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Rick Wilson
fucking polio. Goddamn you anti-vax morons to hell and gone. First outbreak of highly infectious polio detected in UK since 1984 – the 6 signs to know https://t.co/kLvGnndiMq
23 Jun, 02:32 AM UTC
Back in 2013 we were all up in arms because a bunch of horsemeat turned up in a Findus Crispy Pancake. Now we’ve got polio back via shit in the waterways and it’s ‘well, what can you do? Boris is doing his best.’ This is fucking INSANE.
22 Jun, 10:20 PM UTC
Matt Chambers 🌸
So far this year we've had Polio, monkeypox, covid, super gonorrhea (today),threat of nuclear war, fuel hikes, massive inflation, crypt crash, threat of food shortages, flights cancelled & rail strikes & people still think it's a coincidence 🤔🙈😂
23 Jun, 05:26 AM UTC
leilani dowding 🌸
From Robert F Kennedy. By 2018 3/4 of global cases of polio were from Gates Vax https://t.co/f3PPRG0lCE
23 Jun, 06:22 AM UTC
Dr. Doug Corrigan
1/ Evidence that there’s a globally synchronized deterioration in immune function: 1) Abnormal rise in RSV and influenza in summer months 2) Rise in multiple concurrent infections (2 to 3 simultaneous infections) 3) Rise in cancer 4) Outbreak of Monkeypox 5) Polio resurfacing
23 Jun, 02:24 AM UTC
Dr Mike 😷
Not doing well in the UK regarding infectious disease. Our covid deaths were disproportionate to our size. Monkeypox rates higher than any other country. Now polio circulating for first time in 40 years. What has happened to us?
23 Jun, 10:59 AM UTC
Roger Gall
The first Tory MP to try to deny any link between the polio outbreak & them voting to allow private water companies to continue to dump untreated sewage in constituent's rivers - is required to swim with their family in the river of Feargal Sharkey's choice to show how safe it is https://t.co/xjEsM7Dly0
23 Jun, 12:37 PM UTC
Marky Barky
#BrexitReality #thursdayvibes In only six years…. Sterling’s value has collapsed. 👇 Polio's back, rivers are full of sewage, exports have collapsed, inflation is the worst in Europe, NHS waiting lists at an all time high and the rule of law is basically gone. Happy Brexit day. https://t.co/hRaL7MJIG8
23 Jun, 11:21 AM UTC
Why are they so fixated with getting mRNA into everyone? It's almost like they're creating scenarios (Covid, Monkeypox & now Polio) to get it into people by whatever means necessary. 🤔
23 Jun, 07:47 AM UTC
Going brilliantly isn’t it? Railways are ground to a halt, there’s polio in the water. The cost of living is through the roof, inflation is going faster than the trains that aren’t running and the government doesn’t give a shiny single fuck. https://t.co/x8D3uCwBFo
23 Jun, 10:56 AM UTC
Before they start fear porning the masses with their Polio story & encouraging everyone to get more shots... Before the past gets conveniently reaugmented.... remember this story from 2019. https://t.co/Mu0NMrwlgE
23 Jun, 06:31 AM UTC
Sky News
Source of polio virus could be narrowed down 'to individual households or streets', minister says https://t.co/fYqc0BbRCn
23 Jun, 12:20 PM UTC
MarcusFitzsimons Woke Bunny Hugger Green Socialist
#COVID - epidemic - still raging #Hepatitis - in children #monkeypox - spreading throughout UK #Polio - now found in London #Cholera - has now re-appeared in EUROPE Polio spreads from sewage - we are pouring MILLIONS of gallons of untreated sewage into waterways https://t.co/nQ2ArNphBu
23 Jun, 12:04 PM UTC
Prof. Frank McDonough
23 June 1995. American medical researcher Dr Jonas Salk died (aged 80). He created the first approved polio vaccine in 1955. Polio cases fell from 58,000 per year in 1952 to 6,000 by 1958. Salk’s vaccine was replaced by a new one developed by Albert Sabin in 1962. https://t.co/TMkdYop9n9
23 Jun, 07:44 AM UTC
Ari Arifu 🦉🐒🦇🐥
Se viene el polio al forno con fatatas paja https://t.co/EteiRvTF6H
23 Jun, 07:24 PM UTC
Pitviper says VOTE Are you paying attention?
