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Charles Watts
So bizarre replacing Pickford with Pope when you want your team to play out from the back and you have Ramsdale on the bench. I like Pope, think he's definitely a better shot stopper than Ramsdale. But it's asking for trouble if you want him to try and progress the ball.
26 Sep, 07:00 PM UTC
Harry Hesketh
26 Sep, 08:33 PM UTC
Connor Humm
I know I’m not hearing someone rank Jordan Pickford as better with his feet than Aaron Ramsdale. Do you watch Arsenal games @GKPaulRobinson? 🤣 https://t.co/24Aqibn0z9
26 Sep, 10:48 AM UTC
There shouldn’t ever be a debate who the best English keeper is. Jordan Pickford is head and shoulders above everyone else
26 Sep, 08:33 PM UTC
Barstool Football
Find it funny how people were debating wether Ramsdale or Pickford should be #1 at the World Cup & Nick Pope has just walked through both to become an indubitable nailed on starter. @StoolFootball's photo on Pickford
26 Sep, 10:37 AM UTC
Luke Morgan
If you watch England and think anyone but Pickford should be between the sticks you’ve got no idea about footy. Pope is 💩
26 Sep, 06:59 PM UTC
Goals conceded by Ramsdale against Hungary - 4 Goals conceded by Pope against Germany (so far) - 2 Goals conceded by Pickford throughout the euros - 2 Think it's pretty evident who England's number 1 is
26 Sep, 08:18 PM UTC
Pope is no Pickford
26 Sep, 08:33 PM UTC
Fact of the day: Nick Pope had conceded more open play goals in this game than Pickford did in the entire Euros tournament 💩 Further stat: He’s an ugly virgin who can’t pass a ball and plays for a club who support a regime that violates every human right possible 💩 #ENGGER
26 Sep, 08:43 PM UTC
Footy Accumulators
Paul Robinson has ranked the current England goalkeepers... 1️⃣ Jordan Pickford 2️⃣ Nick Pope 3️⃣ Aaron Ramsdale 4️⃣ Dean Henderson Is he right? 🤔 📹 @footballdaily @FootyAccums's photo on Pickford
26 Sep, 11:00 AM UTC
Football Daily
❌ Nick Pope ❌ Aaron Ramsdale ❌ Dean Henderson @GKPaulRobinson says Jordan Pickford is the best English goalkeeper currently with his feet. 🤔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @footballdaily's photo on Pickford
26 Sep, 10:47 AM UTC
Creased at sunderland fans defending pickford for their lives as if he didn’t play more games on loan at Bradford ahahahahaha https://t.co/bznsd9Czrk
26 Sep, 11:08 PM UTC
Wise Men Say Podcast
Pope better than Pickford is he aye.
26 Sep, 08:34 PM UTC
David De Gaddafi
Dnt want to see pickford omissed from your world Cup squads again. He didn't win the euro golden glove to be disrespected like this https://t.co/v1WKUT9Tkw
26 Sep, 08:43 PM UTC
The Sportsman
🧤 One of Gareth Southgate's easiest choices this winter will be sticking Jordan Pickford between the sticks... @EvertonBlueArmy | #ENGGER
27 Sep, 08:21 AM UTC
Pickford just secured No 1 without putting his gloves on.
26 Sep, 09:34 PM UTC
The way these lot go on over Pickford and Henderson is insane, both left first chance they could get, Pope has been class for us this season and totally deserved to play, pains these mutants as they’ll never have a player play for England again https://t.co/E95bmFMDNp
27 Sep, 08:37 AM UTC
North Stand Seagull (mike)
@Everton__Chris @bazza080808 @CoastalPalace I mean Ramsdale is a good keeper but Pickford is clear as England number one I’d actually like to know what justification they have for dropping him ?
27 Sep, 08:26 AM UTC
Chris Young
The amount of people who think Pickford is shit and isn’t England’s number 1 astonishes me, he’s miles ahead of any other England goalkeeper 🤷🏻‍♂️, just look at the comments on this thread 🤣 https://t.co/32W3VwjGAq
27 Sep, 08:25 AM UTC
Rodrigoal SZN
Pickford - 21 clean sheets, 2 penalty saves in the last 2 tournaments. Avoided relegation with Everton. Ramsdale - concedes 4 to Hungary. Relegated twice in the last 3 seasons. Pope - concedes 3 to Germany. Relegated last season at Burnley. https://t.co/HDesNzPIMg
27 Sep, 08:16 AM UTC
@SeanRushworth Pickford is englands number 1, doesn’t bother me, these lot go on about him constantly as if he’s their player, it’s pathetic, not even Everton fans drone on about him as much as them tramps down the road
27 Sep, 08:41 AM UTC
Lee 🇺🇦
I see people still saying Pickford is only good for England. I think the absolute mongrels don’t realise he has the highest save percentage in the premier league this season…
27 Sep, 08:38 AM UTC
@dylefcdavies @ArttuY @WhoScored In our defence whenever Pickford plays against NUFC he is horrific, totally looses his head Pope has been very solid this year, however having Maguire in front of you is enough to shatter any players confidence
27 Sep, 08:37 AM UTC
Ian G
Amazing. Geordie using stats from last season when he didn’t even play for them, to counter Pickford being clear this season. 😂 https://t.co/M34SpdGRJt
27 Sep, 08:26 AM UTC
Neil Tooth
@richthorndike Wasn’t Pickford at Darlington and Alfreton 🤷🏼‍♂️
27 Sep, 08:25 AM UTC
@jwlfitness @WhoScored @CBobblers1878 After yesterday I don't think there is any competition for pickford he is literally amazing Pope and Ramsdale are good on club level but not England
27 Sep, 08:17 AM UTC
@GraceOnFootball Any left sided midfielder would, Jack Harrison would probs get into that side. Although for keepers in 2002 wasn't it Seaman and Martyn as keepers, pickford isn't close to those two
27 Sep, 08:17 AM UTC
Pickford James Walker Dier Trippier Rice Bellingham Foden Saka Kane Sterling https://t.co/kaihFXqBZk
27 Sep, 08:45 AM UTC
Pickford, Walker, Kane and Sterling all very obviously start and others get in to the squad https://t.co/tY50u3TGBo
27 Sep, 08:44 AM UTC