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Ryan. 🔰
Phil Foden is from Manchester, his dad is a Manchester Utd fan, and yet no one at the club spotted this guy when he was a kid? That’s criminal. What a player, man.
04 May, 07:50 PM UTC
UEFA Champions League
Phil Foden top class. #UCL @ChampionsLeague's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 08:48 PM UTC
Rafael Hernández
Phil Foden has beaten both Haaland and Mbappé to reach the Champions League final.
04 May, 08:56 PM UTC
Ederson Zinchenko Ruben Dias John Stones Kyle Walker Fernandinho Gundogan Bernardo Silva Phil Foden Kevin De Bruyne And importantly, Riyad Mahrez Take a fucking bow.
04 May, 08:59 PM UTC
Squawka Football
For the first time in the club’s history, Pep Guardiola has reached the Champions League final without Lionel Messi in his squad. #UCL He has Phil Foden now. 😉
04 May, 09:10 PM UTC
Phil Foden is the first Manchester City player this season to reach double figures for both goals (14) and assists (10) in all competitions 👏 @goal's photo on Phil Foden
05 May, 06:10 AM UTC
Phil Foden with a Lionel Messi esque kind of dribble. @FutbolStan_'s photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 07:45 PM UTC
Phil Foden won the Foden-Haaland-Mbappe debate btw
04 May, 08:27 PM UTC
Phil Foden vs PSG. @JuannDis's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 10:35 PM UTC
It's all well and good Phil Foden reaching a Champions League final at the age of 20. But I can't help but think a loan move to a proper traditional Championship side like Millwall, Birmingham, or Sheffield Wednesday would've been more beneficial.
04 May, 10:18 PM UTC
Phil Foden in the changing room after calling out Mbappe @JamelLeurs's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 08:55 PM UTC
Football on BT Sport
This run from Phil Foden 🤤 @btsportfootball's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 09:57 PM UTC
Duncan Alexander
Phil Foden during Pep Guardiola's last two CL finals 2011: looking forward to half-term in Year 6 2021: probably in the starting XI
04 May, 09:21 PM UTC
Henry Winter
Crazy to think that Phil Foden is still only 20. Again played with such maturity, kept his composure, kept the ball, kept his footing on the icy surface. Such a talent, looks totally at home at this elite level, and because Foden's so focused he will get even better. #MCIPSG
04 May, 09:06 PM UTC
“Phil Foden is better than Messi at 20 [THREAD]” is already in his drafts 😭 @CrewsMat19's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 11:51 PM UTC
𝚆𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚍 𝙰𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚌𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚛
Phil Foden c’est ta décennie copain, on est là que pour t’accompagner et te regarder.
04 May, 08:26 PM UTC
Fin 🔰
Phil Foden is so good at football I don't think people realise he's a 20 year old bloke called Phil
04 May, 08:02 PM UTC
Squawka News
Rio Ferdinand: "On form, I would say Phil Foden is the best young player in the world right now."
04 May, 09:21 PM UTC
10 - Phil Foden is the sixth different Premier League player to record double figures for both goals (14) and assists (10) in all competitions this season, and the only Manchester City player to do so this term. Catalyst. @OptaJoe's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 08:33 PM UTC
Like for MASON GREENWOOD RT for PHIL FODEN Neymar Aguero Man City Ruben Dias Di Maria Bayern Sterling Stones Spurs Walker Ferguson @utd_emminex's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 09:29 PM UTC
SuperSport 🏆
20 years old and the world at his feet ⭐️ Phil Foden continues to put in world-class performances and set the football stage alight. #UCL @SuperSportTV's photo on Phil Foden
04 May, 09:38 PM UTC
Julito Verne
brutal partido de phil foden, muy electrico este chico, me gusta carajo me gusta
04 May, 08:48 PM UTC
Pep Guardiola has created Phil Foden to play like Lionel Messi 😳
05 May, 04:01 AM UTC
Nwanneka OmecheMcfc
"Pep Guardiola can't reach the Ucl finals without Messi " "Pep Guardiola can't reach the Ucl finals without a big club". But he has reached the ucl finals with Phil Foden and little old City who you guys happen to call a "small club". Metcheww!!
04 May, 10:27 PM UTC
Mr Segun
Don't say anything. Retweet for Phil Foden Like for Neymar. #MCIPSG
04 May, 09:27 PM UTC
I honestly don’t think I’ve seen an English player with my own eyes who has a higher ceiling than Phil Foden. I was 1 year old when Gazza played at Italia 90, this feels to me like the second coming of a player with that level of technical ability.
05 May, 07:09 AM UTC
Foot Mercato
Foden meilleur que Haaland pour Rio Ferdinand
05 May, 06:49 AM UTC
Clem Trob
Phil Foden t’as envie d’aller voir un match de League 2 avec lui, enchaîner pub, boite, casino avant d’aller manger un kebab au petit matin
04 May, 08:42 PM UTC
Omni-Man George
Best players in the world right now (IMO) based on watching games not reading stats with no context 10. Bruno Fernandez 9. Kevin De Bruyne 8. Lionel Messi 7. Erling Haaland 6. Joshua Kimmich 5. Kylian Mbappe 4.Riyad Mahrez 3.Phil Foden 2. Robert lewandowski 1. Harry Kane
05 May, 06:58 AM UTC
Betway ZA
Heat map of Phil Foden from last night's game... @Betway_za's photo on Phil Foden
05 May, 07:15 AM UTC