Just want to give a hearty shoutout to all the anti vaxxers. Congratulations! We’ve welcomed polio back into our lives. Good job idiots! Way to go! Science sucks, let’s ALL get diseases! I loved when we were all frightened peasants. Let’s do that shit again! JFC. Dumbasses…
23 Jun, 01:32 PM UTC
Ragged Trousered Philanderer
The Tories allowed private water companies to pump raw sewage into the watercourse. What the hell did they expect to happen? 🤷‍♂️ "Traces of polio virus found in London sewage as health officials declare national incident" https://t.co/0GTkScy3Qe https://t.co/oisB5vNinq
23 Jun, 09:36 PM UTC
Mrs Normal I'm backing #BackBoris🇬🇧🇮🇱👍
So, Polio. Despite what the @BBC says, it is being brought into the country. My dog cannot go abroad without all its vaccinations. Why are we importing Polio?
23 Jun, 09:26 PM UTC
Polio's arrival in the London sewer system is worrying experts https://t.co/XE0pQuWIwj 📝: @jeffreykluger
23 Jun, 10:03 PM UTC
BNN 🇬🇧 Newsroom
JUST IN: Less than half of 13 to 14-year-olds received polio booster jab in parts of England last year - Guardian
23 Jun, 07:38 PM UTC
Martin ctblizzard@handcash.io
@JamesHebda @Monkeypoxtally Monkeypox outbreak appears suspicious enough, but someone needs to run the odds of Monkeypox, Polio (sewage detection UK) and TB outbreaks all within a month. I bet those are pretty tough odds to be "natural occurance"
23 Jun, 04:30 AM UTC
BNN 🇬🇧 Newsroom
NEW: 1 in 4 pre-school children in London have not had their polio booster jab - BBC
23 Jun, 09:26 PM UTC
Angela Uyen Cateriano
People are wondering why do we have all these infectious diseases now? COVID, Hepatitis, monkey, polio, AMR, etc. Infectious diseases and pandemic threats have been always there. therefore this is not new. Few points here: 🧵 👇
23 Jun, 06:55 PM UTC
Westminster full of shit. Rivers full of shit. Polio outbreak. Could these be connected? #JohnsonMustGo https://t.co/jTmMosJtVN
23 Jun, 08:02 PM UTC
We’ve allowed the dumping of raw sewerage directly into rivers and streams. Anyone surprised Polio virus has been found in sewage works in the U.K. for the first time in 40 years?
23 Jun, 09:32 PM UTC
Serina Sandhu
‘I went into hospital with polio and came out four years later' survivor Colin Powell tells @theipaper He wishes he could dance, tie his own shoe laces and jump on a bus. But he’s still grateful for many fortunes @Britishpolio @RotaryGBI https://t.co/cuxVyYVNHX
23 Jun, 05:07 PM UTC
@GarretKramer BILL GATES “Shortly after his crew's arrival, the indigenous population was decimated by epidemics of influenza ( COVID ) and smallpox (monkey) that swept across the continent.” - Christopher Columbus / polio …/ now what HISTORIAN said we are all useless “hackable” animals ? https://t.co/elQYgo7j1t
23 Jun, 06:32 PM UTC
💪Empowering local leaders and influencers. ⏩Launching rapid response teams. 💜Engaging children and families. These are just a few keys 🗝️ in the polio eradication strategy that aims to deliver a polio free world for every child. #EndPolio https://t.co/ZPU0jSngBw
23 Jun, 06:06 PM UTC
Sarah Marie Boyle
@Angelsfeartogo @JamesMelville The polio strain that is returning is a vaccine induced strain from uncle bill gates , just do some basic research please
23 Jun, 10:13 PM UTC
Workington AFC
Thanks to all who attended tonight’s friendly at @whitehavenafc raising vital money for Polio research! We ran out 4-1 victors with goals from Liam Lightfoot, Dav Symington, Greg McCaragher & that familiar pre season name… A. Trialist #COYR🔴⚪️
23 Jun, 10:14 PM UTC