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Carolyn Copeland
PG&E: We're going to cut everyone's power off. Us: Who will be affected? PG&E: A lot of people. Us: For how long? PG&E: Maybe 1 day. Maybe 5. Us: Will MY power be cut? PG&E: Maybe. Maybe not. Us: What time? PG&E: Maybe 4 a.m. Maybe noon. Maybe not at all. #poweroutage
09 Oct, 02:14 PM UTC
Mindy Robinson 🇺🇸
Explain to me how a high tax state like California has to turn power off to people in 34 counties because the infrastructure is such garbage that it might cause wildfires? But keep trying to tell everyone else how to live, y’all.👌🏻 https://t.co/VfxJrHJPGL #poweroutage
09 Oct, 05:19 AM UTC
handmade, locally crafted, video games
The #poweroutage in CA is a failure of infrastructure planning, a failure of public investment. People *should* be angry. Nothing reasonable about this. We understand the problem AND the solution. The company simply didn't want to spend the cash to fix it in time.
09 Oct, 01:05 PM UTC
🎼Swagger Lee
Sorry CA, we were responsible for a huge fire already so as punishment for suing us and making us pay to out to all the families who lost everything we're giving you 5 hours notice for a possible 5 day power outage so we don't get sued again ...sound about right? #poweroutage
09 Oct, 09:05 AM UTC
Oracle Park Gull
Silicon Valley: We love dark mode on our apps, put it everywhere! PG&E: DARK MODE YOU SAY.... Northern California: Wait, this is not what we meant. #poweroutage #pgeoutage @OracleSeagull's photo on #poweroutage
09 Oct, 03:33 PM UTC
🚨 PSA for anyone wondering if they're going to be affected by the outages. This lets you enter your address and check! https://t.co/LIxPPZ4F3H @sfchronicle #poweroutage #BayArea #pgeshutoff
09 Oct, 03:52 AM UTC
Paul Chambers🌊📢🏥🤡
Please, California friends, check on the elderly and disabled during the #poweroutage. You will be inconvenience, your tolerance & comfort tested, they will be facing life and death issues and personal injuries. It takes you-Don't think Gov has them taken care of!
09 Oct, 03:03 PM UTC
Ian Cull
Long lines at gas stations across the #BayArea ahead of the expected #poweroutage. More than 800k homes and businesses expected to lose power in next 24 hours. Could take 5-7 days to restore. @PGE4Me says shut off will to reduce fire danger. https://t.co/BdH5MCw2GB @NBCian's photo on #poweroutage
09 Oct, 04:06 AM UTC
No shit. Just got an automated call from PG & E telling me the power will remain off... AND I QUOTE: " ...until the weather improves." * Volume up, for maximum effect... #poweroutage #SuckItGavin https://t.co/8rdd3OD8Bw
09 Oct, 05:04 PM UTC
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap 🦡
OBSERVATION: financially fine people I know in CA are talking about how #poweroutage is NBD cuz they have generators, solar panels, means to stock food etc... while poor people I know are freaking out cuz they live paycheck to paycheck and this is causing serious stress& hardship
09 Oct, 05:09 PM UTC
Me after doing my makeup in the dark at 6am this morning #poweroutage https://t.co/E6bc7vQ3cN
09 Oct, 02:29 PM UTC
@RudyGiuliani Boom: Anti-Trump Whistleblower Worked Directly For James Clapper who now works for CNN #FakeNewsMedia Media is part of the Coup https://t.co/3Rq2jB0hFH #WednesdayWisdom #pgeshutoff #poweroutage
09 Oct, 02:43 PM UTC
realPolitiDiva™️ 🇺🇸💪🏼😎
I don’t feel sorry for those enduring the California #poweroutage. You keep electing idiots that are ruining your lives! Do you think Newsom is going without electric?
