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Adrian Wojnarowski
Enes Kanter has agreed to a deal with Portland, league sources tell ESPN
13 Feb, 09:47 PM UTC
Tony Ganzer
This is kind of cool. Fans of @BTS_twt (the #ARMYs) raised money and sent pictures for a children's hospital in Portland (@OHSUDoernbecher.) Sometimes it's good to just do something nice, you know? https://t.co/wlBSlrhouQ
13 Feb, 04:41 PM UTC
Breaking: Enes Kanter has agreed to a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers, league sources tell @wojespn. SportsCenter's photo on Portland
13 Feb, 10:08 PM UTC
Adrian Wojnarowski
Blazers beat a crowded field for Kanter, including the Lakers, per sources. Kanter is an important addition for Blazers, where he'll play a good share of minutes. Portland signed Kanter to a $70M offer sheet in 2015, which OKC matched. https://t.co/1Qdd1Ff43G
13 Feb, 09:54 PM UTC
Steve Kerr
Today i sat in the exact same Portland hotel room as i did one year ago,when I watched the horrific Parkland news on TV. I’m thinking about the victims and their families, the devastation and the despair. But I’m also inspired by the @AMarch4OurLives movement that has blossomed
14 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
Dois Por Cento
🇺🇸: You Lose 🇪🇸: Tú perdiste 🇫🇷: Tu as perdu 🇩🇪: Du hast verloren 🇮🇹: Hai perso 🇧🇷: Chora brother !!! 4-0 na season para o limitado Portland! Fui 5 vezes ao RJ pra conversar com vc !!! Chora gostoso !!! Abrace o Felton !!!
13 Feb, 03:24 PM UTC
David Menschel
Striking local victories for criminal justice reform recently: •Houston rejects DA's request for 100 prosecutors •LA votes to build mental health facility instead of jail •Portland votes to leave Joint Terrorism Task Force •Baltimore, Syracuse DAs end marijuana prosecutions
14 Feb, 01:44 AM UTC
⌚️ @Dame_Lillard records 29 PTS (6 3PM), 8 AST as the @trailblazers top GSW in Portland! #RipCity NBA's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 06:41 AM UTC
Enes Kanter has agreed to a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers. (via ESPN) NBA TV's photo on Portland
13 Feb, 09:53 PM UTC
@SportsCenter Portland fans when they get swept in first round of playoffs again MartinDaTank's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 06:09 AM UTC
Enes Kanter kovuldu diye haber yapan ahlaksız medya, Batı konferansında 4. sırada olan Portland ile Enes anlaşınca haber yaptı mı. Yapamazlar. Neden. Çünkü ahlaksızlar.
14 Feb, 12:09 AM UTC
Kelly Doran
Six Portland hospitals pooled community benefit dollars to give $21.5 M for affordable housing. That’s an example of community benefit that has real community benefit. (1/2). https://t.co/9wYJMoH9yL
14 Feb, 12:04 AM UTC
Olivia Katbi Smith🌹أوليفيا كاتبي
I’ve met so many amazing activists and advocates for justice over the past few years here in Portland. To be in the council chambers together and actually WIN something we’ve been fighting for....a weird and amazing feeling that I hope will be happening more often
14 Feb, 02:33 AM UTC
Mark Z. Jacobson
How to make intermittent power reliable: A bundle of #wind and #solar is much less intermittent than wind alone or solar alone. A bundle of wind, solar, & #batteries is gold: Wind, solar & battery combo in Eastern Oregon https://t.co/sjQloQTcfW @PDXBizJournal #WindWaterSolar
13 Feb, 04:14 PM UTC
Lee Patrick Mckinney
Second show in a row cancelled due to severe weather conditions. The highway we need to be on is shut down. We’ve been stuck at a walmart for two days. The Simulation is broken. There’s a fault in the code. Seattle and Portland rescheduled for a later date to be announced soon. Lee Patrick Mckinney's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 01:48 AM UTC
Nine years after doing everything I could to get Portland not to join the JTTF, they have pulled out of it. This is a great day. JTTF uses Gestapo tactics to intimidate state and local law enforcement with Federal Reprisals and intimidation.
