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Tom Ross
It's confirmed! Tomorrow I'm previewing a new Mythic Planeswalker from Modern Horizons on the Select side of https://t.co/H1PWzqmZxN at 11AM EST. I'll send 1 random person who retweets this 4x copies (signed by request) chosen at 1PM EST 5/24/19. Must be following to win. #MTGMH1 Tom Ross's photo on Portillo
23 May, 10:34 PM UTC
Andrew Neil
It’s Happy Days on This Week tonight. Portillo thinks he’s the Fonz! @bbcthisweek ~After Question Tonight. BBC1.
23 May, 10:36 PM UTC
Aaron Bastani
Portillo calling a woman whose made a public profile off making amazing dishes for a couple of quid a ‘bien pensant’. 🤡 #bbctw https://t.co/B1hdYFkNYo
23 May, 11:38 PM UTC
Steven Mane | Street Fighter Lore Theorist
If you're in Chicago for @ComboBreakerFGC, listen to my advice: if you want pizza, Lou Malnati's. If you want a hot dog, Portillo's is great, but you need to travel to River Grove and go to Gene and Jude's. If you want beef, Johnny's in Oak Park. Gyros? Pete's Red Hots, Oak Park.
23 May, 10:38 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Portillo effectively equates Anna Soubry with Tommy Robinson in this clip. https://t.co/xRBGyXDCko
24 May, 12:49 AM UTC
@bbcthisweek @BootstrapCook @afneil Throwing milkshakes is more concerning to the portillo pillock than the likes of tommy ‘six names’ robinson & farage inciting racial hatred in the uk. Ye obv spilled milk is a far more pressing concern than creeping fascism. Well done portillo you cretin. Anj's photo on Portillo
23 May, 11:59 PM UTC
Blackshirts in your town means all the niceties of usual society are off. I wouldn’t allow rascist scum to walk past my mixed race family without them knowing I was there. Remember Cable Street? Mosley and his scum got a bit more than a milkshake. Portillo idiot #NoPasaran #bbctw
23 May, 11:26 PM UTC
Tides Of History
A reminder that front runner rarely wins Historical Odds: Favourite v Winner 1975: Whitelaw 11/8 v Thatcher 8/1 1990: Heseltine 10/11 v Major 5/2 1997: Clarke 5/6 v Hague 6/5 2001: Portillo 4/5 v Duncan Smith 5/2 2005: Davis 5/2 v Cameron 9/1 2016: Johnson 8/11 v May 11/4 https://t.co/sLy7p4wMiV
24 May, 06:56 AM UTC
Daniel Cremin
Michael Portillo: “I know more about politics than I do about economics...” Andrew Neil chimes in: “You were Chief Secretary to the Treasury!” Portillo: “Point made!” Andrew Neil: “See what I have to put up with!” God, I’m going to miss #bbctw 😪 Daniel Cremin's photo on Portillo
24 May, 12:35 AM UTC
Neil Crowther
Portillo there, rightly criticising the ‘publicly funded’ @CareQualityComm while ignoring the fact the torture took place in a private hospital #bbctw
23 May, 10:46 PM UTC
The cats mother
@AaronBastani What a patronising, irrelevant buffoon Portillo is. Stick to riding round on trains in ridiculously coloured trousers you danger.
24 May, 06:50 AM UTC
Are We Gullible?
@CromwellStuff @TrevorCoultMC At least we've still got our British gallows humour. Laugh in the face of adversity was my childhood lesson and it works. PS want Portillo back , just saying .
24 May, 06:48 AM UTC
David Gonzalez Sanz
Y si votas en #Portillo, estás son las papeletas. No te despistes!! #Elecciones26M David Gonzalez Sanz's photo on Portillo
23 May, 04:20 PM UTC
@BootstrapCook Portillo looks like a fucking joke, here. Classic "Shut up little woman" bollocks. You did well not to launch yourself across the desk and stick the nut on the gouty, puffed-up spaffbucket, tbh. I couldn't have been trusted not to. You, on the other hand, were great.
