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“I wish Bradley was here right now!” @LadyGaga picks up the first #GRAMMY award of the night for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Shallow” with #BradleyCooper #CitytvGRAMMYs Citytv's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 01:30 AM UTC
Yoona is out of her cave! Heading to New York for Fashion Week 😍 [포토]윤아 '눈맞춤에 심장이 바운스' (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) https://t.co/HbgVJZc70F petite.YA's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
[기사] "소중한 시간 잊지 않을 것"… 방탄소년단 지민, 그래미 어워즈 소감 (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) ➡️https://t.co/qSaKV7AsnR #지민 #JIMIN #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt https://t.co/Doxs8LerGe
11 Feb, 11:30 AM UTC
놀랍죠! 저도 매번 놀란답니당☺️ 방탄소년단 뷔, 오늘따라 더욱더 빛나는 CGV (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) 🐻기사링크 https://t.co/nMsgud3kWe 🐯네이버 뉴스 검색 직링 https://t.co/GZzqI9U0Q0 #풍경 #내겐너무특별한태형 #태형 #Taehyung #방탄소년단뷔 #BTSV #🐯 @BTS_twt https://t.co/FCrZQYgReu
11 Feb, 11:40 AM UTC
Pop’n’Roll 🍭 365日、アイドルが作るアイドルメディア
🎁#チェキプレ キャンペーン🎁 #吉永みいな(SAY-LA)× Pop’n’Roll編集部 #茉井良菜 サイン入りチェキを3名様にプレゼント🎊 2月17日(日)まで! 1⃣@popnrolltvをフォロー 2⃣このツイートをRT 3⃣このツイートのリプライに応援メッセージを送信 詳細 https://t.co/iSwQYHKI3j #ポプロ #SAYLA Pop’n’Roll 🍭 365日、アイドルが作るアイドルメディア's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 03:00 AM UTC
Steven Bonaventure x
Kids today will never know that Brandy was the 1st bonafide teen pop star of the 90s. Hit songs, her own hit TV show, hit movies. 10s across the board! Still to this day breaking records - being the only 90s artist to have achieved 1.5 billion streams 🏆 Happy Birthday, Brandy! https://t.co/HMj1Gn0Xe4
11 Feb, 11:44 AM UTC
Eric V
@Neo_Drama @KerrangMagazine @RecordingAcad There’s a lot of other people that they could have “squeezed out” to squeeze in this influential artist. Too bad the #grammys and the @RecordingAcad has become an annual pop tv special.
11 Feb, 01:52 PM UTC
Nilson Xavier
Legal que a sede da Pop TV fica dentro do Projac #Verão90
11 Feb, 09:50 PM UTC
本日もP-pop time!! 今日はシシノオドシの2人が遊びにきてくれたよー!!😳 ゲームもするから参加してねー!!⚡️ フレッシュもしくはツイキャスでオキラジと検索してくださーい!!🤖 https://t.co/tDeuyTJP92 P-fam's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 11:34 AM UTC
Lt Zonda - #StreamersConnected
Stream will start a little later than usual today, woke up with a bad headache, so had some tablets, having a bath, then gotta pop to the shops... then I’ll be live! See ya soon @OfficialDLive! https://t.co/34nCLvEK8Y
11 Feb, 11:56 AM UTC
Begoviç 🌸
Bu röportajın yapılma sebebi #SiyahBeyazAşk’ın Pop Tv’de yayınlanması olabilir mi acaba? Röportajda bol bol Siyah Beyaz Aşk’tan bahsedilmiş olsa keşke..😭 https://t.co/tjc7wy7R31
11 Feb, 07:33 PM UTC