14 Feb, 04:54 AM UTC
Enes Kanter, NBA liginin en iyilerinden, Batı Konferansının 4. takımı Portland Blazers ile anlaştı. @Enes_Kanter https://t.co/McjZzPdoBE
14 Feb, 12:10 AM UTC
#PORTLAND! It’s almost #ValentinesDay...don’t be a sad sack of shit, get yourself together and come see #GuysWeFucked LIVE tomorrow as @KrystynaHutch & I headline @ListenUpPDX #podcast festival with our v special guest @ElleStanger! $25, all ages https://t.co/AmeAMWHcQr CORINNE FISHER's photo on Portland
13 Feb, 09:52 PM UTC
Alex Zielinski
Portland police must leave the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) within 90 days. https://t.co/64TLHEALNY
14 Feb, 02:15 AM UTC
Jermaine Massey, a black man, was talking to his mom on the phone in the lobby of the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland when a security guard asked for his room number & called the cops on him because Jermaine forgot. Jermaine was a paying guest at the hotel. Tomthunkit™'s photo on Portland
13 Feb, 10:19 PM UTC
[PORTLAND] Short piece by me in the new "31 Reasons to Love Portland Right Now" issue of @wweek and the fast-food-ish creations at @bunkbar @Canard_PDX @hitthespot6 @BurgerStevens and @EatSuperDeluxe - https://t.co/vtNriNml0W
13 Feb, 09:48 PM UTC
The Oregonian
Portland Trail Blazers eject Golden State Warriors, 129-107: Rapid reaction https://t.co/gJUli73nuk The Oregonian's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 06:30 AM UTC
ADN Prono 🏀
#NBA⁠ ⁠ 🇺🇸🏀 Portland - Golden State 👉🏻 Curry 25 pts @1.70 ✅✅ 📝 Book : ParionsSport en ligne La grosse confiance de la nuit qui passe tranquillement ✅ Ce soir dernière nuit NBA avant le Allstar 10 🔁 25 ♥️ ici et j’envoie un truc 👊 #TeamParieur #ParionsSport
14 Feb, 06:59 AM UTC
Al-Farouq Aminu started the scoring with this bang in Portland Trailblazers' 129-107 win against Golden State Warriors. @farouq1 had 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 12 points including 2-of-4 from 3 #NigeriansInNBA 9jainNBA's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 06:23 AM UTC
Portland, OR - We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits including generous PTO, health insurance and a 401(k) plan. #RenewableEnergy #biogas #RNG #Engineer #Engineering #Engineers #Portland https://t.co/79gxdZNFnX DMT CGS's photo on Portland
13 Feb, 08:06 PM UTC
It's Going Down
Thread from events in #Portland today. https://t.co/SMvizOtLUF
14 Feb, 08:07 AM UTC
[📺 RÉSUMÉ VIDÉO] 🏀 #NBA Golden State pète un câble à Portland ! #NBAextra Un Steve Kerr fou de rage et expulsé en fin de rencontre 😡🤬 https://t.co/YQEoX93StY
14 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
Hüseyin Süvari
Enes Kanter, Portland Blazers ile anlaştı Enes Kanter NBA liginin en iyilerinden, Batı Konferansının 4. takımı Portland Blazers ile kontrat imzaladı. Hayırlı olsun, başarılar diliyoruz @Enes_Kanter https://t.co/q6wV1cShaS
14 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
Jonathan Fields
Portland friends - Will be hosting a live-show at @ListenUpPDX podcast festival on Feb 16th. Come on out and say hi! https://t.co/QDlDnkLM6Q Jonathan Fields's photo on Portland
13 Feb, 04:50 PM UTC
John Smith
