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🌺💧💉💉💉Bee🐝🐀5th Estate Citizen Journo
I looked to see jobs & rentals in Port Douglas Lots of jobs, mostly casual/vacation, min wage ($21 hr) 5 rentals available from $270-$1200 per wk Property managers usually won't lease to casuals F/t 38 hr wk on $21 = $798 gross Impossible even on full-time hours 🐝 #auspol https://t.co/wJBTm7MDH5
24 Jun, 05:14 AM UTC
Dame Lizard 💉💉💉 🥤🍷🕯🐀
@MsPraxis Pay is 💩 & there is nowhere to live in places like Port Douglas, especially on low incomes. We need to accept that a helluva lot of businesses were, pre-pandemic, only in profit b/c they were exploiting the labour of very vulnerable people who are no longer available to them.
24 Jun, 01:03 AM UTC
Mark Newton
@MsPraxis There isn't a shortage of workers, they just don't want to work for Port Douglas hospitality venues that are giving them shit pay and conditions. The businesses with signs in the window will solve their own problems very easily as soon as they suffer enough pain to want to.
24 Jun, 03:35 AM UTC
Rana Dadpour
Port Douglas trending in #Australia because 1)staff shortage 2)accommodation shortage 3)Katy Perry. Yep! PD is a gorgeous expensive tropical tourist town going downhill due to low wages & high rents. I love this town but no worker can survive here on a bare minimum wage #auspol https://t.co/Xq5eJeE3x4
24 Jun, 04:08 AM UTC
Why are people unwilling to take up jobs in Cairns and Port Douglas? The pay is low and the cost of housing is high. Thank you, 20 out of 26 years of Liberal rule #auspol https://t.co/SImnC3gUeE
24 Jun, 01:24 AM UTC
Port Douglas where I used to live💕 https://t.co/jPl4n80B75
24 Jun, 12:45 PM UTC
#环球体育 #英皇体育 #完美体育 It's due to flu and cases as well as lack of backpackers. These people are missing from hospitality in many of the resort areas of Queensland especially Port Douglas and Cairns. https://t.co/lGsWrePLv1
24 Jun, 01:06 PM UTC
Glenn McCallum
@StadiumsTen @aussielynda2 I am from Melbourne but were in Port Douglas 3 weeks ago - magic spot👍 https://t.co/nFm6H2WpVH
24 Jun, 01:10 PM UTC
@ellymelly It's due to flu and covid cases as well as lack of backpackers. These people are missing from hospitality in many of the resort areas of Queensland especially Port Douglas and Cairns.
24 Jun, 11:02 AM UTC
Michaela Newell 🇵🇸 🇺🇦
@ORIONBLUE5 @MsPraxis I lived in Port Douglas in the early 1990’s. Certain jobs there were seen as some kind of status symbol. Those same jobs paid peanuts. Sad to see nothing’s changed.
24 Jun, 09:26 AM UTC
susanna Isabella
Beautiful Port Douglas in June https://t.co/cWpHu6ElCt
24 Jun, 11:42 AM UTC
w00den sp00n🏀
Why is Port Douglas trending ?
24 Jun, 09:07 AM UTC
Samuel Paul Douglas
Because there’s nowhere for them to live. Basically no rentals in Port Douglas, and really nothing remotely affordable closer than Cairns. https://t.co/foO6fc2Rbe
24 Jun, 07:51 AM UTC
Just call me, Chappy.
@BelindaJones68 Port Douglas is over rated.
24 Jun, 07:26 AM UTC
Backpacker Job Board
Barista at Toast (Port Douglas, Queensland) https://t.co/GMBC1xwgcd #BackpackerJobBoard https://t.co/2OsPHoAV79
24 Jun, 11:01 PM UTC
👿😷👿Aspirational Revolutionary👿👿
@MsPraxis 1 bedroom 490 bucks a week not surprising, they cant find low wageworkers https://t.co/nd2zaK2QkA
24 Jun, 10:54 PM UTC
Brett Wright
Just posted a photo @ Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Qld https://t.co/gg2k0X0jIU
24 Jun, 09:17 PM UTC
@MadamEarth @MsPraxis Bs the pay is very low & how can they afford to rent in Port Douglas ?
24 Jun, 01:00 PM UTC
@MsPraxis They can’t afford to live in Port Douglas??
24 Jun, 10:51 AM UTC
Ed Foster💚
@oz_bird_ What are the things sticking out of the mud? I was in Port Douglas 23 years ago. I'm glad I saw the GBR before it started dying
24 Jun, 08:38 AM UTC
@MsPraxis There are a lot more people suffering from Covid19 out there. The LNP government hid the numbers and Labor doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge this either. Port Douglas usually has a lot of backpackers, not many around these days
24 Jun, 08:19 AM UTC
@MsPraxis Port Douglas is a winter holiday destination. The rest of the year they sack the casuals. Why would workers put up with bad pay and no stability?
24 Jun, 07:42 AM UTC
@MsPraxis The sector (and agriculture) relied on literally hundreds of thousands underpaid backpackers to churn through. Locals cannot afford to live in regions like Port Douglas when you stack hospo wages versus local rents.
24 Jun, 07:25 AM UTC
Dean Clark
@jbmandm @OzCopyGirl @MsPraxis I was practically begged to take a job and offered free accommodation in port Douglas. Took a Cooktown pub job instead and that was a horrible mistake due to the owner being a whoremongering coke fiend that drank on the job. Wish I took the port Douglas job back then. Move states
24 Jun, 07:19 AM UTC