You may know @lennonstella from the TV series "Nashville," but with the release of her debut EP ‘Love, me,’ she steps out on her own terms as a pop singer-songwriter ready to make waves. Watch her DSCVR live performances, "La Di Da" & "Fortress," now ▶️ https://t.co/8tHnF5n9k8 Vevo's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 10:30 PM UTC
RevelationDG #ChronicRC
Going live! Starting with the pop up! Get in here! @Relentless_RTs @BlazedRTs @FearRTs @FEAR_RTs @Demented_RTs @GFXCoach @FlyRts #twitch #supportsmallstreamers #ChronicRC https://t.co/Y8xS94fkU5
11 Feb, 10:59 PM UTC
Solo Pop Up might try depends how first game goes. https://t.co/MJRpUiBeHQ
11 Feb, 10:58 PM UTC
Good evening all , hope all is well I am going live now with @Kakarotgaming1 if your not busy y not pop by and say hi . https://t.co/X3ooZYsS9o #SmallStreamersConnect #SupportSmallStreamers #Stream #Streamers #Twitchstream #TwitchFam #smallyoutuber #SmallStreamerCommunity
11 Feb, 10:52 PM UTC
León misterioso
Genteeee como faz para se teletransportar para a festa da Pop Tv ?????? #verao90 León misterioso's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 10:29 PM UTC
Architect pop up cup tourney!! Come cheer me on! Let's connect!! Gooo!!! #twitch #SmallStreamersConnect #SupportSmallerStreamers #SupportSmallStreamers #Twitch https://t.co/DdEY4xvCOb
11 Feb, 11:06 PM UTC
Architect SOLO POP UP CUP!! https://t.co/CbvpRubhEx #Fortnite #FortniteSolos #Professional #Twitch #Streamer #ComeOnNow
11 Feb, 10:54 PM UTC
Neutron 🎉
Got a Cat Story for ya'll haha also doing the last Pop Up Cup of the week! @StreamerPlanet @GRUNToEsports https://t.co/PKYyB4X5Hy
11 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
Streaming Solo Pop Up :) https://t.co/m0DNgMB21l
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Live playing the pop up in 20 https://t.co/tUp0fJ4WN2
11 Feb, 10:43 PM UTC
Gonna be playing the pop up so come thru and remember drop twitch prime for the boy :) https://t.co/FWCqLYPCRd
11 Feb, 10:47 PM UTC
Im going to compete in the Solo Pop Up Event while sick... Come and watch me not smack :) https://t.co/07K83lsJgQ
11 Feb, 10:55 PM UTC
PsyQo Santino 🤴🏾
Pop up Cup, come Thru! https://t.co/1vzCh7SBgL PsyQo Santino 🤴🏾's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 10:58 PM UTC
Join my live and watch me play the pop up cup https://t.co/GxLxxFObPh. @DmgPlaysYT
11 Feb, 10:57 PM UTC
pp Clone
Streaming pop up cause why not https://t.co/UVLcDKy2QU
11 Feb, 10:53 PM UTC
code: MRKN-Extatic
Solo Pop Up Customs! https://t.co/w0BB3yW0cm
11 Feb, 11:12 PM UTC
Carl Hayes
@smarktodeath Not so sure you can call them Independendent though. They have billionaire backer, built in organizational structure, tv deal in works....not a mom and pop show at local armory that will struggle to pay their athletes.