@CrankTeef *whispers to the Proud Boys* Sure, go on, run to Portland for another street brawl. That's been working out so well for you lately. Look at what happened in NYC. What's a few years of jail time and $$$$ legal fees among bros? 😉 #RealLifeLessons #Consequences John Smith's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 08:06 AM UTC
Suite des résultats : Portland 129-107 Golden State Clippers 134-107 Phoenix
14 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC
Atlanta Tips
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Golden State Warriors - 2/13/19 NBA Pick, Odds, and Prediction - Sports Chat Place https://t.co/50ZvkWuyUh
14 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
Enes Kanter yeni takımı ile sözleşme imzaladı Geçtiğimiz hafta NBA liginin son sırasındaki New York Knicks’ten ayrılan Enes Kanter lig sonuna kadar Batı Konferansının 4. sırasında yer alan Portland Blazers adına mücadele edecek. Enes Kanter resmi Twitter hesabından gelişme…
14 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC
What does 3D teaching look like? An interesting post by Dr Cary Sneider, Assistant Research Professor at Portland University - https://t.co/VZRxFbclsC #edtech #3dmodeling #Grib3D Grib's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
@stephenasmith @Money23Green @NBA Yes! I agree ! Unfair and wrong call! Then Portland was rewarded free shots after ! So unfair.
14 Feb, 08:14 AM UTC
RB Arih
@RB_iChris Happy Fucking Birthday Bro !!! Love ya ass to death ❤️ Come to Portland this month so we can have a blast hehe I remember the first time I msg you to join RB like it was yesterday (‘: now look at us 4 years later 🙏 https://t.co/QQiFSD8YjM
14 Feb, 08:14 AM UTC
CBS 13 News
How’s your snowblower doing after yesterday’s storm? Yerxa’s Power Equipment in Portland is expecting extra service calls. https://t.co/JxwOfM88nC
14 Feb, 08:14 AM UTC
Shaun Limit3d
@Enes_Kanter @trailblazers Welcome to Portland @Enes_Kanter ❤🔥💯
14 Feb, 08:14 AM UTC
Portland Police log
THEFT - COLD at 2500 BLOCK OF SE 168TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR [Portland Police #PP19000049703] 22:45 #pdx911
14 Feb, 08:14 AM UTC
Mult Co Fire/EMS log
MED - MEDICAL at 100 BLOCK OF NE 147TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR [Portland Fire #RP19000012972] 22:56 #pdx911
14 Feb, 08:14 AM UTC
David Pearl
@sp_redelectric Maybe you’re referring to a tiny system, I don’t know anything about Portland, but if you need say 3 local routes per residential station, you have to multiply that by every single urban station...so that’s every residential station * every urban station * 3...that’s a lot
14 Feb, 08:13 AM UTC
n A y A
This is literally house shows/parties in NE Portland LMAO https://t.co/bZpXCDlVOj
14 Feb, 08:13 AM UTC
Portland piega i Warriors Gallinari e Clippers show https://t.co/E59s0PYE2h
14 Feb, 08:12 AM UTC
@MiniLaddd Hey @MiniLaddd I saw your video about you moving to Oregon. By chance did you move to Portland Oregon. If so you are legit 90 minutes from me I live in Salem
14 Feb, 08:12 AM UTC
Open your eyes
@DanielAndrewsMP Great, good to see. Pity that the manufacturer shut down in Portland in 2013.