24 May, 07:07 AM UTC
Heidi Allen MP
@BootstrapCook @bbcthisweek Just how patronising was Portillo to you @BootstrapCook ?!
24 May, 07:16 AM UTC
Aragón Radio
🔴Las lluvias de esta noche han provocado la caída de parte del alero de la iglesia del Portillo de Zaragoza. Según fuentes de Bomberos, no se han producido heridos ni otro tipo de daños.
24 May, 05:11 AM UTC
Heraldo de Aragón
La lluvia provoca el desprendimiento de un alero de la iglesia del Portillo de #Zaragoza https://t.co/p8oog7CaDm
24 May, 06:33 AM UTC
Jorge Ramiro Pérez
@Tato_Portillo @JulioIg13379415 @madrid_vox @monasterioR Ese no es el mismo documento. Se trata de una guía de educación inclusiva para docentes y centros cuya finalidad es evitar el acoso escolar, como parte de planes de prevención educativos.
24 May, 06:48 AM UTC
Are We Gullible?
@cholatera @TonyPandy51 @Drury7Drury Absolutely agree , overused phrase but for Mr Portillo is apt. The best Prime Minister we never had . Really wish he would get back in . Can you imagine him against the inept idiots we have at the moment.
24 May, 06:44 AM UTC
Tato K.O.
@jramiroperez @JulioIg13379415 @madrid_vox @monasterioR Educación inclusiva... esta gente no sabe lo que es eso. Ni les gusta. Prefieren que no haya guías para así poder seguir acosando al que consideran "diferente". Lo de la zoofilia es una mera excusa. No les gustan los homosexuales y punto.
24 May, 07:25 AM UTC
Zalla Bai
[1/2] Hoy celebramos nuestra última fiesta de la campaña electoral en la Plaza de Euskadi. En este acto, además de disfrutar de la merendola, los castillos hinchables y los juegos para niños habituales, Unai Diago, Javi Portillo y Joseba Zorrilla... Zalla Bai's photo on Portillo
24 May, 07:22 AM UTC
I see that Michael Portillo is Trending does that mean the list of Conservative Party leadership contestants has again extended? As they say, the old runners are the best best runners ;-) #r4today
24 May, 07:20 AM UTC
James Barisic 🇪🇺 🇫🇷 🇭🇷 #FBPE
Seeing the back of Dannyboy would be my Portillo moment. https://t.co/i5aKI2fLMa
24 May, 07:17 AM UTC
- papá porqué mi hermana se llama rosa? + es porque tu mamá ama las rosas - gracias papá + de nada aderezo de chipotle del eat salads lópez portillo
24 May, 07:15 AM UTC
jayniew 🌻
@BootstrapCook @bbcthisweek @afneil Portillo just wasn’t listening. He pays scant attention to others. You were very clear Jack
24 May, 07:12 AM UTC
@bbcthisweek @BootstrapCook @afneil Portillo is a pretentious prig. A failed politician and huge hypocrite. It's difficult to watch him without the urge to throw something at the telly.
24 May, 07:05 AM UTC
Saturday's Child
@BootstrapCook @bbcthisweek @afneil Portillo is a tool who heard what he wanted to hear, not what you said. X
24 May, 06:48 AM UTC
Eileen Burns
How patronising is Michael Portillo? Enough to make you want to douse him a cold dairy based beverage (not that I'm condoning such behaviour you understand...) @bbcthisweek #bbctw https://t.co/J7iGGpbzVm
24 May, 06:35 AM UTC
TJ Alexander #WeAreLabour
@MumbrianSpinner @BootstrapCook I hope Portillo uses that as a quote on his next book cover
24 May, 07:36 AM UTC
Are We Gullible?
@Lulu11th Michael Portillo
24 May, 07:29 AM UTC
Steve not Flynn
@MumbrianSpinner @BootstrapCook I absolutely hate cunts like Portillo who twist/distort until it’s what they want you to have said. That condescending behaviour was disgraceful. Why am I not surprised at this from an ex politician? You had no chance Jack, but you were more intelligent & dignified, so fuck ‘em.
