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Que miedo aburrir a la persona con la que más te gusta hablar.
04 May, 04:12 PM UTC
sad lemon
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04 May, 02:36 PM UTC
"Poch would win the league with the squad Ole got" Laughs in Mbappe and Neymar.
04 May, 08:48 PM UTC
I asked United fans in 2019 what will Poch offer with Lingard Young and McFred if he's manager & they told me he "improved Son & Kane". this same Poch guy is looking lost With Neymar & Verratti against the same team Ole used McFred to bully. I love me some poetry
04 May, 07:54 PM UTC
Hopefully Man Utd fans that were twerking for Poch to replace Ole are having some shame lol man can’t even beat Man City with Neymar, Di Maria, Verratti & Kimpembe who get world class shouts lol Ole did it with McFred, Dan James & a “Fridge” 😂
04 May, 08:47 PM UTC
🗣️ 'PSG masterclass incoming.' 🗣️ 'Agent Fergie about to give Don Poch some tips.' 🗣️ 'Oilchester getting knocked out tonight.' Sir Alex Ferguson saw that Manchester City could win the Champions League and decided to intervene personally! 👀 https://t.co/toOa9YO08Z
04 May, 12:41 PM UTC
Graham Roberts
Watching PSG no discipline in the players Poch get out of there and come home your wasted there
04 May, 08:52 PM UTC
chilaquiles verdes supremacy
ya no le quiero echar ganas
04 May, 11:50 PM UTC
Ste Howson
Poch finished 3rd in a two horse race and could be about to finish 2nd in a one horse race. You have to love the drive to fail better. Hero. @MrStephenHowson's photo on Poch
04 May, 09:22 PM UTC
Poch to the players whenever PSG are 2-0 down https://t.co/YeyY1IomLT
04 May, 09:14 PM UTC
If Poch can’t beat City over two legs with that PSG team, how do people expect he is going to win the league over a full season against City in the premier league. Lots of respect for Poch but this idea that our squad would win the league under him is ridiculous.
05 May, 03:57 AM UTC
Devil In The Details
Manchester United not Ole? Pep just brought on Sterling and Augero off the bench they’ve built this squad over 5 years and it’s stacked with talent from top to bottom. One thing I do know for certain Poch could learn a thing or two from Ole on how to beat Pep. #GlazersOut https://t.co/L0LpuQpPr3
04 May, 08:49 PM UTC
今晩、椅子取りゲームをやります!! 配信はぴーぽさん。@pi_poch 速攻で100枠が埋まりそうなんで、参加する人は早めにどうぞ!! マップは、Erangelでいこうと思います。 よろしくお願いいたします。 https://t.co/8w9yA4OCQe
05 May, 03:25 AM UTC
@Blue_Footy Respect Poch. Obviously it was a mistake to sack Tuchel. But tonight, the players failed him. They're pretty weak with regards to their mentality.
04 May, 09:09 PM UTC
よく拾い画と言われはしませんがワン 購入履歴としてレシートでも載せておくかワン 【注意】 沢山ギフトカードを買うと ・裏から店員さん3人くらい出てくるワン ・嫌な顔されるワン ・ヤバいやつと思われるワン https://t.co/AB8UMBHgT2
05 May, 05:12 AM UTC
Nunca me dejaste de gustar,solo acepté que nunca te podría tener.
05 May, 04:16 AM UTC
最近よくストーカー被害食らうんだよねワン 体はパンダみたいにごつくてワン 顔は黄色でワン 目がにやにやしてハート型でワン ヨダレたらしてるワン 後ろに変な大荷物つけてる人ワン みんなも気をつけるワン https://t.co/HcQ8ddBhme
05 May, 05:09 AM UTC
Santiago 💡
@Philzeyyyy Lucas sent Tottenham to final in 2019 and PSG thought it was all Poch. The same man that benched Lucas to play unfit Kane via the finals. Never rated Poch only that he has a good stylist. PSG sacking Tuchel for Poch is still unbelievable.
04 May, 10:46 PM UTC
Dr Priya Srivastava
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04 May, 09:43 PM UTC
tas si @kateDacrammer talaga si agnes tas @bbjamii talaga si jam tas @pochwu talaga si poch tas @babynikeifer talaga si keif
05 May, 05:03 AM UTC
05 May, 04:57 AM UTC
@Wanchn_poch こんな長いレシート見たことない(*´ω`*)
05 May, 05:13 AM UTC
@CFCHakim_ @CFCRyan__ We probably were but my point is that people saying poch is shit after losing to a superior side and not having a lot of time, tuchel is obviously better but I already see people saying poch out when it’s the sqaud
05 May, 05:11 AM UTC
05 May, 05:08 AM UTC
05 May, 05:04 AM UTC
なーるりふと、天狗会 YouTube【紫蘇Chan】
@Wanchn_poch おいしい!しあわせ!
05 May, 05:03 AM UTC
@OBtt3Rp43bNmSLO あ、元カノがDM来てから怖くなった😅
05 May, 05:03 AM UTC
@Pa10a_R お迎えありがとうございます❕ よかったら @poch_sono1116 こちらの絡み垢で仲良くしてください!!! ふぉろー失礼します( ᐢ_ ̫ _ᐢ )
05 May, 05:01 AM UTC
05 May, 05:00 AM UTC
@srineevasfcb @AlexNSI13 PSG were missing half of their starting XI when facing Bayern as well, with the players we fielded you should have still beat us tbf. Poch schooled Barca at the Camp Nou 4-1 with us genuinely dominating play and we even played City out the park in the 1st half of the 1st leg.
05 May, 04:59 AM UTC