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Rosie memos
Relax California if you’re in an area affected by the #pgeshutoff just jump on the #BulletTrain we paid billions for, oh wait it doesn’t exist. Keep voting democrat geniuses, it’s going great. #TakeBackCalifornia
09 Oct, 07:08 AM UTC
🚨 PSA for anyone wondering if they're going to be affected by the outages. This lets you enter your address and check! https://t.co/LIxPPZ4F3H @sfchronicle #poweroutage #BayArea #pgeshutoff
09 Oct, 03:52 AM UTC
Rob Baker
Hey, everybody, we are really sorry about not maintaining our infrastructure and burning down your cities and blowing up your neighborhoods. So to mitigate that, we're going to shut the power off. Your bill is still due on the 1st. Thanks. - PG&E #pgeshutoff https://t.co/1FYAY3f8gr
08 Oct, 11:41 PM UTC
Maya Castro
For those effected by the #PGEShutoff in #California here is a link where you file a claim for your losses. RT to save someone's ice cream 🍨 Details: https://t.co/CysoGJ1Fe7
08 Oct, 10:40 PM UTC
Not a great look for a company who has murdered people with their epic, freak wildfires and would rather just cut power for an insane amount of time for an insane amount of people, rather than just fix and maintain their equipment. 🙃 #PGE #PGEShutoff https://t.co/LSokbQodDc
08 Oct, 06:15 PM UTC
San Francisco Chronicle
Here’s how the #PGEShutoff could affect: Schools > https://t.co/Z16oQ3Ttby Hospitals > https://t.co/MDKPQja6mR Stores > https://t.co/JTw0zUzRer Cell service > https://t.co/cayu14flE2 BART > https://t.co/YQMdDBeTH0 Firefighters > https://t.co/UmqjoVTNd1 @sfchronicle's photo on #pgeshutoff
09 Oct, 01:20 AM UTC
Matt Shupe “The Bearded Wonder”
Sure is going to be difficult to charge those Teslas in the #BayArea during the #pgeshutoff for the next few days thanks to your policies... https://t.co/r7cRz6a1kV
09 Oct, 03:29 AM UTC
Eric Myers
Its midnight... #PGE be like. #poweroutage #pgeshutoff https://t.co/aal5Bos5RA
09 Oct, 07:00 AM UTC
Isaac Bly
Goodnight room, goodnight moon, goodnight cow jumping over the moon, goodnight light, and the red balloon, Goodnight illusions of a stable electrical system, Goodnight bears, goodnight chairs, goodnight kittens... @PGE4Me #pgeshutoff #powershutoff #poweroutage
09 Oct, 05:08 AM UTC
San Francisco Chronicle
#BREAKING: Caltrans plans to close all four bores of the Caldecott Tunnel for as long as five days due to #PGEShutoff. https://t.co/1GxKC0fLPJ
09 Oct, 01:16 AM UTC
trash tv connoisseur
#PGE: ya 800k ppl won’t have power for up to 7 days. #pgeshutoff Bay Area: omg what areas!? #PGE: check our website Bay Area: it doesnt work #PGE: https://t.co/k4VqCiXzaz
09 Oct, 05:14 AM UTC
Alice Wong
5 days w/o power can mean death for some older, disabled & chronically ill folks who don't have the means to prepare or ability to leave their homes. As this becomes the new normal to mitigate wildfires, I am deeply concerned about how many will suffer #PGEshutoff #CripTheVote https://t.co/c6EOTjT1ZR
09 Oct, 03:57 AM UTC
#California Please be PREPARED for #PowerOutage at 12AM👉🏽WATER & FOOD & Gas up your car Charge up your phones Make sure your tub is filled with water Be careful & be #Armed Stay safe #Cali 🙏🙏praying this won’t last long #PowerShutoff #PGEshutoff https://t.co/ne1xMJfZcu
09 Oct, 02:35 AM UTC
Jim Jax Media Network
We are in Paradise Valley in Fairfield, Ca and our power is now off as far as the eye can see. Its dead silent. We've been alerted as of now, no power for 32 hours. Cant make this up. Welcome to America #powershutoff #poweroutage #pgeshutoff #PGE
09 Oct, 07:16 AM UTC
Lee Gilmore
