ the part in the movie where they have to shut the power down so that Neo can go talk to that architect dude. #poweroutage #pgeshutoff #pgedisaster #PGandE #PGEpowershutdown #pgeoutage
09 Oct, 08:14 AM UTC
(((Sophia Martin)))
Bay Area and NorCal friends, I am shocked and devastated for you. I hope you'll come through this unscathed. #pgeshutoff #pgedisaster #pgeoutage #PGandE
09 Oct, 08:23 AM UTC
#PGandE What is gonna happen to all the medical people who rely on the power to live? awtf @PGE4Me .
09 Oct, 08:28 AM UTC
BeLightBella a.k.a Mystic Bella
#PGandE #powershutdown #californiapoweroutage #blackouts #wtf https://t.co/WaOqYuSbp7
09 Oct, 08:20 AM UTC
Myka 😺🌊🧜‍♀️💜✌
If you live in #ConcordCA @CA_Concord does anyone know where a local resource center is to go to for disabled & or chronically ill people who may not be able to stay in their home for prolonged hours during #pgeshutoff #PGandE where you can charge phone & access other resources?
09 Oct, 08:09 AM UTC
Intelligence Fusion - North America
🇺🇸: A mass #powershutoff is expected to affect 800,000 homes across #California for up to 6 days -Power outage is a preventative measure to prevent wildfires caused by faulty power lines -Customers of #PGandE affected @IntellFusion #californiapoweroutage https://t.co/mO1RE7Ki8G https://t.co/W06VxK8nhE
09 Oct, 09:42 AM UTC
...then #PGandE turned the power back on... #MakeAHorrorFilmLessScary #poweroutage
09 Oct, 08:46 AM UTC
Justice for the Damned 🌹
As we Northern Californians start experiencing power blackouts, we need to keep this in mind... #PGandE https://t.co/HdS76QuE2W
09 Oct, 08:36 AM UTC
Clipping Path House
California Power Outages: Fire Danger Prompts Utility to Cut Electricity An intentional shut-off by Pacific Gas & Electric, the largest utility in the state, could affect as many as 800,000 customers. #pgeshutoff #powershutoff #BayArea #PG&E #pgedisaster #PGandE #pgeoutage https://t.co/a7v4GbPRsm
09 Oct, 08:21 AM UTC

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