14 Feb, 08:12 AM UTC
eguru jobs
Executive Coordinator: Portland, OR - . Vision plan. Retirement plan. Paid holidays. Accrued PTO… @environmentguru
14 Feb, 08:12 AM UTC
Val... shaw
@espn Damn four free throws just handed over to Portland...just like that. #Goldenstate #sbnation
14 Feb, 08:12 AM UTC
Portland piega i Warriors Gallinari e Clippers show https://t.co/Y6jxARrpCD
14 Feb, 08:12 AM UTC
NBA - Lo schiaffo dei Blazers, l'espulsione di Kerr: Warriors ko a Portland https://t.co/9xl2mmS5gY (Continua a leggere) #NBA
14 Feb, 08:12 AM UTC
☆*:.。. adrian🌪🌄⚓️
this look was so clean, missing her https://t.co/3zQMvlZMU7
14 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
Medical Billing Jobs
JOB; Portland OR USA - Client Administrative Assistant Job in Portland, OR - Access to Medical Dental and: Access to Medical Dental and Vision coverage 401K and Paid Holidays after accrued hours. If you are interested in lea.. JOBS MEDICAL INSURANCE https://t.co/NRiMBCTKtJ
14 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
J.Crew Careers
Want to work in #Portland, OR? View our latest opening: https://t.co/bX2rIxQdZy #Retail
14 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
Cool Photos
The Great Black Hawk of Portland, taken a month ago via /r/wildlifephotography Cool Photos's photo on Portland
14 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
Portland Police log
ASSAULT - PRIORITY at 1000 BLOCK OF SW JEFFERSON ST, PORTLAND, OR [Portland Police #PP19000049735] 21:48 #pdx911
14 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
Mult Co Fire/EMS log
MED - MEDICAL at 0 CONCOURSE C PIA , PORTLAND, OR [Portland Fire #RP19000012978] 23:19 #pdx911
14 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
This is sad for me! @middlebrooks was one of the 1st players I followed from his draft, through the minors w/ Lowell, Greenville, Salem, Portland & Pawtucket to the bigs in Boston. I’ve always felt like the Sox gave up on Will too early & mid-managed his conditioning. https://t.co/6x33F1ybHB
14 Feb, 08:10 AM UTC
Being Liberal
Portland could soon make discrimination against atheists and agnostics illegal - Non-believers in Portland... https://t.co/v4Q39IWiwj
14 Feb, 08:10 AM UTC
Portland Blazers LOT! Asking 10$ shipped! @CardConnector https://t.co/PFNx0AN3mM
14 Feb, 08:10 AM UTC
Oh god, after today’s heated exchange between GSW and Portland, I really hope we get them in playoffs. That’s gonna be so lit and also one sided😂😝
14 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
@pinwheelempire @VulcanInc I was born and raised in Portland. I hate band wagoners and refuse to jump on the trending team. But that doesn’t mean I just accept mediocrity
14 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
PDX Conservative
@DavidWohl @realDonaldTrump @GavinNewsom We’re shackled by Liberalism in Oregon. There are a few counties that fuck the entire state over. Portland’s downtown stinks of urine and aggressive panhandlers terrorize people. Liberalism rots everything
14 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
Will Maupin
@komeroy @mid_madness The league as a whole? Even if all ten schools increase their spending, a few will struggle each year. The league needs to come up with a way to spread the wealth so that say, Portland sees some return on its investment even while it struggles to catch up to everyone else.
14 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
Joelle Dewulf
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Golden State Warriors - 2/13/19 NBA Pick, Odds, and Prediction - Sports Chat Place https://t.co/NZf5sMXw1V
14 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
Stinking Masses
@WarriorsPR Wouldn't have been mad if the Warriors lost to a good Portland team who was playing like this was game 7. I'm just pissed the refs ruined a good game. Honestly I can't tell if these 🤬 @OfficialsNBAref are fixing games or if they are just incompetent.
14 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
Steven Candelaria
"Enes Kanter Lands With the Portland Trail Blazers" by BENJAMIN HOFFMAN via NYT https://t.co/jSeO2RTec5
14 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC
Malcomb Goldstein
A Primer for This Year's PDX Jazz Festival: Trumpet God Terence Blanchard, Hometown Jazz Legend Mel Brown, and More - The Portland Mercury https://t.co/KFlnfaMFVP
14 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC

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