11 Feb, 11:06 PM UTC
Slatt Rican ❔🇵🇷
Back at it w some pop up :D https://t.co/GJSnReQFCB
11 Feb, 11:05 PM UTC
[POP이슈]"인기 아이돌 대거 졸업" 트와이스 채영X쯔위, 오늘(12일) 졸업식 (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) https://t.co/P5koWnhggh
11 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
Anne 석진
"그래미 찰칵"… 방탄소년단 진, 그래미 어워즈에서도 빛난 미모 (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) https://t.co/geVIlNd7xW #갈색머리남 #세계조각미남 #월드와이드핸섬 #SculptedFaceJin #Worldwidehandsome #JIN #진 #김석진 #BTS @BTS_twt #BTSxGrammys #TearitUpBTS https://t.co/Refw6p2Nn1
11 Feb, 10:58 PM UTC
Easy 20 Kill solo to start the stream off. Doing solo pop up cup now https://t.co/5pYVtAHikJ owen's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 10:57 PM UTC
We are live getting ready for the pop up cup :D https://t.co/oLl6DtW4pg
11 Feb, 10:50 PM UTC
Going live in 20 minutes for solo pop pop up cup on fortnite come stop by and say hi :) https://t.co/mZdIHylDhB
11 Feb, 10:40 PM UTC
https://t.co/nwWTWyfnlE solo pop up cup! Come watch me drop tilted towers
11 Feb, 11:14 PM UTC
This shit only pop cuz of da song https://t.co/2FaIiviv0C
11 Feb, 11:08 PM UTC
Tarohh | Erick | 🙂
LIVE doing the architect solo pop up cup! Come watch! Tabs appreciated #RBRC #RBRC2019 @ItsKyloHD @RB_Hopeful @R3ANKS @RBMercys @RB_Arih @Lyokoh @RBUprising [https://t.co/Tw1SoywJJj]
11 Feb, 11:05 PM UTC
Check out Solo Pop Up Cup <3 https://t.co/kOmmZl9BbQ
11 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC
Live for the solo pop up! Come hangout! https://t.co/cjyt0RrZQS
11 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC
I’m back! Come checkout my architect pop up cup games! https://t.co/IC2mfxg7Ux
11 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
@mauriciostycer E tava tocando Rythm of the night da Corona na festa do lançamento da pop tv , música de 1994, a novela não se passa em 1990??? Esse produtor musical é um erro... @mauriciostycer #verao90
11 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
#Dare RoughRider
Live with the Pop Up, let's see how long I can last https://t.co/4OEzks31HH https://t.co/4OEzks31HH https://t.co/4OEzks31HH #RoughForDare #DareRough #DareGrind #DareToAchieve @DareRising @Tanzer @DareTyla @oMattify
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Sívar TV
Por comenzar, Pop 12 (5:10PM-6PM) por Canal 12. En SívarTV: https://t.co/O6mMjQvDXg
11 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
1963A $5 BB-BLK (NEW YORK) – PMG GEM66 EPQ* – TOUGH & RARE “BLOCK” – POP 1/2 https://t.co/lwKOJmi0yX DC2NET's photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 10:56 PM UTC
Rich Queee??
I killed someone flying a plane from 235m with a deagle... We’re going live with the Solo Pop Up Cup on @fortnite Shooting for 30 Points Minimum I’m not a big fan of solos. 1 Sub = $1 Towards Breast Cancer Live on https://t.co/RAC3oGsYj3 #profortnite #popupcup #breastcancer Rich Queee??'s photo on Pop Tv
11 Feb, 10:56 PM UTC
LIVE with the solo pop up, No warm up today but we can do this, we got 39 last time, can we hit 40? IDK COME GIVE ME YOUR ENERGY! https://t.co/TKqdk1pdXm
11 Feb, 10:56 PM UTC
#KangDanielSolo❤🇨🇱 #HappyKyuhyunDay
#강다니엘 난 항상 응원 할게요!!! Happy Golden Pig year!! #KangDaniel "새해 복 많이"..강다니엘, 새해 첫날부터 역대급 훈훈美 (출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예) https://t.co/4eHF75VsIZ
11 Feb, 10:52 PM UTC
Urgent Legion
Solo Pop Up Cup | 20 Push Ups Per Sub | Controller Gang | !discord !commands https://t.co/L7FNYuDukF
11 Feb, 10:49 PM UTC
Hawks & Reed
This Saturday we have The Curtis Rich Revue! The Curtis Rich Revue plays rock, pop, blues and country. It’s basically a mix of the Great American Rock Era Songbook, plus some opera, TV theme music, comedy and... https://t.co/H2sEkWukyy
11 Feb, 10:45 PM UTC
1963A $5 BB-BLK (NEW YORK) – PMG GEM66 EPQ* – TOUGH & RARE “BLOCK” – POP 1/2 https://t.co/8IAPLIalYQ
11 Feb, 10:42 PM UTC
Live playing the pop up soon https://t.co/IQYYEaZKNz
11 Feb, 10:39 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Brazil.

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