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United Zone
Pogba: “May Allah accept our Ramadan, forgive our sins, accept our good deeds, may Allah give us peace in our religion and peace in the world Ameen 🤲🏾 Eid Mubarak brothers and sisters ❤️🤲🏾🌙” [IG] @ManUnitedZone_'s photo on Pogba
13 May, 10:52 AM UTC
Ste Hoare
Big fan of us scoring from a free kick that Pogba gave away coz his mate dived at the other end and was blagging he was hurt.
13 May, 08:08 PM UTC
Simon Stone
Bruno Fernandes captain, Pogba and Cavani start.
13 May, 06:15 PM UTC
𝑾𝒊𝒍𝒍 🌿
Haven’t seen any Thiago ‘tempo controlling’ memes in a while. He just made Paul Pogba look like an academy player, completely out of his depth.
13 May, 09:57 PM UTC
Pogba, Rashford and Fred have all completed nutmegs already. Beautiful football.
13 May, 07:30 PM UTC
First it was Anthony Martial, then it was Paul Pogba followed by Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire, Wan Bisska and David de Gea - now it’s time to throw Dean Henderson under the bus. We win as a team and lose as individuals, it’s embarrassing to see. Don’t need a scapegoat all the time.
13 May, 09:49 PM UTC
Mark Goldbridge
Football isn't just about talent, it's about leadership. That back 6 and keeper looked lost tonight. People like De Gea, Maguire and Pogba are invaluable in games like that
13 May, 11:22 PM UTC
Manchester United starting lineup to face Liverpool: Henderson, Wan Bissaka, Lindelöf, Bailly, Shaw, McTominay, Fred, Rashford, Bruno, Pogba, Cavani. #MUFC [@OddsOnFPL]
13 May, 06:01 PM UTC
I need a pic of Firmino heading it in with Pogba on the floor behind him
13 May, 08:12 PM UTC
Sky Sports Statto
🏟️ Most goals for Man Utd at Old Trafford since Marcus Rashford’s debut in Feb 2016: 5️⃣0️⃣ MARCUS RASHFORD 3️⃣9️⃣ Anthony Martial 2️⃣0️⃣ Romelu Lukaku 1️⃣9️⃣ Mason Greenwood 1️⃣9️⃣ Paul Pogba #MUNLIV @SkySportsStatto's photo on Pogba
13 May, 08:47 PM UTC
Graeme Souness getting ready to analyse Paul Pogba's performance @ODDSbible's photo on Pogba
13 May, 08:09 PM UTC
Scott Patterson
Think tonight’s game helps make Solskjaer’s decisions for him. Have Pogba and McTominay behind Bruno, then Rashford, Cavani and Greenwood up front for the final. Fred/Matic cannot be relied upon.
13 May, 09:23 PM UTC
Paul Pogba vs Liverpool @TheImmortalKop's photo on Pogba
13 May, 09:28 PM UTC
The United Stand
Gary Neville: "United's defending has been erratic. Firmino isolated himself around the back of Pogba, who was a little square-on. He had the run on him and Pogba didn't block the run - you have to block the run." [sky] #mufc
13 May, 08:10 PM UTC
Thiago to Pogba in the tunnel. @LFCAJ_'s photo on Pogba
13 May, 08:17 PM UTC
Navigator ☄️
In spite of the loss, no player managed to complete more 'you touch I touch we all touch' passes than Paul Pogba (35). Tempo controlled. Metronome @Maestro_Xtra's photo on Pogba
13 May, 09:31 PM UTC
Paul Pogba is top 5 best midfielders in the premier league this season. His impact for Man United since he came back from injury has been astonishing!
13 May, 12:25 PM UTC
rashford udah resmi jadi the next martial. udah ga amanah, harus dicadangin atau minimal ditekel gunting sama pickford sebuah kesalahan pogba ditaro di kiri, luke shaw jadi gak bisa overlap dan crossing. harus ada yg berani maki2 pogba, nih anak suka ngelunjak intinya MU tolol
13 May, 08:16 PM UTC
Curiosidades Premier League
Os 3 irmãos Pogba. Dois se enfrentando em uma partida, e um torcendo pelos dois. Que momento! ❤️ https://t.co/C7uVsv0cvJ
14 May, 12:16 AM UTC
𝔸𝕝𝕖𝕩 🇮🇪
I NEED a compilation of Trent destroying Pogba over and over again
13 May, 09:11 PM UTC
"Just pass the ball to Pogba, I swear he's playing for us" https://t.co/s244wYRVXr
13 May, 08:10 PM UTC
GDon ☬
That was a hall of shame performance from Pogba today 😭
13 May, 10:17 PM UTC
Imagine analyzing football matches like this lmfao. McTominay completed 20 passes that half with 66% completion. He was literally a ghost for 45 minutes. Can we blame him for that or is it just Pogba Pogba Pogba? https://t.co/RTbBKFL7cW
13 May, 08:13 PM UTC
Different view of Pogba involvement during Firmino first goal https://t.co/BxcDFXJIuD
13 May, 08:32 PM UTC
Manchester United starting lineup to face Liverpool: Henderson, Wan Bissaka, Lindelöf, Bailly, Shaw, McTominay, Fred, Rashford, Bruno, Pogba, Cavani. #MUFC
13 May, 06:15 PM UTC
I need Pogba to recreate this on Thiago https://t.co/AfIPmSygcK
13 May, 08:18 PM UTC
Shankey ⚡
Different Managers, Same Pogba. https://t.co/tEtKG1njgI
13 May, 08:06 PM UTC
UtdDistrict 🔰
[41'] - Pogba goes close, but his powerful effort hits the side netting. 1-1 #mufc
13 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Paul Pogba quelle mi-temps face à Liverpool. Coupé pas décalé https://t.co/gjmHAcodTY
13 May, 08:11 PM UTC
Eze Gburu Gburu 1™©
...and Mo Salah scores on Sallah day! What a double celebration for him... Luke Shaw, Pogba, McTominay were wondering what actually happened but Jota & Firmino were on the score sheet but Trent was solid as he wins MOTM. Fans chant #Oleout & Klopp keeps Top 4 alive for Liverpool https://t.co/5yBllh07xO
13 May, 10:55 PM UTC