Watching my friends in California worry about their own & others’ medical needs requiring electricity in the face of a potentially several days long #PGEShutoff, this is real. https://t.co/piKd9AYX9n
09 Oct, 05:57 AM UTC
Rosie memos
Please be respectful to #PGandE workers that hopefully come to turn the power back on or are in the area inspecting lines, generators etc. this isn't their fault. Turn your disgust towards CA government and the people running the company #pgeshutoff https://t.co/P5mGBgklMm
09 Oct, 08:23 AM UTC
Rosie memos
This is insane. #pgeshutoff https://t.co/HXfeSjPUve
09 Oct, 08:26 AM UTC
Some 108,000 students in nearly 50 districts — a population roughly the size of San Mateo — will be kept home from school by the PG&E blackout in what has become the new climate normal for California schools. https://t.co/Njf2MOP9EC #pgeshutoff
09 Oct, 06:30 AM UTC
Midlife Mentor
#pgedisaster If you can’t get to the PG&E site, just use this map. #pgeshutoff https://t.co/KKJNH92OSW
09 Oct, 03:36 AM UTC
Alice Wong
From @CorbettOToole via Facebook on #PGEshutoff: Folks who need power. If you do not have a back up power system (generator, etc) and you need power, the Emergency Preparedness folks are saying Go to your local hospital (probably the ER waiting room) for power. #CripTheVote
09 Oct, 09:36 AM UTC
Alice Wong
Where are these folks supposed to go exactly?!? #PGEshutoff #CripTheVote #PSPS #SuckItAbleism #Berkeley https://t.co/afCid3Sonn
09 Oct, 11:52 AM UTC
Courtney Frost
PG&E shuts off electricity in the Bay Area to prevent fire risk. Everyone in the Bay Area: #poweroutage #powershutoff #pgeshutoff https://t.co/UXE7HT6pYt
09 Oct, 06:10 AM UTC
Matthew Cortland, esq 🍁🍂
It seems to me like @PGE4Me might be fucking over lots of vulnerable people with this whole #pgeshutoff thing... https://t.co/lfRS0hOa7l
09 Oct, 06:41 AM UTC
San Francisco Chronicle
@thejdmorris Fifth & Mission podcast | Hundreds of thousands of people could be affected by the #pgeshutoff. @theJDMorris talks about how we got here and what you need to know. Apple > https://t.co/vnABu3wdKl Spotify > https://t.co/03B3PGSpyx @sfchronicle's photo on #pgeshutoff
09 Oct, 02:07 AM UTC
KRON4 News
LIVE FROM SAUSALITO: Complete darkness in many parts of the #NorthBay this morning due to #pgeshutoff #poweroutage. Intersections are dangerously dark - remember to stop at each light and look before driving through! https://t.co/Z2pePrl3Xl @kron4news's photo on #pgeshutoff
09 Oct, 12:50 PM UTC
Tay Austin
Hi peeps. I'm fixing all of their maps so you can easily see where the shutoffs are in #ColusaCounty. Just click the link below & you can enlarge it to 4096x4096. I promise! https://t.co/mzUCexbNAZ #pgeshutoff #poweroutage #pge #NorCal #Northbay #psps PG&E https://t.co/hjgo5ESdht
09 Oct, 08:25 AM UTC
Adrien Salazar
PG&E the CA utility responsible for gas explosions, horrific wildfires, and having declared bankruptcy, is now shutting off power in areas of the Bay for up to 6 days. This is why we need #PublicPower. Be safe all. #UtilityJustice #LetsOwnPGE #pgeshutoff https://t.co/EFiYdbzZCm
09 Oct, 02:18 AM UTC
Closer view of the fire weather delineations: Day 1 #DiabloWinds #poweroutage #pgeshutoff #cafire #cawx https://t.co/nd3FqhQh7D
09 Oct, 08:31 AM UTC
#powershutoff #californiapoweroutage #pgeshutoff @PGE4Me @realDonaldTrump @GavinNewsom Are they willing to compensate those who have to miss work cause they can't shower or get gas. The groceries for families that spoil. Maybe pg&e should make our #billsblackout #freeoctober
09 Oct, 12:42 PM UTC
#PGEShutoff will have a huge impact on all affected but especially people with #disability and their families. Here’s thoughts from @SFdirewolf. https://t.co/vyi8dU00CN
09 Oct, 12:24 PM UTC

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