24 May, 07:29 AM UTC
Jorge Ramiro Pérez
@Tato_Portillo @JulioIg13379415 @madrid_vox @monasterioR Esta guía puede evitar muchas victimizaciones. Desde la Criminología siempre decimos que las políticas preventivas desde la educación son las más duraderas, y costosas. El impacto psico-social del acoso es muy profundo en estos jóvenes.
24 May, 07:28 AM UTC
Señor Chris
@BootstrapCook Portillo is one selectively deaf mother-fudger.
24 May, 07:26 AM UTC
Kirin 🐘💕 Terraplanista esférica.
@jramiroperez @Tato_Portillo @JulioIg13379415 @madrid_vox @monasterioR Pues yo me lo guardo, que me va a venir genial para educar a mi hijo. 😉
24 May, 07:25 AM UTC
Alan Muscat
@BootstrapCook @Bigtrees1973 @bbcthisweek @afneil Praise his name. It's OK Jack, the rest us didn't have a problem understanding what you said and meant. Portillo wasn't listening properly.
24 May, 07:15 AM UTC
@BootstrapCook @bbcthisweek @Bigtrees1973 @afneil Farage is not just 'the right' or 'someone you disagree with' like Portillo said; he's poisoning the well with his 'othering' of minorities and talk of 'betrayal' & 'picking up a rifle'. A vote for him is a vote to normalise the poisonous rhetoric and anger on the street.
24 May, 07:10 AM UTC
Jonathan Husband
@BootstrapCook You kept your cool well considering Portillo can't hear properly.
24 May, 07:02 AM UTC
Jon Saleta
Por el camino de Swann: sobre el dopaje amateur y sus impulsos | @ctxt_es @MarcosPereda2 https://t.co/IDowZ9NiqA
24 May, 06:19 AM UTC
New releases in stock: Portillo's Hidden History Of Britain, & Life On Earth by David Attenborough. See website for full details and to order! https://t.co/zunREqlijS
24 May, 06:52 AM UTC
Tessa Redig deCampos
@BootstrapCook Don’t know why Portillo felt the need to goad you so much. I heard you loud and clear.
24 May, 06:50 AM UTC
@BootstrapCook Portillo has splashed liquid over at least one politician in his time. 💦💦💦
24 May, 06:50 AM UTC
Gary ✌️☮️ 🌹⚒️🖐️♿
@AaronBastani Portillo talking absolute rubbish as usual, patronising git.
24 May, 07:44 AM UTC
Pat Ashworth
@bbcthisweek @BootstrapCook @afneil Not sure what has got into Portillo. He was a divisive and unpopular politician, who turned himself into a universally popular broadcaster, but is seemingly hell-bent on returning to his previous status.
24 May, 07:39 AM UTC
Kirin 🐘💕 Terraplanista esférica.
@JulioIg13379415 @jramiroperez @Tato_Portillo @madrid_vox @monasterioR Se refiere a ese artículo que discrimina a los ateos como yo?. Aham.
24 May, 07:39 AM UTC
@Kitidin @jramiroperez @Tato_Portillo @madrid_vox @monasterioR Art 27.3 de nuestra constitución. Eso es libertad y lo sabe 👉
24 May, 07:36 AM UTC
El Dr. Jacobo Díaz Portillo, analista clínico del INGESA, y miembro del Comité Científico de la SANAC, ha participado como ponente en el medical expert conference del Multidisciplinary approach to gynaecological cancer MAGyCa2019, celebrado en Cracovia 👉 https://t.co/TBQ8INWEWH SANAC's photo on Portillo
24 May, 07:35 AM UTC
@Kitidin @jramiroperez @Tato_Portillo @madrid_vox @monasterioR Pues ahí está la Libertad, en que usted eduque a su hijo con esa guía y nosotros los eduquemos en los principios y valores en los que creemos mi mujer y yo, de respeto, empatía y caridad para con todos, no solamente en cuestiones de sexo, también de creencias, razas, ideas...