09 Oct, 07:15 PM UTC
Wil Schultz
California be like "fight the #poweroutage" https://t.co/VTa02z3Eh3
09 Oct, 03:04 PM UTC
Raggedy Rose
Dear America- When you see anything ridiculous in CA.... regulations, laws, mandates, etc. Please know that they are completely being done here because we have a FAR left Socialist Governor & Democrat Supermajority Legislature. THEY WANT TO DO THIS TO THE USA! #poweroutage
09 Oct, 01:57 PM UTC
California globalists Brown, Newsom, Pelosi and Getty have controlled CA for over 80 years. These families helped create the social and economic disaster of the state 👉Feinstein, Schiff, Waters https://t.co/zkosK3HFQF #WednesdayThoughts #pgeshutoff #poweroutage
09 Oct, 03:24 PM UTC
Nothing to see here. Just more @PGE4Me power cuts. https://t.co/fNdai2Rf9a #poweroutage
09 Oct, 08:42 AM UTC
Tried to get updates but I think the company has officially given up... #poweroutage https://t.co/2j2Y9o67Ef
09 Oct, 05:32 PM UTC
problem child
the real reason for the power outage in California #poweroutage https://t.co/xY6mMrbwaL
09 Oct, 07:56 PM UTC
@GenFlynn @pomeinnz @BerryDivine77 Oh s**t': What stunned FBI agents said when they found 340,000 emails between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin while examining Anthony Weiner's electronic devices for explicit messages with a 15-year-old girl https://t.co/LwZffXRLF0 #WednesdayMotivation #poweroutage #powershutdown
09 Oct, 06:01 PM UTC
J. Gelling
You know, a different generation of Californians, when faced with the breakdown of law and order, unsustainable tax increases and the failure of basic services saved their state with a RECALL petition. Just saying... #poweroutage 🤔
09 Oct, 02:10 PM UTC
Office of the Governor of California
Governor @GavinNewsom's statement on the utility #poweroutage: (1/4) "My office is actively working with @Cal_OES and across the administration to provide support to local communities affected by these Public Safety Power Shutoffs."
09 Oct, 05:55 PM UTC
Kyle Tibbitts
PG&E is a great example of what happens when big government and big business get in bed together to form a monopoly: 3rd world-style power outages, skyrocketing energy costs and catastrophic fires. #poweroutage
09 Oct, 06:36 PM UTC
Melissa Ramirez
Don’t y’all find it suspicious that the gas prices ONLY in California sky rocketed this week, then pg&e creates a panic making people rush to go buy as much gas as possible for their cars & generators during the same week? #poweroutage
09 Oct, 07:15 PM UTC
The #poweroutage is just California getting used to Socialism. Enjoy.
09 Oct, 06:48 PM UTC
Jeremy McLamb #Vaunt
PSA FOR THE SF BAY AREA: Because of the #poweroutage a lot of gas stations are out of gas due to people needing it to run generators. For everyone without power/gas, down below is a list of Power Outage Resource Centers. Please stay safe during this massive outage. RT to help. https://t.co/5YWLUyGcY5
09 Oct, 07:23 PM UTC
Matt Stone
Lest we forget the road that took us to multi-day power shutoff. #poweroutage #pgeshutoff https://t.co/IU7RjKiYRH
09 Oct, 07:19 PM UTC
Red Cross Northern California Coastal
During the #poweroutage, your main concern may not be the food in your refrigerator or freezer but it should be. Check out this infographic with critical food safety information and Remember, “When in Doubt, Throw it Out.” #PSPS #pgeshutoff https://t.co/FiOs001ISN
09 Oct, 04:34 PM UTC
Doug Sovern
Breaking: CalTrans announces that #CaldecottTunnel *will* stay open. Emergency generators are working and will power the tunnel bores for the duration of the #PSPS #poweroutage. Generators will stay in place until rainy season to make sure Hwy 24 remains open
09 Oct, 05:35 PM UTC
Gadgets Plug 🖥💻📱⌚️🔌🛒
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09 Oct, 09:12 AM UTC

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