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Pokémon GO
Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lanturn, and more will be available to City Explorers during #PokemonGOSafariZone Liverpool! You can add a City Explorer Pass to your order checkout when tickets go live on Friday, Feb. 14, 2020, at 8 a.m. GMT. New details here: https://t.co/pVjuTUPxhF https://t.co/aI67596nhk
13 Feb, 10:10 PM UTC
Pokémon GO
Trainers, it’s time to plan for the Safari Zone in Liverpool, UK! 🙌 Get tickets for #PokemonGOSafariZone Liverpool now by tapping the Events button in the Pokémon GO app. 🎟 Learn more: https://t.co/aJOb6Eokf5 @PokemonGoApp's photo on #PokemonGOSafariZone
14 Feb, 08:06 AM UTC
Pokémon GO Deutschland
Seid ihr bereit, die Stadt während der #PokemonGOSafariZone in Liverpool zu erkunden? Schnappt euch einen Stadtforscher-Pass, sobald die Tickets am Freitag, den 14. Februar 2020 um 9 Uhr verkauft werden! 🌇 https://t.co/FmEr4bCLiX @PokemonGOdeu's photo on #PokemonGOSafariZone
13 Feb, 10:30 PM UTC
Pokémon GO Deutschland
🎟 Die Tickets für die #PokemonGOSafariZone in Liverpool sind jetzt verfügbar! https://t.co/MhzIzBLWKf @PokemonGOdeu's photo on #PokemonGOSafariZone
14 Feb, 08:30 AM UTC
Couple of Gaming
#PokemonGOSafariZone Liverpool tickets & the City Explorer Pass are now available for purchase in the ingame events Tab! 🎫 #PokemonGO https://t.co/KE2cgaWVun
14 Feb, 08:10 AM UTC
Pokémon GO España
🎟 ¡Ya a la venta las entradas para la #PokemonGOSafariZone de Liverpool! https://t.co/shiRYNIc9G @PokemonGOespana's photo on #PokemonGOSafariZone
14 Feb, 08:30 AM UTC
We’re excited to welcome #PokemonGO Trainers from all over the world 17–19 April as we host our first #PokemonGOSafariZone! We can’t wait for all of you to come and explore! https://t.co/brZJLqiLEq
14 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC
Pokemon GO - Chester
It feels like yesterday that Chester hosted the very first UK #Pokemongo event and now, our neighbouring city Liverpool will be hosting the UK's first ever #PokemonGOSafariZone! We have our tickets for Friday 17th April and hope to see you all there! #PokemonGO https://t.co/xZph48Z78Z
14 Feb, 08:22 AM UTC
Asa Fujioka (Home in Hawaii)
Got my ticket for #PokemonGOSafariZone Liverpool🎟 Also got the City Explorer Pass🏙 Who else is going?😊 https://t.co/dCT3dGvdW3
14 Feb, 10:05 AM UTC
Liverpool City Council
#PokemonGo | The Safari Zone is coming to Sefton Park! Liverpool trainers - get your tickets or your City Explorer pass for #PokemonGOSafariZone Liverpool now by tapping the Events button in the Pokémon GO app. Learn more: https://t.co/whmSloz9Li @lpoolcouncil's photo on #PokemonGOSafariZone
14 Feb, 08:04 AM UTC
Pokémon GO Italia
🎟 I biglietti per #PokemonGOSafariZone di Liverpool sono disponibili! https://t.co/WwOzc5pJ8S @PokemonGOit's photo on #PokemonGOSafariZone
14 Feb, 08:30 AM UTC
TheOfficialEchoGames ~ 🔜 Safari Zone St. Louis
Did someone say Europe? #PokemonGOSafariZone #PokemonGO #Pokémon https://t.co/y7IL2OKmLJ
14 Feb, 08:38 AM UTC
#PokemonGO players better start making plans to go to Liverpool for the #PokemonGOSafariZone event. https://t.co/IFu6980mM4
14 Feb, 10:40 AM UTC
miley cyrus #resultbtts sunrise #eclipsemoonbyul you know my name slowthai natwest #ValentineIsComing #ValentinesWithNobody #Valentine2020 roses #PokemonGOSafariZone #mydreamdateis love island brexit bts blackpink ikon 18+ nsfw dennis ciara flood india https://t.co/d0Z67xwXOZ
14 Feb, 09:53 AM UTC
Kelly Victoria
We’re going to #PokemonGOSafariZone Liverpool on the Saturday!! First event and I cannot wait! 😁 #PokemonGO @PokemonGoApp
14 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
EpicSnail247 - TL40X7
Tickets and accommodation sorted, I'm going to Safari Zone for the first time! 😁 #PokemonGO #PokemonGOSafariZone https://t.co/NVUERClYPu
14 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Tickets booked! Hotel booked! First major Pokémon Go event in the UK and we will be there! Awesome! #Pokemon #PokemonGO #PokemonGOSafariZone #PokemonGoLiverpool https://t.co/FvSPDfzOPt
14 Feb, 08:44 AM UTC
Der Anti (stets dafür!) - 🇪🇺
...dann mal auf nach Liverpool. #PokemonGOSafariZone *hibbel*
14 Feb, 08:36 AM UTC
Tickets for liverpool booked for the 17th of april so hyped #PokemonGO #PokemonGOSafariZone
14 Feb, 10:49 AM UTC
tasha 🖤
Group chats are just full of everyone buzzing for #PokemonGOSafariZone 😂 #PokemonGO
14 Feb, 09:40 AM UTC
georgia 🌻
@TomDoncaster and I just booked tickets to Liverpool for Pogo #PokemonGOSafariZone https://t.co/2VwvuOnA5V
14 Feb, 09:10 AM UTC
Ian Waterfall
Tickets booked for #PokemonGOSafariZone in #Liverpool Saturday Early Access with the obligatory city explorer pass. Bring it on. See you all there. #PokemonGO https://t.co/SQ9rpgewt3
14 Feb, 09:06 AM UTC
I'm going to the Pokemon Go Safari Liverpool event! Happy birthday to me! 😊 This will be my first time going to Liverpool and my first Pokemon Go event!!! 😱 #PokemonGO #PokemonGOSafariZone https://t.co/ePaNEVcTjI
14 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Robyn Farley
See you there #PokemonGOSafariZone #Liverpool https://t.co/vFoS01SXGX
14 Feb, 08:45 AM UTC
Chris Melendez
Y'ALL! Am I going to the UK for..... Pokémon?!?! Is this real life right now??? #PokemonGOSafariZone https://t.co/HEewKTxoa4
14 Feb, 08:40 AM UTC
To anyone going to #PokemonGOSafariZone in Liverpool, @AkiraStreamz and I will see you there 😉
14 Feb, 10:48 AM UTC
Gym Leader David
Ticket booked for #PokemonGOSafariZone Cannot wait! https://t.co/j6TwB6R7e2
14 Feb, 09:54 AM UTC
mightysheldor1983 TL40x6
Got my ticket to #PokemonGOSafariZone #liverpool 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
14 Feb, 09:44 AM UTC
@PokemonGoApp While visiting Liverpool for the #PokemonGOSafariZone don't forget to explore. Take a look at the Liverpool bucket list! https://t.co/cgobQx6ms9 https://t.co/VtKQHIwyuC
14 Feb, 09:18 AM UTC
#RT @PokemonGOespana: 🎟 ¡Ya a la venta las entradas para la #PokemonGOSafariZone de Liverpool! https://t.co/ULrmA9JNP8 https://t.co/rOsqOEuFe0
14 Feb, 09:07 AM UTC