24 May, 07:34 AM UTC
Ale An-ti Fifi🇲🇽
@lopezdoriga @lopezobrador_ Chinga tu reputisima madre @lopezdoriga estás en la lista de los chayoteros que recibió del despeñadero kabrom
24 May, 07:26 AM UTC
@bbcthisweek @afneil @BootstrapCook Please don’t let Michael portillo disappear from television political commentary....
24 May, 07:26 AM UTC
carlos portillo
@steffvg Nambe ya pasaron,mejor tener la duda de cuales vienen
24 May, 07:18 AM UTC
Matt Arnott
@keiththecamel Goldsmith wasn’t the victor that evening. They were both losers, which made the evening all the sweeter Trevor the Toe & Goldsmith taunting Mellor, followed by Mellor telling Goldsmith to go back to Mexico, while Labour swooped in & took the seat Portillo now likes train travel
24 May, 07:15 AM UTC
Cruz Roja Sonora
Una #ambulancia de #CruzRojaMexicana está atendiendo un #accidente de #tránsito en Jose Lopez Portillo, Colinas Del Bachoco, Hermosillo extrema precauciones al pasar por ese lugar
24 May, 07:14 AM UTC
#Callodeacha López Portillo llegó a decir: No pago para que me peguen, Alguien más dijo: vivir fuera del presupuesto es 1 error, el que #Reforma divulgue 37 periodistas d @EPN es + que revelador
24 May, 07:14 AM UTC
Rodrigo Báez
@enriquevp Están los que mal informan, están los inescrupulosos, y después viene éste tipo...Generoso realmente el Paraguay!!! Le da voto a Portillo para legislar y a EVP para decir imbecilidades!!! Entre los dos está la puja. Quién ganará?
24 May, 07:06 AM UTC
Van Portillo
Otro nivel...
24 May, 07:05 AM UTC
Van Portillo
El perro es el mejor amigo del hombre...
24 May, 07:05 AM UTC
David Watson
@BootstrapCook I do think you really missed a huge opportunity not to have milkshaked Portillo
24 May, 07:03 AM UTC
Martin Coyle
@bbcthisweek @afneil @BootstrapCook Mr Portillo heard what he wanted to hear, what he perhaps assumed she’d say.
24 May, 07:01 AM UTC
Matt Arnott
@keiththecamel He’s long been at conflict with the kippers. You must remember his showdown with Goldsmith at the 1997 election? It was the highlight of an evening that included Michael Portillo being defeated!
24 May, 07:01 AM UTC
andrew allen
30 seconds in, Jack says ‘I don’t condone it, something about it really troubles me ..’ two minutes later, after having had to repeat that 14 times, Portillo responds smugly with a ‘*now* we’re getting somewhere’, as if he’d manfully wrestled that admission from Jack. https://t.co/uhPYUXfUz9
24 May, 06:55 AM UTC
Ian Sutherland
@BootstrapCook You were great. Portillo lost the plot and wasted everyone’s time because he wasn’t really listening to you.
24 May, 06:53 AM UTC
Sunset Song
@bbcthisweek @BootstrapCook @afneil And, I'm reminded by OH that Portillo wanted to chuck nuclear weapons at people...😏
24 May, 06:52 AM UTC
'Old School' politicians give an air of authority & authenticity..Michael Portillo has it, @RoryStewartUK and the like havn't. https://t.co/00N7HHIq3u
24 May, 06:51 AM UTC
carlos portillo
Que rico es ir a tu barrio de pobre en bm's y que digan que sos narco jajajajaja sudor papi, sudor 💙💙😍
24 May, 06:50 AM UTC
Sunset Song
@bbcthisweek @BootstrapCook @afneil Portillo seems to have left his ears in the bar.. 😄
24 May, 06:50 AM UTC
carlos portillo
Te amo vida 💙💙💙
24 May, 06:49 AM UTC